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the weirdest thing a fan has ever done.
I was in a dress like a big victory like, Can I take you off the o Everybody welcome to took your creative play I'm your first Emma And today I'm here with the magic miracle Teoh for having me Surveil is an entertainer Japanese and detainer dancing, music singing You're very talented, but also she has a YouTube channel And if you want to check it out, here is a link in the description.
Today I have two smaller If you guys haven't seen hot destroyed before.
I give you the rules, regulations and a little bit of an explanation.
We have some questions here that a little bit difficult to answer might be a little bit personal, so you can either answer the questions.
Oh, I feel like this.
I can't.
It's too much.
Then you gotta eat some interesting food.
Interesting, because every it's delicious.
It's too delicious things, but you go to eat them together and I might make a little bit nasty.
Okay, I'm introduced to you.
It's a little tasty goods festival.
We have so nice.
A little bit of a savory Oh, my God, I get it.
Oh, Jesus.
Fooling everyone.
It's a cream brocade.
So it's like a tasty, savory, saucy sandwich.
Okay, so, uh, I'm just gonna leave it up to you.
And it will be cheering from the sidelines, So good luck.
I should I didn't What is the worst outfit cost you that you ever been styled?
In one time, I waas became a multi.
That was my my idea.
So I'm not gonna blame I don't wanna blame my stylist.
And I got a lot of like, not hate Commons, but kind off like, Why are you a monkey?
And then that was my debut single.
Yeah, I guess that was kind of the worst that I've ever been.
Why you want them to be money?
I was making this musical.
The monkeys were one of the characters.
Next question.
Who was the last person you text?
I feel like completely honest, right?
I feel like you can kind of tell by my reaction.
E o Does it look right?
Did like this loosening delicious like this.
Oh, not good.
Come on.
My show.
Because, like us do.
No, no, no.
This doesn't know.
Can you tell I'm sweating, so I'm so weird.
It's just so weird.
Still somebody stop next.
If you have the chance to live in the US right at this moment, would you want to leave?
I would love to live in the U.
That would be so amazing.
But the thing is, I have charged me and then I have a dog.
I don't want to leave Japan, at least for the next five year saving.
I would love to take my cats and dogs with me, but that would be so difficult.
So what was the last three pictures taken on phone?
These are very private pictures.
These pictures I'm gonna pinch to zoo so that you can see my together to There are monkeys.
Next in 30 seconds.
Can you show us six ways to be Japanese?
Okay, uh, and that was Japanese companies.
Doesn't I make videos six ways to walk or subways Teoh dig pictures and things like that, and I that's like my fame.
And I thought that I could do this really well, but oh, it was really something.
So so Hey, else.
Oh, okay.
First you were left.
Why's the weirdest thing a fan has ever done.
One time I was in a dress like a big victor.
Like, can I take you off the O?
I took a picture.
I notice what is one Japanese food you would not recommend to others?
That's one Japanese.
But I would not recommend just because I don't like it.
But that smell that comes out if you're Knowsley when you breathe after you eat it, that's still I can't.
You survived.
I survived a little bit of cocaine's, Including in Yes, I think you did pretty well, Thank you.
Yeah, it was It was nervous.
Yeah, all the time.
I never get asked like these kind of questions.
Yeah, Yeah, it was fun.
Thank you.
Thank you for being honest with us and doing your best.
It was really good.
And if you guys wanna check out bill on YouTube, Lincoln being the description Denver lower.
And you can also go and check out.
You do a lot of the six ways to do.
Yeah, s.
So if you want to see you do it really well, check that out.
Also after this, we all filming one more video.
So stay tuned for that society.
Thank you so much for watching.
Thanks for coming on the shirt and we'll see here in the next video radio.
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Japanese Performer Reveals the TRUTH about Working in Japan [ft. Miracle Vell Magic]

27 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on April 24, 2020
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