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  • the crop is a very interesting crustacean normally found around coastlines and beaches.

  • But do you know why some clubs you cnnmoney's of pom poms?

  • And did you know that some clubs live in a certain animals poo?

  • Find out more in the science of crabs, collapse of crustaceans defined by their thick exoskeleton or shell.

  • They have 10 legs, which makes them Decca pods.

  • Side note.

  • The prefix Decca, having originated from Greek, refers to the number 10.

  • For example, a deca flown would have 10 events.

  • Onda Decade has 10 years anyway.

  • The legs are divided into five sets on the front.

  • Two are adopted as princes.

  • The crop shell is armor, which provides protection for the soft tissue Underneath it.

  • The hard up a shell is called a carapace, which is the same type of shell as a tortoise has.

  • You can distinguish a male and female crab by looking at their abdomens.

  • Males generally have a narrow in triangle abdomen, whereas females have a larger round one.

  • Female crabs also usually have smaller clause craps.

  • Use their claws as a vice for crushing or cutting objects a crap make music law in a fight.

  • But this is okay because it has the ability to grow a new one.

  • Perhaps eyes arm storks, which can move in all directions and even attract men, needed The stops can help them see when they're hiding below water, around rocks or in sand.

  • Most crabs breathe with gills like fish.

  • These girls extracts the oxygen that dissolves in water as water flows over them.

  • But they can still absorb oxygen or land as long as the gills are kept moist, which might be why you see them blowing bubbles on land.

  • Sometimes there are also crabs with lungs as well.

  • A skills on this enables them to live on land in place, like the jungle grabs typically walk sideways.

  • This is because their legs are located on the sides of their bodies and their joints point upwards.

  • So sideways movement is quicker.

  • I'm a more efficient.

  • The smallest crop in the world is the pea crab.

  • This is less than 1/3 of an inch, or the size of a pea, their parasitic and live in molluscs like oysters that provide oxygen and food in the form of zooplankton.

  • The biggest club in the world is the Japanese spider crab which is deep in the ocean floor on disbelieved, other leg span of up to 12 feet that's over twice the length of the average human adult lying horizontally.

  • Did you know the remote Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean is home to the Christmas Island red crab?

  • These crabs are drawn by the moon to make a yearly migration from the forest to the beach to bring.

  • What is special about this is that around 40 million crabs make this journey.

  • That's more crops than there are people in Canada.

  • The boxer crab is also known as the pom pom crop because it wield Cnnmoney's on each of their cross.

  • Like an angry cheerleader, they use the cnnmoney's to fight against other clubs or predators as an enemy sting with venom filled 10 to comes.

  • In turn, the cnnmoney's get fed by leftover scraps of food from the crab.

  • The poo dwelling crap we mentioned earlier lives in a giant cave in Borneo called Deer Cave.

  • It lives in a giant 100 meter mound of guano formed of the droppings of millions of bats who also lived there.

  • Thank you for watching the science of crabs, if you like this video and would like to see more.

  • How about sports were some patron?

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the crop is a very interesting crustacean normally found around coastlines and beaches.

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