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Always know what your action is because then when you come in in the morning
confident or when you're coming in the morning and you can't hit your ass with both hands, you know what to do.
Just boil down what it is you're doing whether there's a camera around or just "What am I doing today today?"
Today I'm showing up and I'm trying to be
honest and also to
to listen and learn.
I think part of the reason I'm still so interested not just in
life, but also, you know, getting to do what I do is I'm a fan. I love
movies. I love creativity. I love music. I love, I love
culture and the fact that I actually have a place in it while I'm
observing it and digging it, is like,
it's an honor.
This concept of things just sort of falling into place. I'm a big believer in that too. "Yeah."
What is that though? Is that you getting out of your own way.
Like what is that? "Isn't that 70% of it?" Yeah. "Yeah. I say it's 70% maintenance of "What can I do to do my part to stay out of the way?"
And then the other part I always think of it as like this little super thin
invisible thread,
but you can feel the tug and you just kind of, you have to be really gentle and you have to pause when agitated
and you have to go for it. When you go like there's 4 walls in here, which one has the map behind it?
It's that one! And you knock down the wall that's there.
Half the stuff that I've been able to do right in my creative life are
principles that I learned on the mat with my Sifu. Guard your center.
Keep your eye on the lead elbow.
Get to the blind side. Half the time
if I would be in a
critical artistic
situation, I
would just say⁠—
because Wing Chun problems are life problems like problems or Wing Chun problems⁠—
and I would just go back to how did this kind of relate to⁠—
"30 years he has struggled with a dangerous drug addiction that nearly destroyed him. And today, he says he's clean.
He's in love. And so by the time you're in prison, that's not rock bottom for you." Nope." Nope.
It coincided with my recovery
and the 2 things just somehow or other seem to to lock in and it
locked in with this: It was an apprentice, an apprenticeship and it was an apprenticeship that was contingent on me being in a certain
headspace. You know, cause you can reach out for help in kind of a
half-assed way and
and you'll get it and you won't take advantage of it. You know, it's really, it's not that difficult to overcome these seemingly
ghastly problems. What's hard is to start.
What do they say "faster alone further together"? "How can you possibly hope to stop me?" Like the old man said
Sometimes you can only think about further because you gotta get downfield.
Other times you're thinking,
this is my moment to run and I need I need a little help and a little approval and I need a little leeway,
but that's any creative endeavor. It's easy to embrace hopelessness
when things seem insurmountable. It's actually just a matter of time until all of the elements come together for things to be
all right. I mean, I believe that, you know, most
situations will resolve themselves if you are persistent, and if you don't if you don't give up entirely and that's what I never
did. I never gave up. I ran those 6 or 8 lines I had a
thousand times.
Lying in bed over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.
it was one little mosaic after the next and
it was a piece of work I was doing.
And I cared about doing it as professionally and as honestly as I could. At this point in my life and being,
you know kind of middle-aged and all that, well, I know I'm gonna fly around the world
I'm gonna sell some soap and I know I have a new project and I know I've just retired my Jersey on this
12-year journey I've been on and
how do I wanna start? And it came up, how would you like it go?
Yes, that's exactly what happened. I want to go have the Joe Rogan experience and kickoff this
year in this season and this new chapter by doing what I love which is an interview as we're looking at each other and
there's a give-and-take. "I went to rehab and I stayed in the same room that Robert Downey Jr. stayed in.
He became my idol because, I mean, what he did with his career.
I made him my mentor without him even knowing, god. He wrote on a corkboard "McCallum Hall, I am here with you all."
Where is your heart?
It's easy to believe that things are gathering momentum and going into a negative place.
I mean, I think human nature can tend to be a little bit critical of itself. Sometimes you just gotta go, "Yeah, you know, I
effed up." I just took full advantage of it.
I mean, you know, even though it wasn't the end of my struggle, you know,
I made the best use of that time that I could because they say "if you don't do the time the time will do you."
You earned 8cents an hour?
What's humbling is to is to have to live your
life for some reason that is yet to be explained to me by
God in in such a public way when so much of it is so humiliating and embarrassing.
So by the time I got into prison, it wasn't like, "Wow, this is the worst thing that's ever happened to me."
You know, it was an extension of
things being miserable. It's just incredible our
never encourages taking a break; never encourages saying, "Don't chase that thing."
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Robert Downey, Jr. - Don't Chase That Thing | A Speech All Of Us Should Hear Once!

19 Folder Collection
jeremy.wang published on May 6, 2020
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