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  • 432 You know, it's remarkable how chump goes bad every week.

  • Right on time.

  • Yeah, Just like your underpants.

  • Good for another month.

  • No chump dumping $1 billion fine.

  • A charm sign.

  • Okay, He you chain age?

  • Okay, E s.

  • I've used a shore home one too many times.

  • Those evil painting lessons I took really come in handy.

  • No, I said you, Andy.

  • Yeah, I worry.

  • You're gonna have to click.

  • No, of course not.

  • It's It's a gift for you.

  • For you, For everyone.

  • She looks like come its new job.

  • Instant ish years.

  • Now let me try.

  • You have to wage for, like, a holiday holiday.

  • What holiday?

  • Um, show about someday.

  • What's it like?

  • What do you do?

  • I'll tell you all about it if you help me hide all these Gibbs.

  • Oh, boy.

  • Sunday, a brand new holiday.

  • Okay, Gary, you go home.

  • Was that his car?

  • No, I guess I should hide blankets Chung day before Cheung days all over.

  • I bet plankton and never thing to look in the way.

  • Well, maybe I could get a little more in there.

  • Yeah, we shouldn't be fighting.

  • It's someday.

  • What?

  • Jum day telling me Don't jump, jump Do be jumping out of a job to jump Jump, jump Don Thoma Barrel bottom Come adopt up dumped jump Carol So way bad holiday spirit is keeping us in denial Risultato Um Okay.

  • You know what day is today?

  • Today?

  • Such intelligent bomb Remarkable by Yes today What is today?

  • Why I haven't missed it.

  • Wait a minute Job died That's dance guys day Excuse me Are you responsible for all this, Chung?

  • Yes, that's right.

  • Your welcome.

  • Well, as the inspector, I got something for you.

  • $1 billion.

  • You know there is a way out of paying the fine I'll do it.

  • What is it?

  • You can eat up all the job several days later You love all things SpongeBob Lake in comments below And don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell.

  • I got toe.

432 You know, it's remarkable how chump goes bad every week.

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