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Hey, how's it going?
Welcome to another episode of TwoSet Violin.
Today, we're going to be watching a Chinese drama
that has some of the most
intense battle scenes ever.
That's right.
You wouldn't think battle comes with violin,
except for that one movie
that we reviewed a long time ago.
this one is on a next level.
Now, it's called Athena.
Now you might be wondering...
what does a Shanghai spy war movie
have to do with a violin channel?
Let's find out.
(He's a ladies' man. You have to be extra careful.)
(It might be a taste of your own medicine.)
Dude, that instrument is...
What the hell is that?!
Eddy: Dude...!
Oh yes. So let's explain.
Here's the bridge.
It's meant to sit
- near where the indentation of the f-holes are, right? - Yup.
And therefore you have space here
where you play on this side of the bridge.
And then you have space here
which is just to hold tension.
And if you play it,
it sounds like a dying screeching cat.
Yeah, you do not play that part.
Do you wanna hear what it sounds like?
Okay, I know you guys always comment the theme,
but this is...
- That was the most random cut. - Yeah.
Like the music around.
- Yeah. - It doesn't flow. It's supposed to be like...
But hey, I was impressed
that at least his bow was straight.
But again, it doesn't make a difference
when your bridge is-
I mean, the only difference the bow is straight
playing behind the bridge is this...
This is straight bow.
This is not a straight bow.
Actually, there's no difference.
Dude, don't do that to the bow!!
Oh my god!
- Did you see how they just stretched the hair? - She destroyed the hair straight through and...
pulled it against it?
Dude, this guy is just so dedicated about practicing.
It's like, even when a spy
is there to like, assassinate him.
He's like "I must get my 40 hours practice in."
- Bro! How- What is th- What is that bow made of!? - Dude, the- Look at the bow!
Freaking carbon fiber?
Metal? Steel?
No, a bow cannot carry human weight, full stop.
- He's like, back to practice. - Dude.
Yeah, he's like "You know what? That's enough!"
Dude, props to the actor who keeps a straight face.
- Yeah. - I would be losing my ******* ****.
That's too funny.
Even if the emperor of Manchukuo is here,
you cannot get away with it!
I should try and do that.
How is that girl taking him seriously?
Dude, she just got owned by a violin.
I know.
- I would- I would retire as a spy. - While he was practicing. Yeah....
Dude, ignore!
Don't distract Ling Ling when he's practicing.
Yeah, ha ha!
I'm not a cinematographer, but...
the shot was different angle.
Like the closer shot he's facing her.
But the other shot he's facing away, no?
Oh yeah!
He just faced away.
Is he facing the lake or is he facing the girl?
Yeah, so what does he- Make up your mind!
But I gotta say it though, the backdrop is pretty cool.
I'm actually interested in the backdrop.
It's pretty nice.
It's such a weird movie. I don't-
I don't know the context of this whole thing.
Yeah, wasn't it meant to be about spies and stuff?
Yeah, I'm so confused.
How butthurt is he over this girl?
- Whoever this girl is. - Yeah.
Alright, next time a girl rejects you...
Or a guy rejects you.
Yeah, just play the violin...
until they ask you what's wrong.
And then just throw your violin into the lake.
Yeah, you make your point.
- Make your point! - You really make your point.
"You don't know how much you hurt me."
Why does he always look at his violin that way?
No, I was gonna say.
Does he have like, problem? Like...
After the fight, he's like...
After everything, he's always just like...
This level of affection.
So don't get us wrong.
We're musicians.
- We love our violins. - Yeah.
- But like, this is next level. - But... okay, so...
Okay, name someone that does this,
and touches it like this.
How do you like that?
the violin did nothing wrong!
Dude, all you needed to do
was move the bridge back,
and then it would've been fine.
- Don't need to throw it away. - Yeah, I know!
It's like...
"I've played for so long."
It still sounds like this.
If you guys know any...
violin dramas with like
- freaking superpower fighting skills... - Yeah.
Please let us know.
Send it our way.
It's always fun to...
I think it's just fun to see how non-musician directors
think of portraying the instrument or violin.
Once again, check out TwoSet Apparel.
The new scarf is out.
- And the new beanie is out. - Sorry.
And then we'll see you guys next time.
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Mad Lad Uses Violin as a Fighting Weapon

12 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on April 29, 2020
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