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  • hi there it's Jennifer from Tarle speech our words today are isolate and

  • isolation so let's go ahead and give these words a try all right

  • so you know if you've seen a lot of my videos I'm all about just being clear

  • you don't necessarily have to be perfect you just have to be clear so I have a

  • tip for the first word you actually have two options you can say I so late like

  • the words isolate or you can say I a late we're gonna use that schwa sound

  • right there but you can think about it as the article so again we have options

  • I so late or ice a late I personally say isolate isolate isolate so you can see

  • this is the one I say and this ah think about that as your schwa sound

  • now isolation this confuses people and the reason is is because your word

  • stress is going to move to the almost to the end of the word right before that

  • tion so to save this one correctly I'm going to say I saw lay like you're going

  • to you know lie on your bed lay on the bed Lay shun ice a Lay shun so let's

  • give those both a try isolate isolate isolate isolate isolate isolate

  • isolation isolation isolation isolate isolate isolation and now for a sentence

  • self isolation is key to isolate transmission of the virus so give it a

  • try people are going to notice the difference if you found this helpful we

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  • video tomorrow and every Tuesday and Friday please leave us a comment to let

  • us know how you are doing and I see you all tomorrow thanks everyone

hi there it's Jennifer from Tarle speech our words today are isolate and

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