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  • the latest on the diagnosis and treatment of Kobe.

  • 19.

  • The CBC updating their lift the symptoms for these over the weekend, and Dr Aston is back with us to answer some more questions.

  • Doc tells about the symptoms at the CDC added to the list.

  • Well, Michael, remember initially the symptoms were basically fever, cough, shortness of breath.

  • Now I want to take a look at this list cause the CDC has added six more, ranging from chills to shaking chills.

  • We call those riders muscle aches, headaches, loss of smell and taste a sore throat Again, we can think of this as a work in progress.

  • This is evolving as we've learned more from case reports and doctors taking care of these patients.

  • The CDC recognizing after some time that there's typical symptoms and there are atypical symptoms.

  • And I wouldn't be surprised Michael in the future to see this list grow even more.

  • And Dr investigating a popular heartburn medicine to treat Kobe.

  • 19.

  • What can you tell us about that?

  • Well, very, very early stages.

  • This is not ready for prime time yet, but it's a drug called promoted in when given nine times the regular strength in intravenous form to critically ill patients.

  • The thinking is that it works on some enzyme that the virus uses so far through a very kind of global infectious disease.

  • Detective work process with experts from Boston and China and North Well, System in New York and the department of HHS, all working together to test this again.

  • Results not out yet, but we will be following it.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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the latest on the diagnosis and treatment of Kobe.

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