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Taiwan's success against Covid-19
Hi guys! Welcome back on my channel. I'm Charlotte
If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that yesterday I posted a story
Because Taiwan came onto the television here in Belgium
I want to tell you something more about that.
Actually, I was watching the news with my family on one of the main television channels here in Belgium
Suddenly there was a two-minutes long clip about Taiwan.
I got many questions after I posted that. Like “What were they saying about Taiwan?”
It would be easiest if I show you the whole video fragment, so I recorded it
I wrote some English and Traditional Chinese subtitles
Please forgive me for all the mistakes I made…
I'm using Google translate and it is not completely accurate.
We should take a look at it together right now!
Taiwan is the world's success story when it comes to fighting this epidemic. The island is located at about 120 km from China.
Since the start of this epidemic, Taiwan only has 429 infected people and 6 people passed away.
However, the country has not been in lockdown. Alertness and the strict following of rules seem to be the ingredients for their success.
Life seems to follow its normal course in Taipei, Taiwan's capital city. A little further away, in China, the coronavirus disrupted normal life, just like in Belgium.
But not here. Thanks to the preventive measures, we were always able to keep going outside and life almost completely normal.
We are lucky that we can still go shopping. Being locked inside your house must be unpleasant.
After the SARS-epidemic, Taiwan created a clear plan. Whoever enters the country will be screened.
When they heard the first reports about a new virus in China, the country reacted fast and alert.
Every person with symptoms, like fever, has to be quarantined. The temperature is also being taken at the school gates.
It is important to be careful. Otherwise, they will have to close the school.
People who are being quarantined, are being watched closely.
Using data from smartphones and phones, Taiwan monitors if you are following the rules.
The blue colour shows us the people who are in home isolation. They know that if they go outside, they will be fined.
This system can show us where they are, so they will not go out. I think it is very helpful.
One of these little dots is Amélie. The young French woman recently arrived in Taiwan
and has been in mandatory quarantine at home for several days.
They remind me to send them my body temperature. Here is where I write it down every day.
I have 7 more days to go.
That was the clip that we saw on the news yesterday.
Me and my family were very positively surprised to suddenly hear about Taiwan for 2 minutes on the news.
That was really long. I think they showed Taiwan in a positive light.
They said that the people were very disciplined, and that the SARS experience really shook up Taiwan
They learned a lot from it. This time when a new virus appeared, they acted very fast, very disciplined
It went very well; they have such a small amount of cases! Not like in Belgium…
I hope that Belgium will learn their own lesson from this pandemic.
Just like Tiawan, I hope that next time we will be more prepared and organized to handle this kind of pandemic.
It is time to read some of your comments of the last video on “Artificial baseball fans”.
Mars Cheng says: Thank you! I am so glad Taiwan can be mentioned in other countries.
Looking forward to having you visit Taiwan again.
Me too! I am truly looking forward to the day that I can visit Taiwan again.
Ya Alastair says: Hahaha, I just checked the baseball news, but after reading Charlotte's report I realized that this happened in Taiwan.
Thank you. May Belgium also be able to escape the control of the epidemic as soon as possible.
I hope so too. I'm happy you could laugh with the previous article!
Chia-Hao Chang… again!
Our baseball leagues authorities recently said that they will let part of the audiences enter the court to watch the game
We have no infected persons for 4 consecutive days!
Congratulations Taiwan!
Hope Belgium will get better like Taiwan and you keep safe there.
I hope Belgium will follow soon.
Fem Jojo writes : so sweet voice and clear pronunciation you have, you could be a good news anchor.
Thank you so much! English is my third language and I know it's not perfect.
I'm really trying my best to pronounce in a way that everybody can understand me.
I really appreciate that you're saying that! Thank you so much.
That was it for today's episode of Taiwan in the global news. I hope you enjoyed.
Thank you so much for sticking around until the end. I really appreciate it!
Don't forget to like and subscribe and see you very soon in the next video.
Bye bye!
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Taiwan's success against the virus -

272 Folder Collection
周建丞 published on May 1, 2020
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