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What have I not told you?
Oh, I don't know
Um, ahem, how about the fact
that the underwear out there on the telephone pole is yours
from when you were having sex with Fun Bobby
out on the terrace.
- What? - What?
Wait a minute, who told you?
You are dead meat.
I didn't know it was a big secret.
Huh, oh, it's not big, not at all.
You know, kind of on the same lines as, say
oh, I don't know, having a third nipple!
(Ross) 'What?'
You have a third nipple?
You bitch.
- Whip it out. Whip it out. - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
No! Come on!
There's nothing to see. It's just a tiny bump.
It's totally useless.
Oh, as-as opposed to your other
multifunctional nipples.
I can't believe you.
You told me it was a nubbin.
Joey, what did you think a nubbin was?
I don't know. You see something. You hear a word.
I thought that's what it was.
- Let me see it again. - Yeah, show it to us.
Show us the nubbin. Your nubbin.
Joey was in a porno movie.
If I'm going down, I'm taking everybody with me.
- Oh, my God! - You were in a porno?
A-a-alright, alright, alright.
I was young, and I just wanted a job, okay?
But at the last minute I couldn't go through with it.
So they let me be the guy who comes in to fix the copier
but can't, 'cause there's people having sex on it.
(together) Wow!
That is wild!
So what's it shaped like?
Yeah, is there a hair on it?
What happens if you flick it?
[instrumental music]
So, uh, does it do anything, you know, special?
Well, yes, Ross, pressing my third nipple
opens the delivery entrance
to the magical land of Narnia.
You know, in some cultures having a third nipple
is actually a sign of virility.
You get the best huts
and women dance naked around you.
Ha, are, uh, any of these cultures
perchance in the Tri-state area?
You know, you are so amazing.
Is there anything you-you don't know?
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Friends: Chandler Has A Third Nipple (Season 2 Clip) | TBS

34 Folder Collection
F A published on April 25, 2020
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