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Have you have a wondered which languages
apart from English are the most useful
to know? Here we go!
While Spanish has become the de facto
language to learn for many, Portuguese is
rising in importance. The eighth
strongest economy,
Brazil has seen rapid growth and has
become a major trading partner with the
U.S. and Europe. Portuguese is not only
spoken in Portugal and Brazil, but also
in several African countries like Angola.
Arabic's importance is clear in that it's the
third most common language with more
than 300 million native speakers. The
Arab region is considered to be one of
the wealthiest regions in the world.
Knowing Arabic means the ability to
enter into the Middle Eastern economy, which
has grown by 120 percent in the last
five years.
Japanese is spoken by 122 million native
speakers, making it one of the most
spoken languages in the world.
Japan is the third biggest producer of
automobiles and makes up one of the biggest
producers of mobile technology. Due to
the increasing global role of the
Pacific Rim and Asia, as well as the
economic ties between the U.S. and Japan,
learning Japanese is incredibly valuable
financially. German is a language to
learn if you want to earn the big bucks!
Most people would assume a more common
language such as Spanish or Mandarin would
benefit them financially,
however Germany is a European
powerhouse and one of the strongest
economies in the world. Thus, knowing German
as a second language puts you in a
special niche, allowing you to earn more
money. More than a 1080
million people speak Mandarin Chinese,
making it the most spoken language
around the world. With its growing
population and its stronghold on exports
in the U.S. and the U.K.,
China has undeniably become a massive
presence in the world. If you want to
work in international business or
banking, learning a Chinese language like
Mandarin could definitely help to beef
up your resumé. Spoken by more than 290
million people in 29 countries French has
truly become a global language.
Not only does France dominate in
pharmaceuticals, telecommunications and
energy production, French is also the
official language of NATO, the United
Nations, the Red Cross and other
international organizations. Last but not
least, French is one of the
fastest-growing languages and could
become very important in the
future. Spanish is the third most spoken
language in the world after English and
Mandarin Chinese. It's the native language of
more than 400 million people across 44
countries, which makes it one of the most
useful languages to know - especially for
job seekers!
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The 7 most useful languages to learn in 2020 (apart from English)

16 Folder Collection
luna.chou published on April 29, 2020
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