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  • Charlie Brown Schultz.

  • All I want for Christmas is a friend like Woodstock.

  • Will.

  • Yes, people traditionally eat turkey on Thanksgiving, but you can also eat chicken or duck or pheasant quail.

  • All right.

  • It's true.

  • Thanksgiving is a bad time to be a bird.

  • You can be sure that dress like that.

  • No one is going to confuse Woodstock with Turkey.

  • They confirm he looks anything but edibles.

  • That's even better.

  • No one will ever even know he's a bird.

  • Hey, Charlie Brown.

  • Tomorrow I'm going to make Grandma's for Thanksgiving.

  • I can't wait.

  • Pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes, everything.

  • And the best part, of course, is when the car booth e suggested man.

  • You know, it would make a perfect gift to your class.

  • Don't assign us a book to read during Christmas vacation.

  • What do you say, Nam?

  • Even my suggestions get a d minus gonna be a D minus person all my life.

  • Marcy, what can I dio stay awake in class, study hard and always do your homework?

  • Maybe I couldn't think of something else.

  • Hates being the stillness one in the class.

  • I'm gonna fail for sure, ma'am.

  • I think you should great us on a curve e.

  • I see it.

  • That's the only chance I have to pass.

  • If I can find someone who knows less than I do, then I won't be at the bottom of the curve.

  • Right.

  • Right.

  • Well, I found him.

  • It snowed a lot last night.

  • Save those breadcrumbs.

  • Lucy, there are birds outside who needs, um need breadcrumbs.

  • I never thought of that.

  • Birds have a hard time finding food when the ground is covered with snow.

  • There.

  • How is that?

  • I think you could have scattered them around a little more.

  • Ratched.

  • I burnt my toast thrown out to the birds.

  • They don't know the difference.

  • Schaumburg dio Congress.

  • Not very happy.

  • All right, I'm fixing up a batch of break Crump's.

  • Maybe better bring some napkins too.

  • We owe right.

  • You know what I just saw, sir?

Charlie Brown Schultz.

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Peanuts - Woodstock

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