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  • Hi, this is Amy, and I'm here with Michelle into Tell me a little bit about your projects.

  • 50 found Applejack.

  • We decided to do a virtual reality game called Cat Collector, using the platform Unity.

  • And over here on this screen, we kind of have how the user would experience it.

  • So when a player actually plays are game, they would need the Oculus Rift hardware.

  • So they put on their headset and they've talked to controllers on over here on the screen.

  • We have are actually our product files open in a software called Unity, which we did use to develop our game.

  • Unfortunately, we're not able to transport the headset or the controller because you need like to base station.

  • They're able to record your movement and three under 60 degrees like this is the next best alternative.

  • Showing you what?

  • Like a pre recorded video of me putting on the headset and looking at the terrain and so terrain.

  • There's like this nice floral background.

  • There's grass that's moveable, which is really cool.

  • And so there's a really nice guy, boss, A swell.

  • There's an ocean to your side, able to look around, which is really cool and so I can move around here, which is not really the CMAs heads experience.

  • But it's good enough, I think.

  • And so you're transported here.

  • You're the first thing you see.

  • Is this really nice guitar?

  • And then do I talk about, like, more of the functions for it?

  • So our game offers a couple of primary features, the 1st 1 being that you're kind of teleported to this very serene, peaceful island, and you find this magical guitar next to you.

  • So then the second feature is that we wrote a script so that you're actually able to interact with the guitar so you can pick it up.

  • And the next coolest feature is that we actually added courts onto the guitar so that when your controller hovers over each of the court, it plays a different musical note.

  • And our last feature is that there's like this white, you know, majestic cat lie on the very top of the hill.

  • And once you actually pick up the guitar and start playing music for a bit the catwalks, you hear the music and run down towards the user.

  • So overall return offer very relaxing experience and make it fun and exciting what this is.

  • This is remarkable.

  • Like what?

  • What languages did you need to use?

  • Because a lot of this does not look like sear, the HTML Java script covered in class.

  • So what?

  • What what, like what was a learning curve like for all of those learning Curve was definitely really Steve, because we've never had experience with the R.

  • But like for our suggestion, we should use you because it's a really popular, like GAM playing platform.

  • And so unity actually has, like, these different components are integrated into it.

  • So a big part of it was just learning what components are there, what you need to use.

  • And so there's different scripts like this.

  • There's a terrible script, is an intractable strip.

  • There's audio sound, millions of script that, like all our available, you don't really know what to dio.

  • And so, like, a big part of it was just googling around like it's part of the process.

  • Is seeing like how we make stuff move?

  • How do we attract a bit like, Why's your hand moving through the object?

  • How do we make sound?

  • And so apartment was just going through the assets stores and seeing like what scripts are available, transporting them there and then making them interchangeable into what we want.

  • This is crazy.

  • This is so This is so cool.

  • And what inspired you guys to make cat collector like, What's What's the story?

  • What's the Genesis story for?

  • Cat Collector really likes his cat suit from the idea from our power points.

  • And we also rely cats, I suppose.

  • And so during the pot, like the home stretch to finals, were all, like, really stressed.

  • So we wanted to make a really nice relaxing damn!

  • And so, like, what's better than seeing a giant cow come toward you?

  • Just plug.

  • Yeah, like in addition to her, you know, kind of the c s.

  • With the obsession with cats, we figured we also want to, like, challenge ourselves and try, like, using a new software and maybe and tap into old like the very like, immersive environment that the BR technology offers.

  • So we had a lot of fun.

  • Like learning like this new technology and playing around with this looks great guys like Wait, what's next for cat collect?

  • Their what is next is their next yeah, name Scotty, who works for the hell of environmental forestry.

  • Last was like, What's the next step like?

  • Are you gonna publish?

  • Because he wants to play it, So maybe publish it on unity so you can download the folder.

  • And like in your home, you're able to play cat collector and collect all the cats.

  • I will.

  • I will be the first to preorder.

  • It looks like so much fun.

  • Thank you so much for Shawn to this is this is like a great job.

  • Once again, I'm cause Amy and this is CS 50.

Hi, this is Amy, and I'm here with Michelle into Tell me a little bit about your projects.

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Cat Collector - CS50 Fair 2018 at Yale

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