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  • repair clinic encourages you to perform this procedure safely

  • in this video we will show one or more of these icons

  • to alert you went to use caution

  • be sure you've unplugged the appliance before beginning

  • and turn off the hot and cold water supply valves

  • you will also need to disconnect the two water supply hoses attached to the rear

  • panel

  • along with the drain hose

  • be prepared for some water to spill out

  • next you will need to remove the agitator

  • if your model has a rinse dispenser pull the lock ring up with your fingers

  • and twist the dispenser upwards to remove next removed the agitator cap

  • depending on your model you may also need to remove a dust cap

  • hold the agitator base and use a seven sixteenth inch socket to remove the bolt

  • and washer and pull the agitator upwards to remove

  • now carefully tilt the appliance back so its rear panel rests on a towel or carpet

  • next unsnap the pump clips

  • and wiggle the pump off of the motor shaft

  • disconnect the motor wire harness

  • and unclip the wires from the plastic retainer

  • use a half-inch socket to remove the bolts attaching the gear case to the

  • base

  • now carefully pull the motor and gear case assembly out

  • detach the old break cam by removing the c clip

  • if still intact remove the old clutch band and lining by squeezing the spring

  • with pliers and lifting it out

  • you're now ready to install the new band and lining kit

  • place the new brake cam onto the drive tub and secure with the c clip

  • next place the two caps onto the band to hold the appropriate spring and spring

  • dampener in place

  • please note that if you have a compact washer you will need to install the

  • shorter spring and dampener in the clutch band otherwise use the longer

  • spring

  • use pliers to squeeze the spring to insert the new band and lining into the

  • clutch housing

  • now slide the motor and gear case assembly into position making sure the

  • clutch spring is opposite the break cam

  • be aware this may require some adjustment before the gear case sits

  • flush against the base

  • secure with the bolts

  • secure and reconnect the wire harness

  • next align the motor shaft with the pump and slide the pump on

  • reinstall both pump clips

  • now carefully lift the appliance to its upright position

  • place the agitator back onto the driveshaft and reinstall the bolt and

  • washer

  • replace the dust cap if your model has one

  • replace the agitator cap

  • if your model has a rinse dispenser push it down until it snaps into place and

  • press the lock ring down with your thumbs

  • reattach the water hoses

  • turn the hot and cold water valves back on

  • and plug the appliance back in

  • to make sure it's functioning properly

repair clinic encourages you to perform this procedure safely

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B2 remove clutch washer appliance pump band

Clutch Band and Lining Repair Kit (part #285790) - Whirlpool/Kenmore Washer Repair

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