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  • Springfield electric, gas and water plants are closed.

  • Oh now don't forget the nuclear power plant ill, that's closed too.

  • Woohoo! Alright!

  • Now for you youngsters, you toddlers, this is what you've been waiting for.

  • Springfield county schools will be closed!

  • Alright! [Cheering]

  • Oh it's great to be indoors with my family.

  • So Professor, would you say it's time for everyone to panic?

  • Yes I would Kent.

  • Oh my god!

  • We better pick up some supplies.

  • Oh there's so little left. Creamed eels, corn nog, wadded beef.

  • Mom lets just grab what we can and get out of here.

  • Humanity must endure.

  • General, it's worse than we thought, the virus is getting bigger.

  • We're home.

  • We got beets!

  • Hmm, all clean, just the way I left it. I can't believe it.

  • I've done all my housework and it's only 9:30. Well better go upstairs and make sure the beds are still made.

  • Mom, you've been cooking all night?

  • Judge, jury and executioner all rolled into one you are.

  • Ooo, mmm.

  • Boy, things are going really good. Good, good, good, good, good, good, good.

  • Hmm, look at that freckle, I should did that out... mm.. good, good, that feels good.

  • Professor, without knowing precisely what the danger is...

  • ...would you say it's time for our viewers to crack each others heads open and feast on the goo inside?

  • Yes I would Kent.

  • Dad, mom's getting worse.

  • She's fine... oh.

  • Oh Maggie, time for your 9:00am feeding.

  • Ahh!

  • Maggie! Maggie! Maggie!

  • Honey, what are you doing?

  • Nothing!

  • Ahh! Ahhh! Ahhhh!

Springfield electric, gas and water plants are closed.

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