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-Come on.
I miss you. Good to see you.
-Hey, mate, how's it going?
-It's going great. Nice to see you.
Thank you for doing this. I appreciate it.
-Hi, Jimmy!
-Hey! That's what I'm talking about!
-Hi, buddy. -How you doing, pal?
Nice to see you. How you guys doing? You hanging in there?
-Yeah, we're hanging in. -We're good.
-We're safe, we're healthy. The kids have no idea.
They think we're at our latest location.
-I mean, you guys are really getting to know each other, huh?
-[ Inhales sharply ]
-Yeah... -Yeah.
[ Laughter ]
-I mean, wait, how you guys have been together for a while,
but then you started a play together.
-Yeah, we just did. -Yeah, we just did a play.
We just -- we closed literally a week before we came out here.
Like, just in time. -Yeah.
-So we were basically in quarantine together
already doing -- doing "Medea."
-Yeah. We were going to work every night doing the play.
-You consider that quarantine?
-Huh? -That was quarantining
when you guys were working together?
-Pretty much. -I mean, it was like
a crazy, strange place to be for three months.
-I heard that you learned how to make a good drink, Rose.
-I've been... -Oh, no, Bobby walks away.
-I've been refining my cocktail skills.
Yeah, I...
I became obsessed with this cocktail called the Penicillin,
invented by an Australian called Sam Ross,
and he perfected it at his bar Milk & Honey in New York.
-Oh, yeah. I know Milk & Honey.
-Yeah, it's now called Attaboy, the bar.
Anyway, I had one at the NoMad recently
before everything closed.
And so I just became obsessed. So now I can make it.
I have the ingredients here on a bit of paper towel.
I can show you how to make it.
-I would love to see how to make a Penicillin.
That'd be great.
-I wouldn't have her make you a drink
when you're thirsty. -[ Laughs ]
-Because it takes a long time.
It's a really long time for her to make this drink.
-You got to put in this order --
You got to put this order in like a half hour ahead of time.
-Put this order in. But you want to see me --
You want to see me -- how to do it?
-Yeah. I'd love to see you make that drink.
That would be fantastic. All right, here we go.
-Team effort.
Okay. Here we go.
So this is my little bar in here.
-I love it.
-Because I don't have a measuring stick,
I just use the... -What's a measuring stick?
-I just use the -- -That's like a thing
you get medicine for your kids, right?
-Now we do 11 millimeters -- milliliters.
So that's five -- Oh, whoops, hold on.
-There we go. -If you're just tuning in,
it does not look like it, but she's making a cocktail.
Here we go. Here we go. [ Indistinct ]
So that's five...
-Eventually, you can do this by sight, right?
Like, just, you don't have to use the --
-I'm a detail-orientated person.
-Yeah. Oriented. -Oh, my God.
This might be the funniest thing I've ever seen
in my lifetime.
-Have you ever seen anybody make a drink like this?
-Twenty. -Never, ever in my...
-Never. No, never. No one's ever done this.
So that's 22.
-Rose, while we're doing this,
can we talk about your -- about "Mrs. America"?
-Yes, please. -"Mrs. America,"
you play Gloria Steinem.
-Yeah, I know, it's amazing. I play Gloria --
This is your first --
-This will be good to see you make it
while you're talking about something else.
[ Laughter ]
-This is really multi-tasking.
-Why do you need the funnel?
I don't understand the funnel part.
Why just -- You just poured the whole thing in the...
-I know. -Why do you need the funnel?
[ Laughter ]
-...focus, got to focus, okay. -Okay.
-Sorry. -So that's the lemon.
Now we need three-quarters of a ging--
three-eights of an ounce of ginger.
So this is the turkey baster level, so it's got
measurements for ounces on it, so I've been using that.
-Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
-Jimmy, I've got your water bottle.
I'm using it as a shaker.
-Oh, great! You are using it, see?
-So this is the ginger --
-That's why people should do our show.
-This is the ginger shaker.
-It's also where we usually hide the kids' medicine, so...
-...just gonna put this in here,
and then I'm gonna get three ounces of --
That's why I use it, then I use this to measure out syrup,
because there's been some problem with the thing, so...
-I have never seen anyone make a cocktail like this.
-It's all over the floor. What are you doing?
-That's three ounces, that's whatever that is,
and... [ Laughing ]
-Oh, my God. -And then we do the honey.
And now this is the honey.
This is the honey. This is the honey --
So again, I pour this into the turkey baster
just 'cause I can measure it up. -God.
-And then I put bourbon like that
and measure out a little bit like that.
Oops, I need a bit more, unfortunately, so I'll just...
-Yeah, but it's going all over the towel.
-I know, but I'm gonna --
-Bobby, this is insane, dude. -Here we go.
-Yeah, dude. -Then that goes in.
And then we put two ounces of a blended scotch.
This is two ounces of this.
-Okay? -Uh-huh.
-Two ounces of this in here like that.
-Oh, that's a lot. -Okay.
We're nearly there, guys.
-You don't have any other guests, do you?
[ Laughter ]
The rest of the week? [ Laughter ]
-Hold on, I want you... -...get some ice, hold on.
It was incredible.
I play Gloria Steinem in "Mrs. America" on Hulu.
It was an honor. She's a legendary activist.
-Absolutely. An icon. -She probably had --
-American. -And, uh, along with
Cate Blanchett playing Phyllis Schlafly,
Uzo Aduba, Elizabeth Banks,
Sarah Paulson, Ari Graynor. -Tracey Ullman!
-Tracey Ullman! Oh, my gosh. -How's Tracey Ullman?
Oh, my gosh, I love Tracey Ullman.
-I've got the ice. So I just put the ice in here.
-What happened to the...
-I've got that fancy ice cube. -This is not fancy.
This a measuring cup that she's using to make,
like, a single ice.
That's actually the smartest thing about this.
-That's actually pretty good. I like that.
-Pretty good. MacGyver. -Here we go.
So now I'm going to shake it up and pour it over ice,
and then I'm gonna shake it up for...seconds!
[ Speaking indistinctly ]
[ Laughter ]
-You see, it's not hard to be stuck inside with her.
-[ Laughs ]
-Now I'm just gonna get --
I don't think this is gonna come out in time --
The ice. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ]
-...doing? -Holy mackerel.
-I need a pick for that.
So I'm just gonna get some normal ice.
-Just normal ice. Okay, yeah.
-The kicker -- we just put a floater
of a single malt on top.
So I just get a little... -Oh.
-Look at that. -Gorgeous, by the way.
-It's a Penicillin.
-That is a Penicillin. And --
-It's a little like -- -And well earned, by the way.
Well earned. -Well earned.
Quarantine's over, actually. -[ Laughs ]
Quarantine's over, guys. [ Laughter ]
-Oh, God.
-Mrs. "America" is on Hulu.
But I want to talk quickly before you leave,
because thank you so much for coming on our show.
I appreciate it. Thank you, Bobby.
But we asked you guys to bring up a charity
that you're working closely with
or that you want to spotlight, and you chose Food Bank NYC.
-Yes. -...dot-org.
-Yes. They're an incredible organization.
My friend Ethan Hawke is one of the representatives
and Susan Sarandon. And I love New York.
And it has been hit so hard, as we know, by this, you know...
-Yeah. -...dreadful, dreadful virus.
So, and Food Bank is incredible
in providing meals to people who would otherwise
they go very hungry, so I encourage,
please donate what you can to help our fellow New Yorkers
get through this and get back to the incredible city
that we all love.
And, you know... -It's amazing.
Rose, I love you. Bobby, I love you. I miss you.
I can't wait to see you guys in person. Really.
-See you, Jimmy!
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Rose Byrne Shows Jimmy How to Make Her Favorite Quarantine Cocktail

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on April 27, 2020
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