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I guess it's Akita dialect!
Ok, please start!
It says "nazuki" here
It's a body part
A body part...
A part of your face
Hmmm... eyes!
Nope, it's not eyes
A little bit higher than the eyes
Not eyebrows. It's a wide area!
You're right!
I don't even know how to say it in standard Japanese
I never use that word
I know the kanji but I have no idea how to say it
Forehead (odeko)
Wait, say that again
It's written like "nazuki" but you say it like...
Wait that's completely different!
I can't understand it at all
The next one is also a part of the face
A lower part of the face
Is that correct?
Yeah! You got it on the first try!
How did you know?
I have no clue, I've never used it before
Ok this is a part lower on the body
It's lower than your belly button, lower than your thighs
Lower than my thighs?
Hmm, is it knees?
Oh is it knees?
Yes we call them "hijyakabu"
That's really long!
Wonder why they changed it from hiza to hijyakabu
So the word "hiza" isn't used at all?
The young people say "hiza" now but
Older people will say things like "my hijyakabu are hurting..." etc
Oh wow so they will always use "hijyakabu"
That's so interesting
I wonder if they use these words in the Iwate area as well...
I've never heard them before
Well if that one was knees, then this one is elbows?
Oh~! Yeah the original Japanese word is part of this one
Oh was I correct? Elbows?
I feel like just "hiji" is fine we don't really need the "chiri"...
But we use "hijichiri" here
It sounds cuter when you put "chiri" on the end
It's kind of hard to say!
Ok this time is a body part even lower, lower than your knees
It doesn't sound like Japanese!
Yeah you're right
Ok so it's below the knees...
Foot? (ashi also means leg)
Yes yes, the front or the back of the foot?
The heel?
You're right!
Oh really?
Hmm yeah I can see that
It kinda sounds like "kakato" so it fits
I think just "kakato" is fine, I wonder who decided to call it "agudo"
Everyone will understand if you use "agudo" here
If you say it with a real Akita accent what does it sound like?
Ah ok, this one sounds the same
This is so interesting
I understand even less than I was expecting
Let's try some other phrases not related to the body
This one you use in the afternoon, or the evening when you welcome a guest
You say "ke!" to your guest?
If it's your family or someone close
Ok, so when they come to your house...
Something like "hello"? Is it a greeting?
Hmm no it's not a greeting
When you suggest something
Sort of like "Would you like this one?"
Not even close?
Umm... when you eat something
Ohhh like "kue" (eat this)
You wouldn't say it like this to a guest, but to your family or a close friend it's ok!
When we're busy, we will say "cha cha to ke!"
It means "Hurry up and eat"
This is...
Yep that's right, you got it just from seeing it
Put some emphasis on the "gu"
The "nu" is normal
When it's really hot we'll say...
This one is even kinda difficult to read. What do you think it says?
Yeah yeah, just like that!
Oh really? I just randomly said it
Yeah the intonation is just like that!
We use it with small children
What kind of situation do you think we use that in?
Try saying it one more time
Used with kids eh...
Is it like "Clean up"?
Am I close?
Try reading this a little quicker
Do you think we would use that towards quiet, well-behaved children, or...?
Ohh ok so kind of like "calm down, be quiet"
Yeah that's it!
Where did this phrase come from!?
I have no clue
Kids that don't behave properly
You can use it with adults too, ones who aren't well behaved
So I guess you could translate it as "behave properly"
Do you use "kochowashii" in standard Japanese?
I've never heard it!
It must be a word only used around here then
So interesting!
So like, "Hurry up and come here"?
Did you figure it out from the nuance?
I feel like "guugudo" sounds like it would mean "slowly" instead of "quickly"
So "guugudo" alone means "quickly"?
You can also say "chaccha to koi!"
We use those phrases when we're really in a hurry
When you're running out of time and you say "hayaku ikou yo~"
It doesn't really work, right?
It tends to work for me... haha
But if I use that phrases it will DEFINITELY work
It means like "We won't make it if you don't hurry up!!"
Oh ok so a level up from your standard "hurry up"
Yes yes, level up
I'm gonna try it out in Tokyo
Please say it how you're normally say it
Oh? It changed!
"koi" is already kind of an order, telling someone to hurry up and come here
So when you're with a group of people it kind of feels like you're ordering them around
But it's not rude, just...
We have these phrases, but we don't use them too much
Even in the countryside we use standard Japanese with our children
So even adults will use standard Japanese when talking to each other, for the children
So nowadays we don't use these phrases too much
But with your obaachan friends you'll use them right?
Yes we do
The Senboku City dialect is pretty intense
The daily conversations we have turn out to be 100% Senboku City dialect
All of it
What should I say?
((( Sorry guys I can't translate this part properly so just enjoy listening, haha )))
Something like that!
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121 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on April 29, 2020
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