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I have to leave for an exam at 6:30 it's 2:30 p.m.
meaning I have four hours to study for this exam
which should be enough time
right now I'm just replying to emails
it was a lot easier than I had anticipated which is great
I'm walking to the library to print out some stuff for my next two exams
which are physics and cell bio
those are on Wednesday so I have two days to study for them
[grabbing dinner]
hi can I have a Chipotle steak sandwich
sure can i get your name real quick?
and would you like a full or a half?
a full
thank you
I'm so happy
did you hear that?
I'm about to study for my physics exam
I printed out all of these past practice exams for my physics final
this shouldn't be too bad
because I've done well on the past exams
and the final is basically a combination of the past exams that we took
except it's worth more.
I think I'm gonna try to sleep early tonight
just so that I could wake up early tomorrow and study for my cell bio
because that's the exam that I really need to focus on
I haven't gone to a single lecture for that exam
it's so bad
and also that exam is worth 50% of my grade
this exam is only worth like 30%
which is still a lot but I don't think it's gonna be that bad honestly
I've been sleeping at 7 a.m. these past few days
which is definitely not the time I want to sleep tonight
so I'm going to push through this
sleep early, wake up early.
I don't know if it's because I took a lot of courses this semester
but for some reason I've been really forgetful about
important assignment deadlines.
for physics, I forgot to submit this one assignment that was due
and that was a little bit detrimental to my grade but
not as much as biochem.
for biochem, I forgot to submit this feedback form
that was worth 15 points which is a lot
even if I get a 100 on an exam
it goes down to an 85 because of that one feedback form
I do have my own planner where I write down all the things that are due
but I don't think this was comprehensive
sometimes I forgot to write things down and stuff
so next semester I just need to get my shit together
My winter break is a week shorter than usual
because we started a week late and
we're ending the semester a week late
which is why I'm going back home three days before Christmas
I hate it I hope they fix it next year because
I need at least a month for winter break
but it's only three weeks
it's not even three weeks
Is it? actually, I don't know
but yeah I'm really upset about that
I should be home by now *sniffles*
now I can't see anything
oh my god
oh my god
what is that
okay goodnight
oh my god guys I just got my doodle planner in the mail
oh my god this is beautiful
omg im so excited to use this
I printed out of my cell bio lecture notes and practice problems
dude there's so much information
cell death, cell proliferation
cell signaling cancer etc
oh my god I am so excited to start studying for this
right now I'm boiling some eggs to eat for breakfast
i seasoned the eggs with black pepper and salt
[grocery shopping]
hey guys I came back from Martins and I thought I would do a short haul
first I got chocolate soy milk
I bought these bolthouse Farms green goodness drinks
they were doing a two-for-one dollar sale
meaning that this was only 50 cents
when it's originally like 3-4 dollars something
so I'm really proud of this purchase
then I ended up getting a monster drink
I'm probably going to need this for Thursday night
because my two exams on Friday are both a little bit difficult so
I'm gonna need the help of monster
and then I was just going to check out all my stuff
when I realized that I only bought liquids
so I got these little Debbie chocolate cupcakes
that's my grocery haul. it's definitely not the healthiest
this is my final exams schedule
(me having a mini heart attack thinking i didn't study for the right exam)
oh my god that scared me okay *laughs in mental breakdown*
calm down
I'm taking cell bio at 8 a.m.
and taking physics at 1:45 p.m.
and then Friday it looks like I have a 10:30 and a 1:45pm
I'm still looking for where my physics exam is
I can't find the location anywhere so
I think there's a form
final exam
there should be a form
I think this is it
final exam room assignments by course
hi guys I just got ready. it is currently 650 a.m.
the testing center is pretty far from where I am
it's like the opposite side of campus so
I'm gonna have to start walking there soon
all of the finals are two hours long
Jesus Christ
that's my timer
I finished going through all of these lecture notes
there's so many of them
I think I underestimated the amount of time I needed to study for this exam
because I was really rushing through the material towards the end
as always I made a Google Doc of all of the information
that I need to cram before the exam
I keep getting V live notifications and
so distracting
(the ND police were giving these out)
I've been walking for 20 minutes and I'm still not there
oh my god it makes me mad how far this class is
Hi, guys.
I got out of my exam
that was a really bad exam
a lot of the questions were open ended questions
which tend to be a little bit easier to BS
[walking home after the exam]
[free food]
I did not study at all last night which is great
so great also I look really bad today
these are all of the homework questions that we have had for this final exam
usually the exams are gonna be like 30% directly from these questions
so all I have to do is memorize the answers for these
and then the other 70% is just based on the concepts
so after going through this I'm going to have to go through the lectures
and take notes on that
and then this is for the second exam that I'm taking tomorrow
this is for biochem
I printed out all of the practice tests that we had so far
[late-night grocery shopping]
(checking my eggs)
during finals like I'm basically emotionless
I don't really talk on a regular basis but during finals week
I talk even less and it kind of scares me
my flight to go back home is Saturday night
so I basically have like a full day for me to rest and clean up this place
before I leave to go back home
oh my gosh just thinking about going back home is making he's so excited
this semester has been so hard for me
I mean it's difficult for everyone
I was just taking too many classes and
I wasn't able to really prioritize the things that I needed to do
and that backfired because I'm pulling all nighters studying for exams
when it could have been a little bit easier
if I actually went to class throughout the semester
but yeah this semester has just been a rough
I mean I had four exams last week
so I'm having a total of nine exams in the span of two weeks
so anyone going through this would agree that it's not easy and
I've never been this excited to go back home.
I also never told you guys this but I'm a neuroscience major
I switched my major a lot after coming into college.
I came in as a biology major
and then I switched to science business
science business is basically pre-med plus business
I ended up switching to neuroscience earlier this semester because
I wanted to take more neuroscience related courses
and I'm only able to do that if I'm a neuroscience or psychology major
so I ended up switching into neuroscience very last minute
and I'm not able to switch anymore
mainly because I won't be able to fulfill my requirements before graduation
as of right now because I switched my major
I have to take a lot of courses every semester
I'm gonna go study right now
I got the sudden urge to dye my hair at 2:30 a.m.
I put the hair dye and developer in a 1 to 2 ratio
I've been going through the practice tests for my neuroscience exam and just studying
I feel pretty okay about it
I also finished the practice test for my bio chem exam
also this is my hair
it's definitely a lot darker than it was earlier today
It's 6:10am right now
hey guys I came out of my bio chem exam
I absolutely hated it
post-finals pizza & kdrama
thanks for watching!!
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finals week study vlog // pre-med neuroscience → fall 2019

236 Folder Collection
lindachen921128 published on April 26, 2020
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