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  • Hello, world.

  • I'm cold in here and I'm joined today by a bomb.

  • Look, you're at the sea.

  • Sturdy, fair at Yale.

  • What?

  • You are you?

  • I'm a sophomore.

  • You took CIA study this term.

  • Was this your first exposure to computer programming?

  • Yes, it was okay.

  • And what happened?

  • So the up that I developed is what I call Bones your adis, which is able to connect volunteers with organizations or charities that they care about what you give us a tour of volunteer at It's also what What is the name Addis volunteer at?

  • Was that come from?

  • Okay, so volunteer at this is literally refrained to wanting an address, which is the capital city of Ethiopia.

  • And I think this'll outside is useful in being able to connect both volunteers and organizations because there's no centralized system that allows him to do so.

  • Okay, so this has actual real world that have inspired use cases.

  • Really cool.

  • Okay, Awesome.

  • Don't you give us a tour of the sort of features of your website yet?

  • So his volunteer at eso I can be So you have a volunteer as well?

  • It's organization profiles.

  • So for example, signing in as an organization, and so it gets a volunteer.

  • And then I can see the home page where able to access a different stories, that which serves up like a new suite for volunteering experience.

  • And you can go to profile where I can update my profile picture, bone chilling experience, work experience.

  • That's what It's my email for organizations that want to contact awesome profile picture bythe and I couldn't even go to history.

  • So organizations are able to at time off how much time I work and I can see what they submitted.

  • So it stays like that day submitted as well as the time work I can go to search so I can search using organization, name, category as well as distance from where I'm located.

  • So, for example, for category by safe Hell's there's like it's a Sioux Red Cross, and then I can be able to, like, go and then see like they reopen Red Cross Society and be able to access what they have.

  • And that same thing exists within the organized engine spade.

  • But different features are able to add whatever time I worked on also be able to access won't years how much time they work and then be able to select a good set of volunteers.

  • Be able to work in that part of your registration actually involves Google maps integration.

  • Is that correct?

  • Yes.

  • So, for example, when registering, that's an organization here there's a name category description, and then there's also a Google mass seizure.

  • The reason I included this is because in Addis the streets system for locating where houses located within the street is not a sufficient.

  • So I made it easier for users to just go and then flick on where they're located, and then you show up.

  • It's automatically updates latitude and longitude, which is used for search.

  • Option settles when I say I want to work in a new organization that is 200 miles where I'm located, and it is able to calculate that and show the organization's awesome love it.

  • And then let's talk a little bit about the technology used to implement your project.

  • So what is this built on?

  • What did you use to program this website?

  • Uh, so, uh, it's a basic one is using python and flask in order to be able to integrate like the python with html pages.

  • And there's also the sequel version for data business, where there's an organization database as Wallace Volunteer Database.

  • And under those they're different features.

  • That does amount of experience, how much time the volunteer work and also the personal details, which can be updated.

  • And also there.

  • Peter, such as, um, whenever registering its sensory link off like the different features that you can use.

  • So in that I use CS 50 feature CS 50 concepts such as using Gmail and be able to connect with organizations and, of course, the Google integration, which is super cool.

  • It's the next step beyond sort of the finance scaffolding from From the Finance Be set.

  • Yeah, this is super cool and super cool That has sort of a real world inspired use case to which I think makes these projects all the better and serve a more personal endeavor.

  • Yes, and also plan to get this out of the CS 50 library and be able to implement it in Addis.

  • Because there are many small organizations that don't have an actual website, and using this, I can create their own profile and have all their contact details and volunteers can sign up for a mailing.

  • This which where the organizations can send e mails and then volunteers are updated about what is happening.

  • And that would be sort of like the next steps features for implementing in your project.

  • Yes, and something I also talked about and what's working on but couldn't be able what wasn't able to finish in this project with a chap part which directly connects volunteers with charities.

  • But that is something I'm currently working on and within the break, probably able to finish.

  • Also most sound super inspired.

  • Thank you very much for interviewing bomb like it was a pleasure.

  • Uh, this is CS 50.

Hello, world.

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Volunteer Addis - CS50 Fair 2018 at Yale

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