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On this "Cooking With Pixar,"Chef Forky assists in delivering a dish that is simply out of this world—a Pizza Planet pepperoni pizza with bell pepper rings.
Wherever you are in the universe, every perfect pizza begins with a simple slab of dough—oh, Forky, come back!
We have a pizza to make.
Knead and pull the dough into a perfect planetary circle.
Watch out!
Pour on the sauce and spread it out to the far corners of the galaxy.
Sprinkle in a Milky Way of mozzarella cheese.
Next, be sure to bring your A game when dropping on the pepperoni.
Add some bell pepper strips to make the colorful rings of our pepperoni planets.
00:00:52,290 --> 00:00:56,519 Finally, carefully place the pizza into a searing hot oven,
Finally, carefully place the pizza into a searing hot oven,and bake until the crust is golden brown and the cheese is bubbly.
And there we have it——one hot and delicious Pizza Planet pizza ready for delivery.
Thanks, Forky!
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Pizza Planet Pizza with Chef Forky | Cooking With Pixar

13 Folder Collection
nanako.kamiya published on May 5, 2020
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