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because we've just been quarantine at home and it's been like loungewear and
pajamas and now we're going to give it a little bit of my personal touch right
like that
hello Lou hey guys happy quarantine day
2120 dogs like that's too long 21 days are you kidding me this is a horrible
introduction Togo thanks for the interruption there his he just wants to
be chased that is all he thinks it's playtime playtime with Togo yeah
basically we just wanted to say thank you to everyone who sent in video
suggestions yeah what we can film you guys had honestly amazing suggestions so
thoughtful and you've given us some great ideas one of the suggestions was
obviously cooking at home and so we're gonna be doing more of these videos so
we're really excited and let's get going with it yeah today is going to be by
today we are traveling to Spain with you guys we've got the ingredients in the
kitchen we've got the wine we got my dad yeah you can cook very well yeah he's a
great cook and the thing too is this dish reminds us so much of our travels
in Spain especially when we went to Valencia which is very famous first oh
yeah oh my gosh I can't wait to have this it's a mixed paella
a so it's got tons of different ingredients and yeah it should turn out really well I can't wait
to try cooking it outside - this is a we're improvising here really are okay
well good afternoon happy Sunday welcome to the kitchen today we're with
my dad Daniel and you guys requested a cooking video so that's what we're doing
today we're going to be making a Spanish food dish you're traveling to the land of
your grandfather's yes my maternal grandparents came from Spain so today
we're going to do something to honor that
land and we're gonna do a is a traditional Spanish food dish there are so
many different kinds of paellas in Spain well we're going to do here is going to
be one that is called mixed a little bit of everything we're gonna put some
chicken these are chicken tights boneless we have mussels we have a
little bit of fish this is hard to small lobster tails
these ones are gallops more scallops here from Peru from Peru we have some
shrimps these are from Argentina there they've been fished in the southern
Atlantic we have a little bit of chorizo or sausage we're going to have a little
bit of dried dried chorizo a hard one green and red peppers and onion garlic
peas tomato these ones are the crushed tomatoes we have two kilos of rice four
pounds of rice and remember always that the water or the stock from the fish
head that we're going to be adding it's two to one two of stock for one of rice
spices we have time we have curcuma I don't know the name of these in English
I think that came from Peru no we have a Spanish paprika this is sweet
you know in Spanish food they call it pimenton yeah fresh ground salt olive
oil and of course last but not least our amigo here what we have is banish'd wine
we are having by the bus back and look at the age of six we've been we've been
keeping that in the basement for a special occasion yeah we have a little
bit of wine stock in the basement but also the winder right now is under
quarantine right self-isolation we wait one bottle
up here and there this one is from Spain yes and a lot of the people that are
watching the Spanish Channel they've been asking for
wines from Spain but from a specific region and here in Canada they're very
hard to find most of the wines here from New York yeah
Spanish Rioja area and they people were asking for that
Eldo arrow which is an area around the river do arrow and finally we found it
it took a long time to find it but this one is from has been waiting for us
since 2006 she's been sleeping in sleeping beauty right and now we're
going to do the magic and we're not gonna kiss it but we're going to open it
and we're gonna wake him up you know yeah all right so Togo loves to play
ball he likes to play soccer because he's Argentine half Argentine right yes
the thing is he doesn't like to let go of the ball no so that makes playing
very hard his rules are I'm I keep it and you try to get it from me like
sometimes we actually play with two balls
yeah like will throw one so she'll release yeah and like then we can throw
the soccer ball yeah go fetch but like he loves it jumping in the air catching
it midair and yeah he's really good at defense he'll like put his paw and like
wrap your legs oh yeah he's designed the rules so that
he wins every every time he wins all the games he's a master are you gonna let
roll the ball so slobbery and cold it's like colds flying I don't think
he's gonna let you win
I'm just realizing this is my first time wearing jeans like wearing real pants
yeah I think in like three weeks because we've just been quarantine at home and
it's been like loungewear and pajamas we've been ultra casual not even not
even a little bit ultra casual you you win also in the last video that we
filmed here at home you were telling you guys about ten cents and you watched our
quarantine video you'll have heard the story of my ten cent jacket it has
arrived and I absolutely love it it's basically
a hiking jacket it's it's thicker than what you would have been a windbreaker
or a typical light rain jacket but it is completely waterproof I love it it has a
hood has it tips all the way up like this yeah which is fantastic it's not
just a shell it's actually lined inside I'll show you guys in a second I love
deep zip pockets which is amazing it's like if you have gloves or if you have
your wallet you can put them in there and yeah this is great for the Canadian
spring because we're kind of reaching some days we're reaching highs of double
digits like around 10 degrees and this jacket with like a warm flannel inside
is perfect so unzipping it here you can see that
it's lines in anyway this is am loving I have to admit though I do love Columbia
products I've kind of just been buying them within the last year and I really
like all of their all of their stuff their jackets shirts so yeah this was a
real find and regular place was 125 Canadian so to get it for 10 cents what
a bargain what a bargain Kogi's do you think that was a real bargain was it a
real bargain guys I'm not sure I don't know so we have a giant fish head that
we picked up from the supermarket yeah today the dish we're going to cook
it calls for a lot of fish or seafood stock and we're gonna get it from this
head it's a monster head that we got yesterday at the supermarket and we're
gonna get it to boil here in this water and then this is what we're going to use
so now in it's about an hour or so of boiling to extract all the the goodness
out of his head then we'll use that okay now we wait and now we have opened our
Spanish wine you're letting it yeah we're TT catching
it I mean this is a nice vintage wine and we want to let it breathe for a
while oxygenated exactly we've been doing this for a while and we've noticed
it does really enhance the taste of the wine yeah it makes it smoother for sure
a lot smoother yeah don't forget these wines being in the bottle since 2006 so
it needs to breathe because it's his job to that in there you know I've been
sleeping beauty' here sleeping right yep there you have it okay so what we're
going to do now the stock from the fish head is ready we are going to strain it
because you don't want any bones or things like that to go into the paella
and remember what I told you to of liquid for one of rice okay we had this
is what you want nice clean with no scales no bones so this is just pure
stock it's a fish stock that's what we're gonna be putting it to the paella
and now we're gonna do is we're gonna go light the fire and we're gonna go have a
glass of wine yeah we're walking into new territory okay
because I've never made a palea on top of an open flame and I'm gonna use my
barbecue yeah that is going to shelter us a little bit from the wind this wine
has been waiting for us about half an hour already and we're gonna try it
right now oh it's been hard to wait
that's where Audrey says she's always give me a little bit yeah salut salut
cheers Cheers well yeah you know their room is already
there Oh two barrels already you can yeah
giving it that extra time to breathe and I think even that's about as smooth as
you get we sell really good wine you can tell you know like I mean joking aside
we always say that we can drink anything that they throw our way but when you get
your hands on a good good quality vintage wine oh yeah the difference
evident you know I mean you can see it sometimes we bought this wine in the
somewhere in the United States remember the one that we could not drink at all
yeah it was last Mountain it was cold it was clearly the cheapest and it was you
know it's good it's gonna be yeah I'm I bought it and it was it was literally
cheapest in the store you pay you pay for what you get what was it booze all
her stuff yes yeah it was ridiculously cheap you pay for what you get it
doesn't matter whether it's wine or whatever and it was so bad that we
couldn't drink it and normally like we can we can choke down a pretty bad one
but no way not of that one that one he saw it on the shelf at the bottom wine
store we have to get we brought in here and I guarantee or something
this is that was not wine that was rocket fuel yeah you know what I
wouldn't give that to my worst that was some sort of a fuel that you
use for a missile an antifreeze mixed with rocket fuel and baby somehow they
bottle it and send it to the market I like my bargains
well my 10 cent jacket is nice but not the t-50 wine No
okay people we're gonna start cooking the paella dish is right on the flames
we're gonna let it warm up the olive oil I don't have a lot I'm need about a cup
so I think it's enough they should be you should be okay
what do you think Audrey I've come to inspect your inspecting look very good
yes I've never made fired up before I mean even now I'm just watching ya make
sure you you get the hard pieces of whatever it is you're gonna use if it's
chicken or if it's a sport or whatever you gotta get it to be nice and brown
outside nicely cooked with that little crust that it gives you the flavor
because if you don't and then you put all the fish stock after what's gonna
happen is gonna boil and then you wanna have a boil meat or boiled chicken or
and it doesn't taste like that that's why not with my human I love it
oh he's planning is he's so wonderful don't escape stay with me forever
sorry yeah
you can do this in your backyard okay it's not the end of the world it's a
pretty simple and it's very tasteful and another thing these days of quarantine
I'm not advocating for people to to bring all the family members and get to
and do a get-together know the people that live under the same roof yeah the
ones are supposed to be gathering which that would be your immediate family if
you live with your husband the wife the kids may the grandparents is their home
that's what you do right now do not bring all the neighborhood or all
the tunnels and hands and and there's not the time for that you can do that
later on but not right now whoever's at home whoever is at home I
don't want you to understand me wrong when I say you should get together and
things like that
hey hey we know now we're going to add the tomatoes the crushed Tomatoes okay
we're going to blend them but they're you know small enough so we can do it
like this we've added a sweet paprika okay we're going to put a little bit of
thyme two tablespoons of that yeah not still to the rim right I wish you guys
could smell this is so good pepper fresh ground pepper some people don't like
pepper I do I did a little bit of salt there you go now mix it all up
mix oh okay nice and mixed look at that
now we're gonna help in another bottle of wine the good one the good quality
one we're gonna save it for the end of the cooking and to have it with a paella
yeah but right now we need something I cannot cook if I don't have a glass of
wine this is the way it should be let's take care of that so we got a bark
on this one is amazingly coming from Israel and it's a 2017
classic Malbec so a lot of competition out there you gotta keep on your toes
and get a good quality product otherwise they'll take you out of the I think it's
gonna be good because we had some amazing olive oil from there it's a
perfect climate for wine yeah nothing for you so he waiting for the paella yeah
yeah but he doesn't realize it's not gonna happen either got your glass see
hello - hello cheers people here's good it's a good one
we're putting the rice now but because so we have a lot of meat and stuff like
that we're going to do half a half a portion of rice and and water okay
now you put the the pea the fish stock is in the rice when in remember you have
to go by eye okay you know like we had calculated two kilos or right but it was
a little bit too much so we reduce the amount of rice but you also have to
reduce the amount of stock two to one always keep that that balance the peas
are in there and now we're going to put the mussels okay so they start cooking
now we're putting on the teeth yeah now we're putting in the rest of the seafood
we are putting the scallops okay it's really starting to look colorful now
we're putting the shrimps yeah when I think of the the paya and the ones that
we've had in Spain especially the really colorful ones a shrimps really stand out
the ones where you have them read in the shells the shrinkage is a decoration
right yeah it looks so nice Lobster
Wow so now people the thing is really going and now we're gonna give it a
little bit of my personal touch I know the Spaniards may be going crazy when
they see this but we're gonna do it right like that a little bit no Sam is
keeping Togo company or maybe it's the other way around
I think Togo is waiting patiently I mean he would love to have some of this he's
not gonna be able to eat it coz there's certain ingredients that don't agree
with his stomach oh he's got a very sensitive stomach and the other thing is
I think you'd love to have some play at the moment but uh you know whatever yeah
I mean we're doing this for the first time so we have we need all hands on
deck all eyes watching and their first kind of taste of spring and normally we
associate spring in Canada I mean we've had a harsh long winter so six seven
months of winter it's the first time the temperature is above zero in 2020 it's
also the first time we're getting a bit of sunlight and there's no snow on the
ground and you guys are having an Israeli wine tell us about that Yoga
second bottle winking it's it's an amazing wine and it's a Malbec which is
one of the reasons I bought it I probably picked up this wine about four
months ago and the reason I picked this up well two reasons I've never had a
bottle of wine from Israel in Canada and the second reason is because it's a
Malbec and I said we associate Malbec with Argentina of course sometimes you
can find them from France but I'm not surprised it's such a good quality wine
because when you think about it it just is the perfect climate it's dry as warm
we're having a nice wine like this out here in the spring I mean this is the
making the most of quarantine guys that yeah you know we're pretty lucky to have
a garden where we can sit out in the Sun cook outdoors enjoy some wine
it makes Quarantine life a little a little better we're not taking it for
granted that's for sure you know what we have to do I'm just
noticing as we're filming we need to put the sails back up now though it looks
awfully bare but then the deck is holding out so well I mean another shout
out and thank you to our friends at home renovation Jeff Max and Michelle these
guys are putting out such good videos about different types of home
renovations you can do and they're close to a million subscribers so man go check
out their channel and be one of their new subscribers before they hit a
million oh brother do you mind if I join you this guy so
much love seriously he does he's kind of sleepy I think he's disappointed that no
one's playing with him yeah a little bummed out but you know what this is
someone who gets two or three walk today yes the ball thrown out from outside so
you can give me a little patience very yeah and I'm just drinking some green
tea to stay warm it's actually kind of cool yeah today for me you know filter
till next season mm-hmm yeah early spring all right you
know anything above zero for me is I feels relatively warm when you've been
through winter in Canada
spring in Canada is only five Celsius above zero but too hot for us Canadians
here just remove my my coat and yeah take a look at this look you guys can
only smell this five more minutes if after this I don't
receive the order of Spain from the government of Spain I don't know what I
have to do because this paella is going to be fantastic the paella is done voila
voila look at the monster piece that we have over here
Wow okay we're going indoors and we're gonna start eating the way it should be
and if you don't prepare it yourself is because you don't want to do it go
inside don't drop it
teamwork here go slowly this besito doggy know people when you
get the paella you are ready and out of the stall or do whatever it is that
you're cooking in it he needs to stay for 10 minutes cover so we're gonna put
this white paper usually in Spain to use a newspaper but now with the paella in
nineteen we don't want to take any chances and using paper that I've been
to not work so we're going to use this are we unveiling now now it's been 10
minutes 15 minutes and veil oh there you have it people to the best
of my abilities I'm not a cooker by by trade or anything like that and my thing
is mostly barbecues but there you have it you feel on cooking it because you
don't want to do it you know you follow an instruction is really easy and take
advantage now of the situation that the whole world is living it doesn't matter
where you're watching from which continent or which country this is what
it's all about a good meal family the kids if you have their grandparents at
home we we have to put things into perspective right now money and all
these material things they can be replaced or if you lose them you can
have them again but family life you cannot replace that so let's go back to
the basics and forget about the technology forget about the cell phone
forget about the internet cook in family if you have the backyard now in these
parts of the world the spring is coming summer is coming you don't have to go
outside just to do the shopping you come in the backyard you do barbecue you do
whatever it is you want to do but enjoy life life is beautiful people okay let's
go oh goodness me is this good or what yeah that's what a wife oh it's so much
more than I expected this is foreign army people for another like 10 people
and so people this let me see
the order of Spain right here my neck that's what I need this is up there and
you can feel the smokiness at the end when I come at the lead you know that to
give it that a little smoke flavor it really made a difference you can
actually taste it he makes a difference Daniel knows huh yeah this is a
fantastic on the Spaniards they have a name for this part of the
rise that is at the bottom of the of the pan and it gets a little bit burnt and I
don't remember the name how they call it but I already asked in the Spanish
Channel how do you call that right when he gets burned and everybody's fighting
he's good or what yeah what do you think my wife is sitting over there with us
she doesn't like to be in camera a lot but she's said enjoying it was also very
curious what what is this no this is not acceptable
after all you know all this cooking of the effort he did it this is the vintage
2006 yeah it's been it's been breathing for hours now I'll take some too
oh oh isn't it good salut mmm so Samuel wait under make the cameraman elites
lost indeed he does look how colorful this is I know so many different cuts of
meat I think that's my favorite part in a different seafood chicken sausage this
is the first time we've done this yeah it's as good as what we had in
Valencia so I mean I'm not I'm not gonna brag but you know what we put a lot of
effort into this it's delicious I wish we could share some with you right now
so I'm gonna say okay so we wanted to show you what is left of the Panda it's
a lot I eat three portions like giant please it was it was very deep yeah 75
percent it has not been touched yeah what made this especially good
compared to normal paella is that you would have in a restaurant is that we didn't
skimp out on any of the ingredients a lot of times the best ingredients are
for show on the very top but this was so rich and
so many different ingredients that we actually like some of the best stuff was
at the bottom of the race yeah yeah chicken sausage seafood it was it was
very very good yeah yeah thank you we have you here for what the next is
kind of the best of the land and see this amount
okay this is a paella for ten people I'm eating well yeah because we really
stuffed ourselves yeah and we only did one third yeah between four people so
and then okay the overall finished product what did
you think about it it's wonderful I mean it's an impressive dish the presentation
when you have all the see if we don't talk the different colors the shells
like it's something if you're having guests over and you want to wow them
yeah it's a communal meal which is great because you can put it right at the
center of a table and you have a serving spoon and nobody feels shy because
there's there's there's more than enough for everyone there's in fact there's
gonna be more leftovers than what we even consumed on the first go eat to
your heart's content it's a good what do you think someone yeah I like the
combination of the meat and seafood mmm yeah I kind of hit both of those notes
and then the other thing too is when you cook rice in a really nice talk like
that it absorbs all the flavors it's like it's a hundred times better than a
normal rice especially with all the spices we add there we added a little so
many different ingredients and then the crispy rice at the bottom was very good
yeah we all ate good good I mean extremely I mean up to here yeah and
look at it one third of the of the dish and the rest is still there whenever you
have a get-together not right now because of the quarantine but after all
this is over and we go back to normal lives if you have a get-together and you
have people over and you have a big gathering get one of these paella dishes
and you make yourself a paella with a hundred bucks you can feed ten to twelve
people and you will be like a mean king well well guys here you've got the trio
the Webber dog whimpering dog it wants to play this
is what his regular time for his walk yeah mark time he's got an internal
clock unlike any any of us but that was the meal of the day we hope you guys
enjoyed seeing that Spanish spider cooked up here in Canada by my dad thank
you once again it was delicious and we have left oh yeah the one point that I'm
gonna say is that like it was literally our first time to try it and especially
to improvise a bit and it turned out great
if you're on the fence for trying something new just go for it you never
know what's gonna happen like that was amazing like we just couldn't help
ourselves we were having seconds thirds I mean I probably would have had a
fourth but I would have blown up tomorrow which has had a cheesecake with
coffee all in all it's been a beautiful day and okay we are under a kind of a
quarantine but as long as the supermarket is open and the wine store
is open we're gonna keep on cooking and enjoying the backyard and family time
yeah and we urge you to do the same yeah yeah this is kind of making the most of
a tough situation and honestly today was as fun as as any any any day on a
weekend there's just no point on crying over spilled milk this is what we have
to deal with we have to face it and let's make the best out of it join the
family stay home stay safe yes healthy and we'll see you soon with more videos
yeah thanks for watching guys
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Cooking SPANISH MIXED PAELLA with Chicken, Seafood and Chorizo! ? | Delicious SPANISH FOOD at HOME

189 Folder Collection
Summer published on April 24, 2020
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