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  • Hi I'm Antonio Carluccio and you're in my house in London and I am going to show you

  • how to make an alternative pizza, a fried one. Fried pizza, I know everybody knows the

  • baked pizza but this is quite something. It's quick and nice. So let's start by making the

  • dough. Generally in cooking I am quite adlib but in certain things, like making dough and

  • pastry and so on, you need to sort of almost precise things. So here I have 250g of flour,

  • I put it in the bowl, then a pinch of salt. We need 10g of yeast, which I regenerate with

  • water, and that's enough. I add it to the flour and now you mix it, flour together with

  • the water to obtain dough which has to raise. This is the dough you can see. So we add a

  • little bit more flour to make a lovely ball to raise. You just take a little bit of flour,

  • you do it like this and you make a lovely ball like this that you put there and you

  • cover with a cloth and you put it in a warm place to raise for one hour. So we have the

  • time now to do the sauce. And we start with garlic, sort of squash like this, yes! And

  • put in a pan here with olive oil, the garlic which I wait to fry a little bit, let's stir

  • a little bit of this one here round. Now we reduce the flame because otherwise it phuuuu

  • and we put the chopped tomatoes in it. Sounds to my ears! Wonderful. And to this we add

  • some salt and a little bit of basil. This is a real Neapolitan sauce because if you,

  • on the side you cook a little bit of spaghetti and you put this one, it's just enough. It's

  • wonderful. So the sauce is now almost perfect. Doesn't need to cook too long, I like the

  • freshness of tomatoes somehow. So I put it now on the side because now we are going to

  • take the raised dough to make the pizza. So now, first of all I have to put the oil in

  • the pan because it has to be quite hot. And it is olive oil mixed with a bit of seed oil;

  • this is sunflower oil I believe. So to have enough temperature but not burning, the good

  • olive oil that's what we need. And I take a little bit of flour, flour, flour, flour.

  • so then the cut a little bit of the dough here. You cut half of it, take a little bit

  • of this, wonderful. So you punch it and you take away a bit of the air because with the

  • heat will grow again. The dough is lovely, elastic and that's what it be. So we don't

  • want holes in the pizza. Quickly repaired. Yeah, that it is. And so now, yeah.

  • So to check if the oil is hot you put just a little bit of dough there and you see it

  • started, yes, to fry so it's good. Now we put this into the oil and away from you because

  • if you put it towards you it may splash and you may burn yourself. The sauce is bubbling

  • away here very nicely. So now the pizza is building a crust on one side and I'm waiting

  • because I want to turn it on the other side. But in this case, look this one, so we put

  • it this side now we make it even browner on the other side and then it's crispy and nice.

  • It's just a wonderful thing. Cooking for somebody else and sharing with somebody else is an

  • act of love. This I learnt it for a long, long time. Yes that's done practically. You

  • see how wonderful and crispy? We put a little bit of the sauce.

  • Fantastico. And now the

  • pièce desistance, mozzarella. Which I put it here. You can put any; parmesan or

  • whatever. Basil, fresh basil. And this is Antonio's pizza with fresh mozzarella. I like

  • this one quite a lot.

Hi I'm Antonio Carluccio and you're in my house in London and I am going to show you

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Amazing Fried Pizza | Antonio Carluccio

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