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Now the people who keep America stocked 2
during the lockdown. 3
And for one delivery man, 4
it's not a job, it's a calling. 5
Call him the most upbeat 6
UPS driver in America. 7
These customers of mine give me a sense of pride, 8
and accomplishment. 9
For 20 years, Jeremy Squires 10
has been delivering packages in Pittsfield, Massachusetts 11
but never like this. 12
Our residential deliveries have completely blown up. 13
Now in these scary times, 14
Jeremy is on a mission to deliver positivity. 15
Profiling many of his customers on Facebook. 16
Everyone should know Albert Hopper, 17
Albert is a young age of 97! 18
Al was the recipient of a purple heart. 19
He is an American hero! 20
There's also Amelia, she reached out to me 21
and asked if I could please stop by 22
on my way home from work. 23
We communicate through this little window. 24
When I come up to the door, I'm bringing a little bit 25
of normalcy into some people's lives. 26
And here's a shout out 27
to a neighborhood restaurant. 28
Sabrina is still in the kitchen cooking 29
for everybody during this pandemic. 30
Restaurant owner Sabrina Tan, 31
calls Jeremy a burst of sunshine in these bleak times. 32
He comes in very cheerful. 33
By me going out there with a positive attitude 34
has a direct effect on everyone around me. 35
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This UPS Man Is on a Mission to Deliver Positivity

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on May 7, 2020
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