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- Hey. - Hey.
- 'Where is everybody?' - They took Ben to the park.
Where have you been?
Just out.
Had some lunch, just me.
Little quality time with me.
Hey, thanks for your jacket.
Oh, it's no problem.
You can borrow it, by the way.
- Oh, here are your keys, hon. - 'Thank you.'
- Mon? - Hmm?
If, uh, you were at lunch alone, how come it cost you $53?
You know what probably happened?
Someone must have stolen my credit card.
And sort of just put the receipt back in your pocket?
That is an excellent, excellent question.
That is excellent.
Monica, what's with you? Who did you have lunch with?
- Judy. - Who?
- Julie. - What?
You were with Julie?
Look. When it started
I was just trying to be nice to her
because she was my brother's girlfriend.
And then, one thing led to another
and before I knew it, we were...shopping.
Oh, my God.
Look. Honey, wait.
We only did it once.
It didn't mean anything to me.
Yeah, right.
- Really. - Sure.
Rachel, I was thinking of you the whole time.
Yeah, right.
Look. I'm sorry, alright?
I never meant for you to find out.
Oh, please!
Please! You wanted to get caught!
That is not true.
Oh, so you just sort of happened to leave it in here?
Did it ever occur to you that I might just be that stupid?
Okay, Monica, I just have to know one thing.
Did you go with her to Bloomingdale's?
Okay, I just really, uh..
I just really need to not be with you right now.
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Friends: Monica Cheats on Rachel (Season 2 Clip) | TBS

118 Folder Collection
F A published on April 25, 2020
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