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It's physical.
-[woman 1] Oh! -[man 1] It's emotional.
All right.
It begins.
[woman 2] Ten pairs of amateur floral sculptors from around the world
-are coming together to battle it out. -[man 2] Run, run, run!
Teams will create supersized structures festooned with flowers and foliage.
[man 3] Bam!
[man 4] I want these giant structures to be colorful,
I want them to be beautiful, and bigger than big than big.
[woman 2] Your time starts...
-[all] Now! -[cheering]
It's anyone's game at this moment. Who knows.
Oh, yes.
Every challenge, someone will win Best in Bloom.
-[woman 3] Oh, my gosh! -Wow.
[man 4] I think you absolutely hit this out of the park.
But one team will be heading directly for the compost pile.
I asked for character. I did not ask for sloppy.
Don't you dare.
Give me my grass back!
Okay, well, clearly the competition is on.
Everybody's turning it up.
-[groans] -This is so stressful!
I think you need to go faster, though.
-I'm going as fast as I can. -I know.
-[banging] -[man 5] One minute.
-[yells] -[woman 4] This is stress planting.
There's stress eating, but this feels like stress planting.
This is like a flower fight. [laughs]
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The Big Flower Fight | Season One Official Trailer | Netflix

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on May 7, 2020
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