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  • I'd like to talk about the Cockney accent

  • This is the traditional accent of working class Londoners

  • and many Cockney speakers have now moved out of the capital to places

  • like Essex

  • and Kent

  • but you'll still hear this accent

  • from many black cab drivers in London

  • One of my students recently showed me a clip

  • from the television show "Eastenders"

  • This is a soap based in the East End of London

  • and many of the characters speak with this Cockney accent.

  • I'm going to show you a clip

  • see if you can understand it

  • [clip]

  • Did you understand? I'll play it again.

  • [clip]

  • I'll play it again twice, but in slow-motion:

  • [clip]

  • If you want to listen again, then go back

  • because I'm now going to give you the answer:

  • what she is saying is:

  • shout all you like, you ain't gonna see her

  • or a more formal translation would be

  • "you can shout as much as you want, but you are not going to see her!”

  • Let's look at how this breaks down:

  • First the wordshout

  • In my accent the vowel is a diphthong

  • but in her accent it's a monophthong

  • and then she finishes the word

  • with a glottal stop

  • it's not a “t” sound

  • shout

  • Notice that the wordyoubecomes "ya"

  • and the vowel in the word "like"

  • starts from a much further back place compared to in my accent

  • all you like

  • In the second part with haveain't”

  • which is an informal way of saying "are not"

  • we havegonna

  • which is a contraction of "going to"

  • and we have the wordherpronounced

  • without the "h" and without the ”r”

  • you ain't gonna see her

  • Let's listen again to the whole clip.

  • shout all you like, you ain't gonna see her

  • Hopefully you can now understand what she's saying.

  • Have you ever had trouble understanding a Cockney accent?

  • Comment below and let me know!

  • Kat Slater!

I'd like to talk about the Cockney accent

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