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  • As a fat person

  • I get a lot of abuse.

  • From example, from people in cars.

  • People is just a nice word for men.

  • It's not to be all like #allmenaretrash,

  • it's just that it's never women shouting from cars.

  • It's just never "I like your fringe!"

  • Or, "Where did you get those glasses? They really suit your face!"

  • It's like they have this idea that

  • fat people are so desperate to get laid

  • that anytime a van blasting loud music through open windows passes,

  • we're just like, "Oh my god...

  • maybe that's the one."

  • Here's a public service announcement on behalf of all fat people.

  • We don't wanna (boing) you either.

  • Most of us actually have some err... (fog horn noise) at home.

  • At the moment it seems as if body positivity is the new thing.

  • It's all over Instagram.

  • Thin to maybe chubby

  • white feminine cis women showing that actually, if they try real hard,

  • they can look a bit fat too.

  • Don't get me wrong, society has made it very clear that no-one

  • fat or thin should be happy with their bodies.

  • We're all struggling.

  • But the people who are the most oppressed in society

  • like actually fat people, black people and people of colour,

  • queer people, trans people, Muslims, people with disabilities

  • are not at all represented in the body positivity movement.

  • So here is what has happened,

  • and strap in because this is excellent information.

  • In 1967 as a lot of social movements called for justice,

  • a "Fat-In" was staged at Central Park in New York.

  • 500 fat people gathered to eat ice cream and burn diet books,

  • which, FYI, I will now be doing every Sunday in Hyde Park - join me.

  • NAAFA, the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance

  • was founded in America in 1969 by Bill Fabrey,

  • in response to discrimination against his wife.

  • #relationshipgoals The next time someone is rude to you,

  • if your partner doesn't start a social movement...

  • #leavehim #boybye

  • In 1973, two people called Judy Freespirit and Aldebaran wrote:

  • the Fat Liberation Manifesto

  • which called for fat people to have equal rights.

  • Declared that the diet industry was the enemy and stated that they were

  • fully entitled to human respect and recognition.

  • There were a lot of points in the manifesto

  • and none of them were

  • love your curves or #yourbodyisbeautiful.

  • Because it doesn't matter how much I love my curves,

  • I will still be discriminated against on a daily basis

  • and have a harder time buying clothes

  • anywhere that doesn't have flowers on it.

  • And I will still have men shout at me from cars.

  • Fat has been made into body, to make it more palatable.

  • And liberation has been made into positivity,

  • to remove all accountability from the perpetrators.

  • Body positivity is just another way of asking women to smile.

  • Thankfully, women love being asked to smile.

  • Oh no wait, no wait umm...

  • women love having autonomy over their own bodies.

  • I always get those two confused.

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As a fat person

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The Funny Thing About... being fat | Episode 2 | Sofie Hagen | BBC Ideas

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    Summer posted on 2020/04/23
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