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"Joy of Listening"
Hey there!
My name is Loretta and welcome to my channel!
You guys asked me for more fun, Japanese-only videos
so, as you see below, I wrote both English and Japanese subtitles.
Turn on "CC" subtitles in your players and let's do something fun!
So for today's video...
I'm going to attempt ART for the first time on this channel.
You see, I saw something recently I had to share.
Have you guys heard of Bob Ross?
I used to watch his painting show everyday on TV when I was little
and for some reason it's become this really intense meme all across the world.
I thought this wasvjust an English-speaker's meme
but thanks to DEADPOOL coming out last year,
there was a commercial that played in Japan,
making Bob Ross in Japanese popular here too.
So, this is my first time holding a brush and painting oils
but I thought a video of me painting might be boring. So, Let's spice things up with a CHALLENGE!
This channel isn't about art anyway
so let's use this art-theme as a chance to practice language.
So, I will only LISTEN (not watch) the Bob Ross tutorial
and try to follow a tutorial, dubbed completely in Japanese.
Aaa, I'm scared. (It's ok~!)
Liquid White... I can still kind of hear the English and that's distracting me!
B:"Take your 2-inch brush!" Two inch...ok...
Yellow... (B: "JUST A BIT!")
BATSU (X's)...
(B: "I love water~!")
(B: "paint little criss-crosses~!") criss cross...
Aa, I used too much paint!
(B: "See how it reflects on the water surface?")
Wait...what water?!?!
(B: "criss cross strokes!") whHeerRee?!
(B: "doesn't this color make you feel happy?")
("Let's add a little bit over here...")
...over WHERE?!
("Reflecting off the water!") Whatever you say.
("Yesss... that's right...")
The swishy sound kind of gives me a clue...
Ah, no!
("It's all up to you~!!")
Hold up. hold up.
I realized, he narrates what he's doing
but if you're not looking it's hard to tell what he means
when he says "over here" or "on this side".
How do I paint clouds???
("Like thissss~!")
("Aaaa. Beat the devil outta 'em!")
("So blend it!") BOKASU.. to blend or blur something.
("You can blend the whole canvas into one color if you want!")
I think I already did! (OK~!")
("I think I'll go in.... right in here...") in WHERE?!
Liquid white...
Shadows...should be opposite the light...
"Just add as many as you want!"
"In this world, you're the king~!"
The queen!
I mean, I love this but I have no idea what his looks like.
"That's ok..."
"This will give it depth". RITTAIKAN. Depth or a 3D look.
What do you mean "like this?!"
"It's easSYyY~!"
"It works better if you say it aloud"
Speaking Japanese is the same way!
"Let's paint a little more..."
Wow, this really is a mess.
I mean, oils are tough for a beginner
but his calm 30 minutes ZOOM by when you follow along.
"Let's add another little tree..."
"The more you practice, the better you'll get!"
Japanese is the same!
"Let's paint a little SHIGEMI here..."
What's a SHIGEMI?
"is YoUr PaiNting LoOkin CraZyY..?"
HOW DID HE KNOW?! "I'm sure it looks fine!"
He's so nice...
Let's add more SHIGEMI at the bottom.
Aa, I don't knowww.
"Washing your brushes is a pain...
...have lots of spare brushes on hand!"
"Wait, I only bought one of each!"
"It's easy to paint a beautiful SHIGEMI this way..."
Was there water somewhere??? ("Let's add some tree trunks"!)
MIKI is "trunk" in Japanese right?
"All of my friends live in this forest!"
"Rabbits, squirrels, and OthEr aNiMaLs"
(TRYING TO COVER FOR NOT KNOWING "SHIGEMI") So when you learn a language...
you try to learn fancy/hard words as soon as possible
and you end up skipping basic, everyday words like "ground" or "ceiling"
and you get "good" at Japanese, without knowing basics.
(I START RAMBLING ABOUT WORDS I STRUGGLE WITH) but like here he repeats the same words a lot...
(B: "So anyway, LET's add some HIGHLIGHTS"!)
"Be careful of the angle of the knife..."
"Ack, I didn't angle mine at all!"
"Let's add some lines on the lake's surface."
"This will push the lake back."
"hikishimaru"...is that "push back"?
"Let's draw some little waves." "waves?!"
"Anyone can learn to paint!" Maybe not me~!
"OK, we're done!" Apparently we're done!
Let's sign it...
I guess.. with an L...
Here's my masterpiece!
So you can do something like this with art, sports, yoga,
whatever you like,
these days, almost anything is floating around
on YouTube, in the language you want to learn.
Listening and following along can be a great way to practice.
Phew. I'm tired, and i got paint in my hair.
Look at my hands!!
How long will this take to dry?
Well, I did it! My first oil painting!
How about you guys?
How do you keep up with language when you're NOT using a textbook?
Me painting is just an example,
that language isn't something you study, it's something you explore!
My Japanese-challenge oil painting.
Thanks for watching guys!
Let's chat in the comments.
Thanks for watching this random video to the end!
So, I looked up "SHIGEMI"
and it's the word for a BRUSH or THICKET.
I'm sure my Japanese viewers will love pronouncing this one.
THICKET. THICKET. Yeah... good luck!
But, thanks for the new word and the fun times, Bob Ross!
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I Follow a JAPANESE DUBBED Bob Ross Tutorial w/o looking at it (英語字幕)

30 Folder Collection
Summer published on April 24, 2020
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