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Two men are at Lisa's old house. 2
They are ready to move some boxes to Lisa's new apartment. 3
Hi, we are from the Green Company. 4
Are you Lisa? 5
Yes, I'm Lisa. Nice to meet you. 6
How many boxes are there in your house? 7
There are twelve boxes. 8
Okay. Let's double-check your new address. 9
Then we will take your stuff in our truck. 10
Wonderful. 11
Let's get our hands dirty. 12
OK. 13
Nick is an old farmer. 14
He can't pick and collect mangoes by himself anymore. 15
But his granddaughters are coming to help him. 16
Grandpa, we are here. 17
Grandpa, how's everything? 18
Recently, I haven't gone to the farm because my arms are very sore. 19
Haven't you seen a doctor? 20
Not yet. 21
In fact, I'm worried about my farm 22
because the mangoes are in season now. 23
Don't worry. Show us the way to the mangoes. 24
Alright. Follow me. 25
Here we are. 26
OK, Nancy. Let's get our hands dirty. 27
You got it. 28
“Let's get our hands dirty” 29
means to get involved in the activity.
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Nani B2 L4 Idioms and Expressions

195 Folder Collection
Ian Wang published on April 23, 2020
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