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HEY GUYS! I'm Loretta and welcome to my channel!
Notice I've been uploading more recently?
A big reason for that is
is that last Thursday, thanks to all of your support
and those who participated in my research last year
my graduate school thesis is now officially
I'm bursting with ideas, video ideas, things I want to try out for you
to help you guys save a little money, save a little time
but before we got into that I thought we could start
with a brief, New Years Party!
Today we're going to look at a react to:
Japanese language learning memes and language learning memes in general.
Let's do it!
We're going to have a bit of party drink~!
This is Fanta yogurt banana flavor w/ extra Vitamin B6
because that's what we drink at a party!!
I also have some seasonal, new Hi-chew!
It's called "Precious Strawberry" flavor
It's got red and white strawberry.
I've got my favorite, persmission flavored Hi-Chew in case those are terrible.
So, let's look at some memes!
"Any meme from @memesugoi "
@memesugoi ? I hope this isn't rachet...
Let me check what this is...
@memesugoi is definitely not safe for work!
Anyway! So the point is!
Learning languages is valuable.
It helps you get things like jobs, and money to pay your bills
but it's also a pain in the butt!
So, while I know a bunch of us are trying to get our game up this year
I thought, let's just have fun with it!
We'll get more into that later. Back to the memes!
What quote is this from Toy Story???
Ok, that meme has nothing to do with "everywhere".
Next, does this count?
It's like an anime girl drowning in Kanji...
kanJi KaNJi KaNjI KanJi...
Yeah pretty much! The good news is,
when I first learned Japanese 15 years ago
people were still handwriting notes and new years cards
if you wanted to learn Kanji you used one of these!
But recently you have your phone, your cellphone
and a lot of the words you need are katakana now.
For example, the only word for "health" or "healthy" when I started
Because of the vitamins and nutrients booms in Japan
words like "herushii" (healthy) are big.
In the recent video I posted with the sumo wrestler
you can even hear him saying it!
"...so it's more HEALTHY than what we ate as sumo wrestlers!"
It's healthy, "herushii"...instead of "kenkouteki".
He may have said that just because he was talking to me obviously
but people are starting to use more westernized words
especially in commercials, branding, and buzz words
you can get away with not knowing as much Japanese as you needed to
and it's pissing me off!
Because when I learned Japanese, it was kanji kanji kanji kanji
It's not as bad as it used to be (B: "Speak for yourself!")
What would actually make this meme better is if it said furigana!
If there's furigana, the little readings on top,
9 time out of 10 you won't even see the kanji
your eyes are just naturally going to see the furigana on top!
Ohhh... it smells so banana-y!
Let's do a taste test real quick...
Ooo, no actually this is kind of good!
This tastes like Inca Cola!!
"I'm going to sample...."
Yeah, Inca Cola with a hint of banana!
I like it. It's good!
ketsuron ni itaru made no imeji (the thought process before coming to a conclusion),
Chinese: so you start saying something,
but then you double back on what you said
Americans: Of course...but.... BOOM!
I appreciate what you had to say,
however, you're wrong!
The actual Japanese... is that right?
JAPAN! Is this even right??
I get what they're trying to say with this squiggle
but if I were to give a more real example,
Let's say you're at the office,
so you tell your boss a new idea you have.
They'll poke holes in it, and you affirm what they say
and so you make some changes but at the end of the day
you tweak your idea based on their input, and eventually
end up doing the same thing anyway.
I get the meme but the Japanese looks wrong?
Me..... wrong particle?
Am I just like really slow on these memes?
Like you just can't help it? Like "No, don't drink it!'
but you do anyway???
Yeah, cats can't resist milk!
Ohhhh, so like, we can't resist using the wrong particle?
("Just like a cat can't resist drinking milk")
Yeah, that happens a lot.
You say something completely wrong, then you can hear it like, echo...
Oh that was so wrong!
Pretty much @Dogen 's entire timeline
this is a mood!
Dogen's really been on top of his game recently
I feel like he found a good way to utilize his Japanese ability
and still keep it funny without just showing off.
NEXT!It's what I deserve after watching too much Terrace house...
"yabai yo ne" vs. "forming an actual coherent Japanese sentence"
Terrace House is definitely kind of pioneering the young scene
bring real, fresh Japanese to people outside of Japan
E? Yabai! Doshiyo... Eeeee
It's becoming so apparent to me
when I speak to my bosses or sit in meetings
yes, I can speak formally or try to regurgitate Keigo
but at the end of the day, the words that I actually know
[speaks hyper casually]
This is a business place... you don't talk like that!
I wish there was Terrace House all in business Japanese.
Seen this prior to taking my last JLPT!
This is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
"Have you studied?" "Nope, not one bit. "Well, say goodbye to $55!"
Show of hands guys!
How many of you actually studied for the JLPT
in a planned out, organized way?
You set a goal, worked backwards and made a plan for everyday
How many of you actually did that and followed through?
[ *stares the your screen into your soul* ]
Yeah, I didn't think so!!
There's probably just one of you guys back there.
We all think the JLPT will be this great motivator and it's just depressing!
It's that time of year too! Who's signing up again?
Next meme!
Sashimi Rollin... They hatin'...
I love it!
When you speak two languages and start losing vocabulary in both of them...
I definitely appreciate this one!
This did start to happen to me!
My English is gotten pretty clunky.
It's getting better actually now that Boomer moved here
This is so true! "BYE-lingual!"
I really respect people who are truly bilingual
I did my first variety show last year
I got to co-host the show, but it might actually be live this week?
There was this girl who was half American/Japanese
she does an Kids English program on NHK
and she was the definition of actually bilingual!
This girl, from a young age, was proficient
and had no problem code-switching
but also completely switching between languages
The amount of RAM or memory
that she has to have going in her brain all the time
the mechanism that switches between both languages is well oiled!
Like omg! I'm a little jealous!
That's OK, I'll just have amazing babies who can do amazing things!
So these are counters!
You can count using different suffixes
I like "-ko" ikko, niko sanko
You're supposed to use certain counters for certain objects
but it's just easier to use the general counter "tsu".
It can be hard sometimes!
You order all you can eat shabu-shabu steak
and they ask you to count how many orders to bring out at a time
But to be fair, we do this in English too!
With bread we have loaves and slices
With chickens we have wings and drumsticks...
We do the same thing!
Hehe! Speaking another language: MmmMm!
Learning another language: -__-
The idea of being able to speak another language
can be so much more glamorous than the work it takes.
"Omg are you kidding me!? There's another word?!"
"I'm still not fluent?!"
That's how I feel everyday at work!
But it's worth it! It's fun!
I made this yesterday: JOUZU
*wheezy wheezeeee*
Did you really make this?!
This is hilarious!
Ohhh, that's too funny!
I feel like the better you get a Japanese
it's like the forbidden fruit!
You just start seeing how much more you don't know
like, "I thought I was good at this, I just learned how to doggie paddle
and now this endless ocean of languages is coming to eat me alive?!
Yeah, it definitely feels that way
the thing that also trips me up recently is that
Japanese people don't correct you as often
and even more so,
they don't speak real Japanese in front of you
if they assume you're not at that level.
Everytime I get a little bit better,
I still find myself in situations where I still have NO idea what's being said
but everyone's laughing...sO I'm lAuGhING tOo!?
I still have NO idea what's being said?!
When they know that you're listen and trying to keep up
you'll see people bring their Japanese level down
to something that's a big more digestible for you
but then when they talk to their friends its like
whA---?! What are they EVEN SAYING?!
I find it's actually hard to get better in Japanese
because real Japanese is being withheld.
They only speak advanced Japanese in front of you
if you speak advanced Japanese.
So it's like this weird Catch 22
where you have to get in the door before they even let you in.
This JOUZU/Jaws thing makes me think of that.
No matter how JOUZU you get
you're still gonna get eaten alive.
Oh god... NEXT!
(You think you're smart cuz you know Katakana?!)
Specifically working in business and in apps
and things like that,
so many words are just English words with a Japanese accent
It's like REALLY?! How much of that was Japanese?!
But if you don't say it with Japanese pronunciation
no one will know what you're saying. Be careful of that.
I wan't to try this.... KOUHAKU?
KOUHAKU (red and white) sounds like KOKUHAKU (confession)!
It tastes like a strawberry chupchup!
I'm going to have these persimmon ones later they're my favorite!
Suppaichu, the crunchy sour lemon ones are #1
and then it's kind of a toss up between the watermelon and persimmon ones!
You guys sent in some REALLY good memes!
I'm especially impressed by the JOUZU/Jaws one!
I can't believe I'm saying this but thank you for the memes!
They were actually really funny!
It is a new year
and a lot of you are getting restarted on your language learning journey.
Just don't forget to have fun!
If you're not having fun, you're not going to follow through with it
if it's frustrating or you're feeling stuck
just take a break, watch an anime, watch a drama
turn your audio on Netflix into Japanese
just do something light so you don't get too frustrated!
Really quick guys, let's talk goals!
In terms of YouTube specifically,
based on the way you guys are responding to my videos
I realized that what I want to focus on this year
is not just how cool a video looks or funky editing
I want to focus on really good content.
I mean ACTUALLY good content.
I've set two goals for myself
I am not going to put out a video
unless it either teaches something or entertains.
It has to be one or the other.
Because anything else is just me showing off
or trying to make myself feel good.
I have fun making videos. I have fun editing.
But for you guys,
It's not useful if it's not....useful!
I want these videos to be exactly what I wish I had seen when I was in college.
Real life tips, textbooks, resources
apps, learning Japanese, what to do in Japan
how to move there, how to pay taxes or student loans
I feel like I've been regurgitating the same advice for a decade now
The resources that I used are not necessarily the best anymore
there's better stuff!
I'm in a place where I can actually do something
and this year I want to help you guys save a little money
I want to help you save time, mental effort
actual useful tips, and when I'm not doing that,
just entertain and have fun!
Language is only as fun as you make it
so have some fun with it and I'll see you in the comments!
Thanks so much for watching today!
and... oh yeah!
and once again,
Happy New Year, Everyone! Let's make it a great one :) !
(special thanks to .irg on YouTube for the special track " fell apart " )
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45 Folder Collection
Summer published on April 24, 2020
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