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So you would tell a story?
We have to hear it.
Alright. So Gavin was actually coming over.
I hear he knocked on the door.
My God! Gavin, you should be here!
So I see some dudes standing there that I don’t know.
Alright. I’m like alright. So I opened the door.
And he’s like, “Oh hey, I live in this apartment like down the hall.”
Okay! And he’s like freakin’ out.
He’s like shaking his hands and shook his head.
Ahh, there’s somebody in my apartment.
There’s guys in my apartment.
What? What the hell is going on?
So he’s like call the police.
If you know my apartment and they have gasoline.
And I’m like, “Hang on!”
So I go inside and get my phone.
I come out and I’m like “I’m not gonna do shit”
“but you can call if you want to.”
Here you go! Call 911, right?
And I’m just standing there and Lucy is like behind me.
So she said, “What’s going on?”
Get inside the house! This guy is like kinda weird.
He gets the operator and said to me and he’s like
you know talking normal enough like.
oh yeah, this guy is in my apartment
But what is he doing?
And he was like, “Wooh! There’s like five or six of them.
And they are destroying my couch
and I’m pretty sure that they’re trying to go a spaceship.
And I’m like, Uhh, uhuh huh!
They are like you know describing what everything is going to go.
A couple of guys blah blah... and he’s like
and one of them has got no body.
(laughs) And then I’m like CNN and there it goes,
“Yeah, I thought I was pretty weird too.”
And I’m like this guy’s fucking crazy.
Is he like playing cool?
It’s like hey dude, you know what I mean?
It’s like fuckin’ nobody. (laughs)
Within like a minute or two, I see the light drop in my fuckin’…
And he’s talking about the fireman
and like four of them go with him and I grab like the one guy
and I’m like, “So this guy is fucking crazy!
He was talking about people not having bodies.”
And the guy’s like, “Yeah, we heard over the radio.” (laughs)
And this one Gavin shows up and said, ‘What the fuck is going on?”
Get inside. Get inside now. (laughs)
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Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures - Michael's Weird Neighbor

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Go Tutor published on April 24, 2014
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