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  • Hey, there.

  • What?

  • Nothing... I just.. heard something nice about you.

  • Oh, really?

  • Richard?

  • Richard, your son isn't seeing anyone, is he?

  • Uh, not that I know of.

  • Well, I was thinking why doesn't he give Monica a call?

  • That..

  • That's an idea.

  • Well, actually, I'm already seeing someone.

  • -Oh? -Oh?

  • Oh..

  • She never tells us anything.

  • Ross, did you know Monica's (is) seeing someone?

  • Mom, there are so many people in my life.

  • Some of them are seeing people and some of them aren't.

  • Is that crystal?

  • So, who's the mystery man?

  • Well, uh, he's a doctor.

  • A real doctor?

  • No, a doctor of meat.

  • Of course he's a real doctor.

  • And he's handsome.

  • And he's sweet, and I know you'd like him.

  • Well, that's wonderful.

  • I...

  • Mom, it's okay.

  • It is, Judy.

  • Jack!

  • Could you come in here for a moment?

  • -Now! -Found it.

  • I'll take that, dad.

  • It seems your daughter and Richard are something of an item.

  • That's impossible.

  • He's got a twinkie in the city.

  • Dad, I'm the twinkie.

  • You're the twinkie?

  • She's not a twinkie.

  • Alright, look, you guys this is the best relationship I've been in.

  • Oh, please, a relationship?

  • Yes, a relationship.

  • For your information, I am crazy about this man.

  • Really?

  • -Yes. -Wow.

  • Am I supposed to stand here and listen to this on my birthday?

  • Dad, dad, this is a good thing for me.

  • You know and you even said yourself you'd never seen Richard happier.

  • When did I say that?

  • Upstairs in the bathroom.

  • Right before you felt up mom.

  • Happy birthday to you

  • Happy birthday to you

  • Happy birthday dear Jack

  • Happy birthday to you

Hey, there.

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Friends: Monica's Parents Find Out About Her & Dr. Burke (Season 2 Clip) | TBS

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