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"Graduating Class of 2019..."
"Please stand when we call your name..."
[graduation day] March 26, 2019.
[6:30 am]
Good morning, everyone! (Ohayou gozaimasu!)
It is super dark and super early because it's 6:30 am.
Lily, say "hi!" to everyone! (Lily: nope!)
Today I'm going to get my Hakama fitted
which looks kind of like a kimono with Japanese samurai pants.
I'm also getting my hair done! We'll see how that turns out...
because it is....GRaDuAtiOn DaYyY~!! AAAHH! (the crowd goes wild!!!)
Today I graduate from my University in Japan
SO! First order of business, I have a special announcement!
I get to tell you my school name! Ready for the big reveal?!
Today, you guys are coming along with me to my graduation!
[ 3...2...1!] (San, ni, ichi!)
Yokohama Kokudai ...tte kaitearun dakedo, Yokohama Kokuritsu Daigaku! (Its abbreviated, but my school is Yokohama Kokuritsu Daigaku in Japanese)
I am finally graduating from Yokohama National University
and I'm graduating from my Master's degree, my MBA (Master's in Business Administration)
So today's a big day! AHhHHH!!
B: Lily, did you get a shirt? L: let's get going!
Let me give a quick rundown of how today's going to go:
The studio that I'm going to is going to do my hair and outfit
I don't wanna pay like $100 for them to do my makeup if that's not their speciality
funny thing is, I don't know how to do my makeup either! OOPS! I'M GONNA DO IT ANYWAY!
I've got my Sakura spring nails to match my Hakama.
This is the hair piece I'll be adding, which also matches.
We're doing some kind of complicated up-do
along with some pearl pins as well.
This is called "chirimen" it's a Japanese "crepe" style of sewing.
there was also shibori but I thought these handmade sewn flowers were cuter.
AND it's got a smaller version so I can use it, even after graduation!
If I want to use it for Yukata I can.
I got these at Takashimaya yesterday and I'm really happy about them.
We're out of time so we'll just talk as we go!
("It wasn't supposed to rain today!!!!")
Ohayou gozaimasu~! ("Good morning!") Omedetou gozaimasu!! ("Congratulations!!")
Boomer: How do you feel?! How do you feel today?!
The boots fit by the way! (Boomer: the BOoOoOOooots♪!”)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
There are some beauutiful Hakama and obi!
So here is the final hair piece!
I also have some little pearls!
Are you ready? L: I need to find my friends!
"We made it!!!"
All these people back here!!
We're finally all together!! [my best friends!]
[ *blows kisses*]
[It's our turn!]
[ Graduate School of International Social Sciences, 98 graduates, please rise! ]
chakuseki! (Please be seated.)
We did it!
[memory mode:] "It's the day!"
[memory mode:] "Are you ready for your first day of school?" L: I'm kind of nervous!!!
[memory mode:] "Bring an apple for the teacher. Good luck!"
[memory mode:] "Welcome to my channel, and the 1st ever Japan school day vlog type of thing!"
[memory mode:] "Today is my 1st day as a grad student in Japan!"
[memory mode:] "Just to start things off, I'm really stressed!!"
[memory mode:] "I'm really friggin stressed out..."
[memory mode:] "So much so that I just broke my phone!"
[memory mode:] "The class is for Industry Analysis, "Sangyo Bunseki"
[memory mode:] "Maybe that was a bad choice?"
[memory mode:] "I googled game theory..."
[memory mode:] "I went out to lunch with my friend"
[memory mode:] "I usually end up eating cafeteria or conbini food"
[memory mode:] "...which looks like, SO DIFFERENT!"
[memory mode:] "Here are my grades! 3 , 2 , 1 !"
[memory mode:] "This is happy! This is good news! Things are finally going well!"
[memory mode:] "Things are finally going well guys!"
[memory mode:] "I just finished my final presentation..."
Congrats guys!
Just finished the ceremony! Feeling good!
It was pretty brief actually. What do you guys think?
douzo mae ni okoshi kudasai! [ Please proceed to the stage. ]
"Award for Outstanding Academic Performance: Scott, Loretta"
That was funny! As usual I was late...
so they had to move the award ceremony a bit
but it was really nice to receive the award
and be with my professor...WHY AM I GIVING A SPEECH?!
This is not the academy awards!
Good day. REALLY good day.
I'm also really glad I got a hakama!
Boots? Still fit!
HEY GUYS! I want to sit this way so you can see.
So I DID IT!... Oh wait...what am I saying?!
I did it guys! *SquEalLL* I graduated!
I got my diploma and let me say, it looks super cool!
It's super cool to see my name all in Japanese
with the official school Hanko seal as well!
iTs Real Its Real itss REAL!
As of today I am officially a graduate of Yokohama National University
There are definitely schools that people outside of Japan are more familiar with
in Japan though, Yokohama National University
well, any National University, but this one specifically is a renowned school
When I first applied to the MEXT scholarships I got to apply to different schools
I picked this one because I like Yokohama and Kanagawa
when I tell people in Japan (at work) that I go there they're like
To me, it's so real that I'm holding this
I did it! I graduated in one piece.
If you guys have any questions about like what I'm doing in the future
or what I did to get into here
a lot of you don't know, I have a second channel where I normally post my regular vlogs
So we already did a Q&A about am I going to stay in Japan
what are my next plans, WhAtS GoNna HapPeN!?
I'll leave a link below so you can check it out
but if you have any other questions, like about school life or this hakama
As you can tell, I am in no mood to take it off. I want to wear it all day.
I can't believe I'm wearing this in my own house! AHHHH!
One more time.. AHHHHH!
Look at these beautiful sleeves. Look at this fabric. This is BEAUTIFUL!
I totally used this as pockets.
This is the kimono, this is the under kimono
under that I have like under, under kimono.
and then I have a bunch of towels squished in here
to make my body looks more straight-lined and flat.
Lots of good stuff and I am in NO MOOD to take it off!
Guys I graduated!
It's so much in part thanks to you guys, my family and friends
Pretty sure the only reason I kept going forward is because you guys believed in me!
The school president gave a speech, and just like he said,
all we have to do now is take a big leap forward!
and if you're a foreign student, become a bridge for your home country and Japan.
Just two little things!
I'm really excited and feeling really good!
Right back up to work again, right back to working woman life.
Until then, see you in the comments!
Thank for watching! Thanks for supporting!
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117 Folder Collection
Summer published on May 3, 2020
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