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  • we're doing that next merchant.

  • So this was regular.

  • Just a sweatsuit is just a sweatsuit until it's not just a wife Food.

  • You can rock it too, right?

  • You gotta push the your pocket.

  • Just listen.

  • I might be over doing it, but I'll put a link in the description below.

  • Check it.

  • You see that also, you should try to capture the strength of my calf.

  • Do you see how starting capital thats the sock?

  • Indistinct can protrusion is the light right?

  • Do we need to get the right life for the kind of calf For Trajan?

  • Let's part the women are most attractive.

  • If I see you back then out of it like so that was my cast is like cash.

  • My credit card didn't go the oh, my team is over doing it a little bit disappointed emerged droppers Just click the merger.

  • But I had a day off.

  • People decided I didn't.

  • Our that's where we shot the first season of Fresh Prince was a sunset Gower were not far careful with that.

  • You can hurt somebody with good.

  • You want to hurt me, but damn flu anticipate?

  • I use my thumbs, though as a part of the whole Look, I don't know what I don't want.

  • What is that?

  • Where you put your thumbs is a big part of the look.

  • Well, don't shake it up.

  • Shake it off.

  • And it's like that first contact that first eye contact is how you sell your power.

  • You know, I'm not a model, but I got I know, you know, saying, you know, you know, Daniel's a working model in tomatoes, like peace setting is light off.

  • There's acting components to model, definitely acting just back up.

  • So the face is important.

  • I know I could I could have you.

  • That's what you think.

  • I know I could have you.

  • But if you just think that's some placement, so watch.

  • And maybe even my name will weigh.

  • Now you got I mean, I know you got your thing.

  • If you add a dumpling, Okay.

  • Very, very variances.

  • Everything.

  • That's all.

  • You're gonna be able to think about what you think it tell me, Baby Grant.

  • When school first started the first week, I was still on a temporary schedule and they were making jokes with him, and I was also laughing alone.

  • I wanted to apologize to my but I wanted toe give him something in apology.

  • So then you talk to Antoine about this, and one said I want and I want to help, Right?

  • Okay.

  • And how do you all know each other way?

  • Play football?

  • So yellow popular.

  • So, Michael, all of a sudden, these two guys that you don't know walk up and decide to give you brand new clothes.

  • How did that feel?

  • It was the best day of my life because I was a bully.

  • Yeah, I respond.

  • A lot of celebrities looked at this.

  • Will Smith, come on out.

  • I saw the video Andy and Jane over sitting around was like, There is no way that I'm letting this pass without making contact with these kids.

  • What you did felt small to you, but I promise you, that is exactly how human beings are supposed to in Iraq.

  • I just want you out of here.

  • I got a little some stuff out here.

  • Way thing is an act of kindness that I just don't want to soon be forgot.

  • Right?

  • So everybody at New Balance has agreed that we're going to get gear for everybody in your school.

  • All 600 and no one had a relationship for a long time with Shutterfly.

  • Shutterfly loves what you did.

  • So each of you is getting a check for $10,000 thing.

  • Ah, Sharpie Marker or something?

  • Yeah, really hard.

  • When you look at that kid, there's like not a negative bones, his whole body and that that is the kind of kid that bull people think.

  • Yeah, and it's like and then the football players with life, love that.

  • I love that.

we're doing that next merchant.

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