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Hello there! My name is Rattus Rattus
- as if you didn't know! -
and I'm something of an expert on the Romans.
Well, truth be told I'm not. But do you know what, English Heritage are
and they've asked me to test your Rotten Roman knowledge.
Here we go!
True or false? The capital of Roman Britain
was Londinium, otherwise known as London.
It's false! The capital of Roman Britain was actually Camulodunum
otherwise known as Colchester. Bit of a trick question that one! (laughs)
True or false?
The Roman delicacy garam sauce was made with rotten chicken guts.
It's false. Garam sauce was made with rotten fish guts
though rotten chicken guts are of course just as delicious!
Now, Roman women used Halcyon cream to cure their spots and freckles,
but is it true or false that it was a mixture of honey and bird poo?
What do you think?
It's true, yeah.
They used birds' droppings scraped from the inside of a nest! (laughs)
'Bird poo...because I'm worth it!'
True or false? The Roman arena was full of sand so it would be
nice and soft for the gladiators to fall on.
It's false. The arena was full of sand to soak up all the blood.
Gruesome or what?
Seriously, is this for kids?
Well, that's your lot, but if you want to find out more about the disgusting Rotten Romans,
you can visit some of the real Roman places that English Heritage are looking after.
Yeah, you can!
If you visit Dover Castle, Birdoswald Roman Fort and
Halstead's Roman Fort you can go on a special Roman quest.
Honestly, it's exciting!
Really exciting!
And in the meantime, don't forget to go and see
Horrible Histories: The Movie - Rotten Romans in cinemas from July 26th.
(laughs) Did I just do a plug?
Oh it's all gone, oh they're all over the floor!
Now everyone knows that I'm reading off a script!
That's on the floor below me!
They're from Horrible Heritage.
What is it? Oh sorry, English Heritage, here we go.
They're from Horrible Heritage.
What? English Heritage? Sorry, did I say that again? Here we go
They're from Horrible Heritage.
What? Again? Uh, sorry.
English Heritage. English, English, English, English, English, English.
They're from Horrible Heritage.
Oh kill me, kill me!
They're from Horrible Hedgerows.
What? What is it? English heritage, sorry it
sounds like horrible histor...
They're from hedging your bets.
What? English Heritage
English Heritage. English Heritage. English Heritage.
English, English, English, English, Heritage, Heritage, Heritage, Heritage.
Here we go... (breathes deeply)
And they're from the Hubble Telescope...argh!
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Rotten Romans Quiz with Rattus Rattus | Horrible Histories: The Movie

1 Folder Collection
Summer published on April 28, 2020
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