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We just heard the news that Nicolas Cage
has been cast to be Tiger King.
And everyone on the Internet is all freaking out about it
and all excited about it.
And we are so excited about it, too,
only because we got sneak footage,
a sneak peek of "Tiger King" starring Nicolas Cage.
And, well, what am I supposed to do
but just share it with you guys? I have to.
So here for the first time ever
is footage of Nicolas Cage as Tiger King.
Hello. My name's Joe Exotic.
And welcome to the G.W. Zoo! Ha ha!
My pets are the same as your pets.
Except mine have 3-inch teeth and weigh 400 pounds!
Does any grandma or child want to take a picture
with this baby tiger?
Tonight's show goes out to... Carole Baskin!
Carole Baskin.
Carole. Baskin!
Ha ha ha ha! Carole Baskin.
You think you're better than -- than me?
Because you -- you --
you own a tiger rescue...
and I own a sketchy zoo that's running out of meat?!
Thank you, Officer. Thank you for letting me know
that I'm not supposed to murder a woman in Florida!
How was I supposed to know?!
[ Laughing silently ]
The tiger is a fascinating creature...
with the essence and soul of a caveman!
In the wild.
Did that make any sense at all?
Gah! What am I doing?
I'm marrying two men at once!
Not only am I the Tiger King...
but I'm also the king of husbands!
Carole Baskin!
Carole Baskin.
Have you ever, ever
met a guy quite as amazing as me,
Joe Exotic?
Tigers are more like people than we think.
Tigers are more like people than we think.
Tigers are more like people than we think.
Tigers are more like people than we think.
You can breed them! You can breed them!!
Ha ha ha ha!
♪ I looked at a tiger ♪
♪ Tiger looked right back ♪
♪ Made me cry tears that were white, orange, and black ♪
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Jimmy Fallon as Nicolas Cage as Tiger King

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on May 7, 2020
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