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[David] School's out but it's nowhere near summer yet.
And it's starting to look like things may stay that way for a
very long time.
In Taiwan, we're about to spend a day at school with Peggy and
her mom Lee-li to find out if what's happening there would
ever work in Canada.
[David] Here the government extended the school break and
closed schools for only 2 weeks.
Now, school's back in, and Peggy's school is taking
some extra measures to keep kids safe.
Temperatures taken.
Hands and shoes sanitized on the way inside.
Lee-li is also a teacher at Peggy's school.
[David] Students gather for an assembly.
Today, it's a 101 on germs and COVID-19.
Even an excerpt of Matt Damon from the movie "Contagion".
Nothing's perfect.
Not all the kids remember to wear their masks.
My name is Robin.
I'm from Minnesota in the USA and I'm here at Dajia as a
Fulbright English teaching assistant.
[Robin] The washing hands seems to be really crucial,
and I love how this school has announcements.
At the beginning of each class period,
the students usually don't enter the classroom until a minute in
to class because they are all busy washing their
hands outside.
[David] An added measure at Peggy's school?
This girl's name is Mabel but her official title?
"Student chief disinfectant officer".
And at lunch time?
[Robin] I love how the school sets up the yellow divider
boards to keep students a little bit separated from each other's
air space.
[David] The government provided thermometers,
disinfectants, and face masks to all schools.
Hi, David.
[David] Hello, minister.
Taiwan's Minister of Foreign Affairs is Joseph Wu.
What are the measures that you found worked well for Taiwan?
Taiwan's case may not be applicable to all other
countries, especially for those countries that are hit very
hard already.
The reason why Taiwan is more successful than other countries
is because we responded quickly.
[David] Back on December 31, Taiwan began to assess people on
flights from Wuhan for symptoms and soon after,
increased production on supplies like masks and sanitizers.
Taiwan also tracked people with a risk of infection through
cell phones to make sure they stayed home.
I feel so much safer here, especially knowing that here,
the government actually knows where all of the cases are.
[David] That kind of tracking might not be possible in Canada.
But our government wants people to stay home too,
and just ordered mandatory quarantine for all travellers,
with fines up to 750,000, even jail time.
I'm Skyping with Toronto epidemiologist Dr. Isaac Bogoch.
[David] Does he think Canada should have adopted
Taiwan's approach?
[David] But he does say there's no excuse for not having enough
tests and medical supplies.
[David] Experts say Canada's approach of physical distancing
will work if we all actually do it.
What would be the most important thing you would tell
Canada right now?
I would say that... try to educate the public.
Hand washing or personal hygiene is very important for
the public.
[David] But even in a place as prepared as Taiwan,
now a second wave.
More than 100 new cases.
Mostly from travellers.
[David] What do you hope will happen in the future?
[David] One thing we all have in common is hope to beat
this pandemic.
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How Taiwan keeps kids safe at school amid COVID-19 (Marketplace)

936 Folder Collection
Stellavt published on April 22, 2020
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