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  • Osborne during the winter may seem quieter but actually under the surface

  • there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes.

  • We have a wonderful window into the kind of life Victoria and Albert enjoyed here

  • and the kind of art that they collected together.

  • In winter when house is shut, it's a great opportunity to undertake our winter deep clean.

  • This involves cleaning from top to bottom. very high up at the pelmet boxes, curtains or the

  • decorative choruses, right down to the floor and carpets.

  • Today we're going to be cleaning the chandelier in the drawing room.

  • Each crystal is wiped individually until they shine beautifully. It has about two and

  • a half thousand crystals per chandelier, so it takes about four hours.

  • The really unique thing about Osborn is that here, unlike any other royal

  • residence, one can really get a sense of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

  • Everything here to this day is largely as they left it. Here you can

  • stand before a painting that Queen Victoria would have looked at herself.

  • I think that gives one a very close connection with them which is

  • particularly exciting.

  • Quite a nice part of the winter clean is being able to work by ourselves in the

  • rooms working through methodically and once you've got to the end you know

  • you've cleaned the whole house. People may not notice but you know you've done

  • it and it's ready to go for the new season.

  • The winter is really one of our busiest times of year. It's the time when we can

  • start improving the garden, doing some of the big jobs that we wouldn't necessarily

  • be able to do with lots of people around.

  • In winter you can see the structure of the plants. During the springtime the

  • apple blossoms are amazing. At the moment it looks bare, but during

  • the spring it is full of flowers and full of scent.

  • The size of the estate we manage here is around about 350 acres. We have a team of

  • 11 gardeners and we also have help from plenty of volunteers. This time of year

  • we're pruning the climbing plants just on the outside of the walled garden so

  • they look their best through the summer.

  • Over in the walled garden we've been doing plenty of weeding, lots of hoeing. We've also been doing some

  • potting to bring some plants on in the greenhouses and we've also been putting

  • some early flowering bulbs on display. It's all about improving the garden.

  • After all the work that we've done during the winter months,

  • we're able to fling open the shutters, pull up the blinds, and open the

  • doors to our visitors at the start of the season and everything is looking

  • wonderful again.

Osborne during the winter may seem quieter but actually under the surface

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