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  • Taiwan's success against Covid-19

  • Hi guys! Welcome back on my channel. I'm Charlotte

  • If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that yesterday I posted a story

  • Because Taiwan came onto the television here in Belgium

  • I want to tell you something more about that.

  • Actually, I was watching the news with my family on one of the main television channels here in Belgium

  • Suddenly there was a two-minutes long clip about Taiwan.

  • I got many questions after I posted that. LikeWhat were they saying about Taiwan?”

  • It would be easiest if I show you the whole video fragment, so I recorded it

  • I wrote some English and Traditional Chinese subtitles

  • Please forgive me for all the mistakes I made

  • I'm using Google translate and it is not completely accurate.

  • We should take a look at it together right now!

  • Taiwan is the world's success story when it comes to fighting this epidemic. The island is located at about 120 km from China.

  • Since the start of this epidemic, Taiwan only has 429 infected people and 6 people passed away.

  • However, the country has not been in lockdown. Alertness and the strict following of rules seem to be the ingredients for their success.

  • Life seems to follow its normal course in Taipei, Taiwan's capital city. A little further away, in China, the coronavirus disrupted normal life, just like in Belgium.

  • But not here. Thanks to the preventive measures, we were always able to keep going outside and life almost completely normal.

  • We are lucky that we can still go shopping. Being locked inside your house must be unpleasant.

  • After the SARS-epidemic, Taiwan created a clear plan. Whoever enters the country will be screened.

  • When they heard the first reports about a new virus in China, the country reacted fast and alert.

  • Every person with symptoms, like fever, has to be quarantined. The temperature is also being taken at the school gates.

  • It is important to be careful. Otherwise, they will have to close the school.

  • People who are being quarantined, are being watched closely.

  • Using data from smartphones and phones, Taiwan monitors if you are following the rules.

  • The blue colour shows us the people who are in home isolation. They know that if they go outside, they will be fined.

  • This system can show us where they are, so they will not go out. I think it is very helpful.

  • One of these little dots is Amélie. The young French woman recently arrived in Taiwan

  • and has been in mandatory quarantine at home for several days.

  • They remind me to send them my body temperature. Here is where I write it down every day.

  • I have 7 more days to go.

  • That was the clip that we saw on the news yesterday.

  • Me and my family were very positively surprised to suddenly hear about Taiwan for 2 minutes on the news.

  • That was really long. I think they showed Taiwan in a positive light.

  • They said that the people were very disciplined, and that the SARS experience really shook up Taiwan

  • They learned a lot from it. This time when a new virus appeared, they acted very fast, very disciplined

  • It went very well; they have such a small amount of cases! Not like in Belgium

  • I hope that Belgium will learn their own lesson from this pandemic.

  • Just like Tiawan, I hope that next time we will be more prepared and organized to handle this kind of pandemic.

  • It is time to read some of your comments of the last video onArtificial baseball fans”.

  • Mars Cheng says: Thank you! I am so glad Taiwan can be mentioned in other countries.

  • Looking forward to having you visit Taiwan again.

  • Me too! I am truly looking forward to the day that I can visit Taiwan again.

  • Ya Alastair says: Hahaha, I just checked the baseball news, but after reading Charlotte's report I realized that this happened in Taiwan.

  • Thank you. May Belgium also be able to escape the control of the epidemic as soon as possible.

  • I hope so too. I'm happy you could laugh with the previous article!

  • Chia-Hao Changagain!

  • Our baseball leagues authorities recently said that they will let part of the audiences enter the court to watch the game

  • We have no infected persons for 4 consecutive days!

  • Congratulations Taiwan!

  • Hope Belgium will get better like Taiwan and you keep safe there.

  • I hope Belgium will follow soon.

  • Fem Jojo writes : so sweet voice and clear pronunciation you have, you could be a good news anchor.

  • Thank you so much! English is my third language and I know it's not perfect.

  • I'm really trying my best to pronounce in a way that everybody can understand me.

  • I really appreciate that you're saying that! Thank you so much.

  • That was it for today's episode of Taiwan in the global news. I hope you enjoyed.

  • Thank you so much for sticking around until the end. I really appreciate it!

  • Don't forget to like and subscribe and see you very soon in the next video.

  • Bye bye!

Taiwan's success against Covid-19

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Taiwan's success against the virus -

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