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  • In this Sprouts Teaching Technique

  • we introduce the idea ofStudent Leaders”,

  • a simple task based method teachers can use to build self-esteem,

  • teach responsibility and help students take

  • pride in themselves and their classroom.

  • To create your own student leaders,

  • think about activities that your students can help you complete.

  • Watering plants,

  • being in charge of getting you books

  • or anything that is easy for them to do

  • and makes them feel special.

  • Next, transform these tasks

  • into special roles for your students.

  • Instead of just having your students water your plants,

  • give them the title ofRain-Maker.”

  • Instead of getting a book,

  • name them theBook-Master”.

  • Giving these tasks a title will make them excited to help you.

  • It will also help them pay attention

  • and feel good about themselves.

  • Some tasks can be daily and some every few days.

  • It helps to create a “Student Leader

  • calendar for all your students to see

  • and make sure that you rotate through the tasks

  • and that everyone gets a turn at every task.

  • Please use the comments below

  • to let us know what you think!

  • If you are a student,

  • tell us if you've ever been a student leader.

  • If you are a teacher,

  • share your tips on how to use this in your classroom.

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In this Sprouts Teaching Technique

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Teaching Leadership in Elementary School

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    Summer posted on 2020/04/28
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