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Springfield electric, gas and water plants are closed.
Oh now don't forget the nuclear power plant ill, that's closed too.
Woohoo! Alright!
Now for you youngsters, you toddlers, this is what you've been waiting for.
Springfield county schools will be closed!
Alright! [Cheering]
Oh it's great to be indoors with my family.
So Professor, would you say it's time for everyone to panic?
Yes I would Kent.
Oh my god!
We better pick up some supplies.
Oh there's so little left. Creamed eels, corn nog, wadded beef.
Mom lets just grab what we can and get out of here.
Humanity must endure.
General, it's worse than we thought, the virus is getting bigger.
We're home.
We got beets!
Hmm, all clean, just the way I left it. I can't believe it.
I've done all my housework and it's only 9:30. Well better go upstairs and make sure the beds are still made.
Mom, you've been cooking all night?
Judge, jury and executioner all rolled into one you are.
Ooo, mmm.
Boy, things are going really good. Good, good, good, good, good, good, good.
Hmm, look at that freckle, I should did that out... mm.. good, good, that feels good.
Professor, without knowing precisely what the danger is...
...would you say it's time for our viewers to crack each others heads open and feast on the goo inside?
Yes I would Kent.
Dad, mom's getting worse.
She's fine... oh.
Oh Maggie, time for your 9:00am feeding.
Maggie! Maggie! Maggie!
Honey, what are you doing?
Ahh! Ahhh! Ahhhh!
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The Simpsons Practice Social Distancing

23 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on May 4, 2020
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