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  • (Light flickering on)

  • Oh wait let me put my ring on cause it cost a lot.

  • But it don't fit

  • (making beat with mouth)

  • (making beat with mouth)

  • (Scraping noice)

  • (Testing piano keys)

  • That's cool

  • (starts playing piano loop)

  • okay

  • (Starts playing ambient sounds)

  • hey

  • I saw most Def do this one time.

  • (Starts to whistle)

  • (whistles different tone)

  • (whistles again)

  • That joint lit shut up

  • (knock, knock, knock, knock

  • Boom Boom

  • Ching

  • Now it's got it's own personality, nam sayin?

  • Wanna use my fame and name with the models

  • Say my name, my name to the mama

  • we could bang it uh, we can bang it yeah, we can bang it uh

  • say I Said, Wanna use my fame and name with the models

  • We can bang and rang and rang til tomorrow

  • we can bang it uh, we can bang it yeah

  • Honestly got bored with writing these subtitles bye Trenton out n***A

  • Its like awkward if you don't clap, even though the people cant feel it

(Light flickering on)

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B1 US knock knock knock rang fame piano lullaby

Masego "Lavish Lullaby" (Live Performance) | Open Mic

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    田柱二 posted on 2020/05/01
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