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  • Have you have a wondered which languages

  • apart from English are the most useful

  • to know? Here we go!

  • While Spanish has become the de facto

  • language to learn for many, Portuguese is

  • rising in importance. The eighth

  • strongest economy,

  • Brazil has seen rapid growth and has

  • become a major trading partner with the

  • U.S. and Europe. Portuguese is not only

  • spoken in Portugal and Brazil, but also

  • in several African countries like Angola.

  • Arabic's importance is clear in that it's the

  • third most common language with more

  • than 300 million native speakers. The

  • Arab region is considered to be one of

  • the wealthiest regions in the world.

  • Knowing Arabic means the ability to

  • enter into the Middle Eastern economy, which

  • has grown by 120 percent in the last

  • five years.

  • Japanese is spoken by 122 million native

  • speakers, making it one of the most

  • spoken languages in the world.

  • Japan is the third biggest producer of

  • automobiles and makes up one of the biggest

  • producers of mobile technology. Due to

  • the increasing global role of the

  • Pacific Rim and Asia, as well as the

  • economic ties between the U.S. and Japan,

  • learning Japanese is incredibly valuable

  • financially. German is a language to

  • learn if you want to earn the big bucks!

  • Most people would assume a more common

  • language such as Spanish or Mandarin would

  • benefit them financially,

  • however Germany is a European

  • powerhouse and one of the strongest

  • economies in the world. Thus, knowing German

  • as a second language puts you in a

  • special niche, allowing you to earn more

  • money. More than a 1080

  • million people speak Mandarin Chinese,

  • making it the most spoken language

  • around the world. With its growing

  • population and its stronghold on exports

  • in the U.S. and the U.K.,

  • China has undeniably become a massive

  • presence in the world. If you want to

  • work in international business or

  • banking, learning a Chinese language like

  • Mandarin could definitely help to beef

  • up your resumé. Spoken by more than 290

  • million people in 29 countries French has

  • truly become a global language.

  • Not only does France dominate in

  • pharmaceuticals, telecommunications and

  • energy production, French is also the

  • official language of NATO, the United

  • Nations, the Red Cross and other

  • international organizations. Last but not

  • least, French is one of the

  • fastest-growing languages and could

  • become very important in the

  • future. Spanish is the third most spoken

  • language in the world after English and

  • Mandarin Chinese. It's the native language of

  • more than 400 million people across 44

  • countries, which makes it one of the most

  • useful languages to know - especially for

  • job seekers!

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Have you have a wondered which languages

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The 7 most useful languages to learn in 2020 (apart from English)

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