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  • Hi, everybody.

  • I'm Chris Martin, Principal Trumpet of the New York Philharmonic

  • and I'm here today to play for you the post horn solo from Mahler's Third Symphony.

  • A post horn is exactly what it sounds like.

  • It kind of looks like a baby French horn

  • and it was used, traditionally, by the postmen

  • to announce their arrival into town.

  • Post horns would play little fanfares.

  • Sometimes they would play folk melodies or popular tunes in that area.

  • Mahler's solo is in a movement titled "What Nature Tells Me."

  • The music comes from that tradition. It sounds very serene, placid, beautiful.

  • It opens with a distant, gentle fanfare

  • and then moves into beautiful, folk-inspired melodies.

  • For a modern trumpet player,

  • the most interesting part of the solo is to think about what instrument we play it on.

  • It can be played on post horn.

  • There are modern instruments now that sound beautiful. I've done that.

  • Often it's played on the flugelhorn for a mellow, warm sound.

  • Today, being in quarantine, I have just my C trumpet,

  • but I have a special mouthpiece that is kind of in between

  • a trumpet and a flugel mouthpiece, made by a great guy named Mark Curry.

  • It's a beautiful sound and I hope you enjoy it. Thanks very much.

  • Thank you for listening and I hope to see you soon back in Geffen Hall when the orchestra's

  • reassembled and we are all in the same room again to share music together. Stay safe. Take care.

Hi, everybody.

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