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I only ate about four foods as a young teenager and lasagna was on that short
what everything right the first bite it's amazing and stuff you well hello
everyone happy Sunday we are back in the kitchen again making Italian food
with my dad Daniel today we're going to be traveling to Italy through food so we
have planned to cook up a lasagne (easy Italian food) one is going to be your typical lasagna you
know with the beef and cheese and stuff like that and the other one is going to
be a vegetarian vegetarian we're gonna have for every taste here yeah
you know it's one of those days outside that is gray and we're still under
quarantine so under this condition what better than start cooking that's the
time and it's a good it's a good thing to do in a family this is the highlight
of the week yeah one four D carnivores and one for the herbivores yeah yeah
this will be my first time preparing this dessert so we'll see what happens
and we've done better than the bread last time a couple of a cup of wine yeah
the hockey puck bread we do have two wines as well once from Italy from
Puglia the other one is from Patagonia Argentina oh yeah we're gonna eat very
well today good job do it lasagna so this right
here guys is our Italian wine the Primitivo it's a black grape this one is
from booboo yeah yeah and I read that it's the equivalent of the Zinfandel
okay cornea so you may have had that if you enjoy
California wines I like the color too it's kind of like a deep reddish violet
tone yeah it's got an intense intense color
it smells like cherries yeah okay we are now going to open our second bottle who
saw Nouveau okay this is this is a grape your virginity from
France I believe yeah yeah Eastern France but nowadays it's widely it's
widely planted in Portugal because they use it to make port wine portable yes so
we never had dates no no no these are these are these are two new ones for us
oh so we're going to let our wines breathe a little bit but we're really
intrigued by this one by the trousseau Nouveau from Patagonia because the color
is very unusual yeah very natural it's like a pink it looks like a rosy
it looks like a rosy yeah is he gonna be sitting there for about 20 minutes to
half an hour yeah and then we're going to we're not gonna make the same mistake
as last time right before we start cooking we're going to we gotta taste
them wet the whistle what the power get a little inspiration yeah or the cooking
starts otherwise the cooking gets dull you know three okay so I'm in charge of
making the white sauce and I actually practiced last night I found a recipe
that called for one cup of milk two tablespoons of butter two tablespoons of
flour mix mix mix bring it to a boil you add a little bit of nutmeg upper so
we're going to try and recreate that and it's pretty straightforward so hopefully
we won't tell any major issues so I'm gonna make a lot of white sauce because
I mean we're making two lasagnas and we're going to need it for both recipes
so yeah first up I'm just
when I start making the red sauce okay put a little bit of olive oil the onion
and the garlic in they go we're gonna fry it until it's you don't want it to
be brown you want it to be the onion like translucent you know when it starts
looking like it's almost like transparent that's when it's ready and
then you want to start adding the other ingredients medium heat oh it smells
nice start smelling good I love it and hold your sauce coming a little Audrey
it's almost time to add the flour and my eyes are burning from the onions I don't
know if you can see how red they are but I feel like I don't start tearing up
soon mine too that's we're all gonna be crying over here the crying team crying
over lasagna
so we are ready to start adding the meat I have here means beef you know regular
lean means beef and I also add minced sausage feeling hot Italian sausage
feeling it's it's always nice because it gives it a good thing Sam you've been
entrusted with the job what is that so I am just gonna be taking the stems off
with the spinach okay yeah so so excited for the lasagna my favorite Italian food I gotta say that's one
of my ionely ate about four foods as a young teenager and lasagne was on that
short list it was like lasagna pizza spaghetti and barbecue ribs
that's all I liked at around the age of thirteen or fourteen and for dessert
only chief cakes he's get all the cheesecake yeah that's about it so I eat
about five things when I was 13 years old
so this is uh this is going back to my going back to my childhood I think it's
gonna be even better than some of the ones we made it there's definitely more
effort being put into this one Togo is having a little nap here in the kitchen
oh he heard his name eyes have opened under guys I know it's a sleepy Sunday
cause I'm just hanging out with you in the kitchen okay now a little bit of red
wine salt and pepper
always with a little bit of water what the remains on they can you can wash it
so you don't you don't lose it it's it's always there yeah it's a lot look yeah
okay that's good stuff sugar one spoonful to kill a little bit the
acidity the acidity of the tomato okay this is basil we didn't find any fresh
so we're gonna use this paste that you can buy at the supermarket duty when I
cook the sauce spaghetti sauce whichever sauce we do this is my favorite part
because I do like in the movie Remember The Godfather what was the guy's name
remember to me when he was cooking for the whole army in the apartment and
making that sauce what did he do he did this question is tough on dodge dealer
they were not belly so first of all I will she do you go Java Potenza Levin
ptosis and descendants aboard Marlon Brando Marlon Brando okay the boys are
gonna try the wine here we go start with it also Newville we'ii okay
it's the first time ever and that we we're gonna try this type of variety
very light the color look at the color it's all its yeah like I said like a
real say he's like a rose say hello New Year's super smooth very well
he feels like oh you know when you drink wine on you either
bit of soda water or and you cut it down it feels like that type of beverage you
know smooth like almost yeah like if you if you like if you like a lighter wine
or if you're having it with maybe with some snack it's not something as robust
as meat or pasta nice pairing it's missing that the body done you know
rugged Nestle what if you were moving from from white to red then this it
might be like a bridge it's what I want to conceal if you're
having a barbecue or today with a lasagna or with a hearty meal it's just
it just doesn't cut it though let's go for the other one this
is the Italian the other one was Patagonian or this one is from
pre-medieval Julio now this you see it's it's very dark isn't it great is really
dark you know different different aroma key mm-hmm that's it that's a nice one
it's got a bit of a sweetness to it a bit of a sweetness it reminds me of a
fudge remember the Georgian when we had months ago a little bit about the cabin
yeah great wine for the lasagne it's very different from the the Cabernet
Sauvignon the Malbec we typically have it is heavy but it's not overpowering
these will go it's excellent with a lasagna yeah you know this is a
beautiful wine for the spagett ah you know something kind of low name well I'm
glad one other the to fit your they both they both new types of wines we normally
don't have very often now we're gonna start assembling the lasagne itself and
you got three three ways that you can do this you have the traditional way you
know in the old days when they used to do the door at home and cut it and make
it homemade then you have these ones that are already you can buy your
ready-made and from these you got two different kinds you have one that you
have to boil and then you have this one that is called oven ready that means
that you do not have to boil it this by the even though you don't have to
boil it we like to soak it in water for about five minutes here it's okay you
see okay it kind of starts to soften up a little bit and then you assemble the
lasagna and then it goes into the oven right there is a million different ways
how you can make lasagna especially the way you do the feelings there is not one
traditional oh if you don't do it like that is not a lasagne as time goes by it
becomes it evolves and people add this abstract you know they put their own
personal touch so they're all good as long as you enjoy when you're eating it
that's a good lasagna right and that's it end of the story okay now we're gonna
start assembling okay okay so now we're starting to assemble the lasagne I
always like to give it a light coat of olive oil to the pan if it sticks then
you know you you have a good and beautiful lasagna (delicious Italian food) and you cannot get it
out of the pan you know first you saw
now you scoop up the sauce for the next layer without a lot of liquid I use one
of these you see that it has the the groups so the liquid can escape okay
when it comes to the mozzarella try not to buy the cheap stuff you need good
quality mozzarella if you can buy fresh mozzarella
even better okay this this step the best that you can get okay that that's going
to make the lasagna or break it parmigiana
now we'll do the same with it before it's it's layers right now the
mozzarella the parmigiana and then we top it up at the end
parmigiana do not skimp also on the quality of the
parmesan because this is what's gonna give it the real lasagne taste
everything is ready the oven is preheated at 350 is gonna go in the oven
for about an hour don't forget the aluminum foil it has to
be wrapped otherwise you're gonna cook on the top it's gonna burn and it's not
gonna cook fully in the middle right so that's why when you see in the movies
that the ladies come with a gift with a lasagna tray it's always got the
aluminum foil or not on top you know you know what is that yeah next time you see
a movie look for that
don't forget the timer okay because you know what happens all the time
if you don't put the timer you go with your friends you watch a movie you sit
down with a computer you forget about it and that thing is going to cook in there
like you have no idea it's gonna be ruined so put the timer 1 hour and
that's all you need now we're going to assemble the other one there we are
mushrooms red sweet peppers the carrots we kind of we slice it with a potato
peeler so become really easy like this we got zucchini
we got onions and we got the the garlic okay
the amounts of each one doesn't matter whatever you like if you like more
muscle to pull more muscles if you like one subpoena you could not zucchini
judge it to yourself and then we have the spinach and a little bit more of
onions and garlic that we're going to try on a different frying pan because we
also have the spinach part okay now we're going to start assembling
the beautiful color look at all the variety there oh my goodness look at
this Drive everything and get everything you could ever want everything is a
so now we're going to use this ingredient that is a pesto made out of
basil just a little bit before the last the last layer okay so it gives it that
the little tank
oh wow
so we have dug into this lasagne what do we think guys it's pretty pretty amazing
Sonya I hit the stratosphere and came back look the first bite it's amazing
totally beautiful try it you can do this because
you taste the difference in the quality you really taste the ingredients and the
other tip is if you only have juice and wine up until 3 p.m. it's gonna taste
even better yeah we are coming lunch at 3 p.m. right now it was a very time
intensive process we started at 11:00 in the morning yeah and the second lasagna
has just gone in the oven you can taste the Parmesan cheese oh yeah I'm on the
parmigiano this is and the mozzarella that's why I tell you don't skimp on the
cheese use good quality Jesus for this dish and you'll be amazed what you can
do you know it's very simple it's very simple once you get the sauce already
made the rest is just assembling in layers anyone can do this anyone worth
the wait worth the wait and I really think it'll wash hello Sonia what was
the last time for you guys little while huh time I think that that also makes it
taste even better it's a real treat to be having it I'm done I had a little
piece but look I was at first we got another one coming and we have dessert
so save drought yeah violet lasagna number two cooks in the oven I'm gonna
start working on the tiramisu with my mom we'll see how that turns out let's
look better than the bread no I know you want to remember that the gnocchi of
a bread it was like a cool this is this is great because there's Audrey's chance
to redeem herself yes Jimmy if you make a good dessert
we'll forget about the bread okay if you don't then we're gonna we have two
things to bring up not just want
my real wet thank you tell me
took a little rest did you know yep I guess the first round
was was it good enough to to require no no it's round 2 with dessert round 2 Oh
two hours later I'd say at least two hours of bouncing because I made the
desserts this lasagne cooked for an hour people fell asleep Sam disappeared into
the basement you know the drill I wasn't the owner who else took it out
I didn't I actually did not know well the veggie lasagna is very good we have
one layer that's just spinach spinach with like garlic and onions we fried it
and then the other layer has a mix of zucchini carrots mushrooms there's a
quick distinct from each other
here is my work of art I did have some help for my mom but I assembled it I
don't remember anything I mix the months that are pulling the
filling she did the cream but check that out looks good huh ready for dessert
people so we are now trying the dessert let's see what we think it's nice it's
milk you I love the coffee flavor you know Ruby captain decaf coffee
everyone we were just saying that uh you were mentioning this dish is typically
refrigerated from what forward to 24 hours yeah this recipe said 4 to 24
hours but I mean if we wait that long we're not gonna get to try it today like
yeah we're willing we're willing to have it premature yeah it still tastes good
but there's definitely the potential for it to to say what if I map
yeah it's that a bit more mm-hmm but it still tastes very good even without the
whole this is gonna be wonderful flavor is beautiful the face is perfect to
solidify a little bit there mm-hmm that'll be it and you know what lasagna
tends to taste better on the second day - oh the meals ooh but this turned out
very well it's triple layer just like the lasagne
right very filling meal very good please please please everything came out
perfect yeah there you have it a full day full day of
cooking and eating we're kind of shocked that it's 6 o'clock
but is the the baking is what it takes long yeah oh yeah the lasagna you'll
have two hours each one one hour there you go two hours of baking that thing
we've been waiting like two hours now no worry to solidify a little bit so there
you got four hours so maybe it would be a good idea to make the dessert the
night before yeah but it's ready to enjoy yeah I don't know if you guys can
hear there's like a whimpering dog behind the cameras wondering where a
second wall cocoa is asking for his a walk he's like come on guys it's time to
go to the park okey we'll take you out do you forget we didn't forget we're
look we're lucky the days are growing a little
longer and so we have a bit more daily yeah it's only six o'clock so we we
still have time to take em out before it gets dark
that is it thank you for watching we don't you guys enjoy this recipe yes
definitely worth trying now that you have the time and what will have more
Quarantine cooking coming for you guys if there's something you'd like us to
make leave a comment and let us know because we were open to suggestions ah
yes different cuisines from around the world absolutely leave your requests in
the comments thanks for watching we'll see you next time
I'm getting a video that's right
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Cooking LASAGNA (Meat & Vegetarian) + TIRAMISU | Making Delicious and Easy ITALIAN FOOD at Home!

164 Folder Collection
Summer published on May 5, 2020
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