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well good morning everyone today we're going to be taking you on a
little tour of cholila originally the plan had been to attend the National
barbecue festival but as you'll soon see that didn't quite go to plan after
driving an hour to Cholila we got a little surprise we arrived on the wrong
day but as they say all's well that ends well this sea of misadventures turned
out to be a lot of fun and we somehow ended up visiting butch Cassidy's ranch
instead so let's hop right into things we have arrived in Cholila but there's a
little problem the asado is not today it starts tomorrow at 12 noon the party
today doesn't start til 5:00 p.m. and we are here super early we got some wrong
info so there's gonna be no asado today no barbecue but we drove all the way out
here so we're like there's a party tonight but we've got a few hours before
that party so trouble mishap misadventures in Cholila we're gonna
have lunch at la cocina de lily because it's the only place we could find that
was open
what to do what to do the only thing we could think of was to grab a bite of
lunch stress-eating perhaps
we're at a restaurant yes we're gonna eat we're gonna make the most of the
date we're gonna get and then we're gonna check out Butch Cassidy's old house (ranch) yeah how
it's gonna be an interesting day and then I think around 5:00 p.m. there's
gonna be maybe an opening party and tomorrow is the big event tomorrow is
through big Gaucho asado we're gonna rearrange our plans so we can do this I
guess we don't care if we if we don't get a refund for our bus ticket if we
pay for one extra night in a town we don't actually go to where the bar gonna
do it because how could you miss yeah you can't since we had already driven an
hour to Cholila we wanted to make the most of the day so that's how we ended
up in front of butch Cassidy's ranch in the outskirts of town
no it's down there maybe we go in through here Sam I can't wait to see
your approach to this
alright guys we're going to visit butch Cassidy's cabin in Patagonia we just left the car at
the gate there's no one here really it's just us and a bunch of horses we are
here we're going in it's actually three cabins three wood constructions kind of
in a state of abandonment but let's go in the boys have already opened the gate
so let's follow them go snoop around
Wow amazing the roof is in pretty good shape
this is probably the living room kitchen
it says meet the see on this was the bedroom
for those of you who aren't too familiar with the name Butch Cassidy was an
infamous train and bank robber in the days of the Far West in 1901 he fled the
United States with his two friends the Sundance Kid and the kids girlfriend at
a place who were wanted thieves and fugitives they all arrived in Buenos Aires
aboard an English ship and they then continued down to Patagonia where they
eventually settled in a four-room log cabin in the outskirts of Cholila today
the ruins of their homestead still stand about ten kilometers outside of town and
it is open to visitors though you'll likely find you're the only one there
and inside this third wooden building straw lots and lots and straw maybe to
feed the horses on the land
wanted dead or alive $35,000 or pesos what are you worth dollars pesos and
Dulles dollar bill yeah
aside from visiting butch Cassidy's ranch we also start by the museum bar
which is located on the side of the highway just before you reach town here
you can learn a bit more about Butch Cassidy and even take photos with the
wanted posters we got to meet the woman who runs this place so I'll let her tell
you more about it (In Spanish)
after visiting the ranch we drove back to town where the party was slowly
getting started it is about 5:30 yes the music so we're should have started it's
gonna be starting soon I think but what has started is there are a few food
trucks that are open maybe in the tirely and the time I think we're gonna get
crepes I'm okay with that we can do food instead of music and dancing yeah let's
see yum yum yum alright guys so I've got my snack here this is basically a dulce
de leche crepe if I open up the hood you can see there's a copious amount of
dulce de leche and what else oh so cool she kept asking do you want this do you
want that so she put some nuts on top as well
sliced banana and sliced strawberry decadence a lot of good stuff going on I
can't wait to try it oh and the price was between 3 to 4 US dollars basically
okay enjoy making out with the Crepe oh they're
wonderful the dulce de leche and you have the crunch of the nuts and then you
also have the juiciness of the fruit all those different ingredients combining
together this makes for the perfect merienda here at the event so Audrey is
chowing down on hers what did you get for a new toll on banana yeah a bit of a
Southeast Asian or throwback there yeah yeah very good
you have savory ones as well you can get with chicken grilled vegetables if
you're more into that but this is our afternoon snack we need something a
little sweet our merienda yeah just waiting for the music to start now
we stayed a while listening to some folklore music and watching the
traditional dances but by the time we left the barbecue still wasn't ready so
don't worry we made the executive decision to come
back again the following day so we'll see you in the next video where we
finally get to experience the biggest barbecue festival in all of Argentina
so stay tuned for that see you later
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BUTCH CASSIDY made it to Patagonia?! | Visiting Butch Cassidy's Ranch in Cholila, Argentina

21 Folder Collection
Summer published on April 24, 2020
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