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- [Voiceover] We put the power
in PowerPoint today, right? (laughter)
Yeah, for sure.
- Hey guys, don't forget, party this weekend, my place,
bring booze, chips and most importantly yourselves.
- Oh, I can't make it on Friday.
I agreed to help a friend move,
and I don't know what time we're going to be done.
- Yeah, I wish I could go too, but my dad's in town
and I got to show him around the old city.
You know how dads are.
- [Man in Jacket] Dads love cities.
- They love cities, true.
- Well bummer, well what about you, Quinta?
- Oh, uh, I can't go either because I don't want to, sorry.
- Um, I'm sorry? Do you have something to do?
- Uh, no, I just don't want to go.
- Do you, uh, is your dad in town?
And you have to take him around the city too?
- Oh no no no, my dad is living peacefully in Philadelphia.
He hasn't visited in years.
I just don't want to go.
- You don't want to go because it's far away.
Because it's in Studio City and that's a drive.
- I actually live pretty close to Studio City in The Valley.
Yeah, I just don't want to attend the party.
- I'm sorry, Quinta. Is it something I did?
- Oh my God, Justin, no, are you kidding me?
You're a dear, you didn't do anything.
I just would rather not, and will not,
be attending your party.
- Hold on, is it because you have
an improv class that night?
That's what it is.
- No, that's actually at three o'clock PM, in the afternoon.
- Oh but that night you've got roller derby.
That's why you can't go.
- Thank you so much for remembering Steve, such a doll.
But that actually got cancelled this weekend.
- Quinta, let me get this straight.
- Yeah.
- I'm having a party, and you're my friend ...
- I am.
- And I invited you. - Thank you.
- But ...
- I am not going to that party.
- What are you going to do instead?
- What is your reason for not going to his party?
- Oh my reason.
The reason that I am not going to Justin's party,
is that I do not want to go to Justin's party.
- Hold on. Let's figure this out.
I invited you to a party ... - [Quinta] Yes.
- Which mean Quinta goes, right?
- Okay, let me show you the problem with your logic there.
Let me get that, math's just a little off.
So, see what you did here?
But what you forgot was X.
Which is I don't want to go.
Which then changes the outcome to I am not going.
- Wait, what? - It's simple math.
- I get it, Quinta here is trying to pull a fast one on us.
She's saying that she's not going to go,
she's going to show up halfway through the party
and yell surprise, it's an opposite surprise party.
(laughter) - Oh, that's genius.
- That is a really fun way to think of it you guys,
if the surprise is that I will not be there,
because I'm not going.
- Come on, I'm having a party, and I invited you,
and you're just not going to go
because you don't want to go?
At least these guys came up with valid excuses.
Right guys? Steve?
- I wish I could be as honest as Quinta.
I'm not going because I don't want to go.
- I mean my dad actually is in town,
and wants to go see the city, but I mean,
if he wants to go to your party then maybe.
- Hello Son.
- Oh hey sir, would you be interested in coming to my party?
- No, I don't want to go to your party.
(techno music)
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If We Were Honest Making Plans

12 Folder Collection
luna.chou published on May 6, 2020
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