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You did it!
What the hell are you doing?
Why are you shouting like that?
I'm happy!
What's your problem?
It's all right.
There is no problem!
Are you speaking Japanese?
Well of course, I am.
Seriously, you've gotta stop.
You can't speak Japanese thanks to anime.
I can speak Japanese.
Maybe you got the first Assimil lessons but quit showing off.
Are you kidding?
Stop your bullcrap, you're annoying.
If you continue, I'll beat you up.
That's mean!
Shut up!
No way!
It's not good!
Must be a dream.
What the hell man!
Do you have any idea what I go through?
Watching anime for hours, everyday
well, there are also manga and video games.
But I'm doing my best here.
Seriously, you should also study for a change.
The worst attitude, seriously man.
Alright, so this was a shout-out to Cilvanis.
Man, if you're watching, I love your videos.
They are just funny!
By the way, I don't know how much you studied Japanese but you're pretty good at it!
And if we meet one day, let's play Smash Bros.
I'm sure it's going to a lot of fun or maybe, you're just going to destroy me.
Anyway, this little skit is my bilingual version of a very good point.
As a kid, I grew up surrounded by manga, anime video games and I feel like it's a common interest among a lot of YouTubers.
Now the big question is Is it possible to learn Japanese through anime?
First of all, from my perspective I believe there are no bad motivations...
There are only good ones!
I also hear some people say "I don't see the point of learning a language if you're not going to be fluent in it"meaning that it's stupid or even a waste of time to only learn basic expressions.
Now there are many definitions of what "being fluent" means.
Does it mean, you can professionally work with the language that you don't have a noticeable accent, that you have a certain general knowledge of the country associated with the language.
I'm asking you guys! What do you think it means?
Let me know in the comments!
I should also add that we all know some people who only speak one language but who have a very limited vocabulary
So does it mean that these people are not even fluent in the only language they speak?
That would sad, but it's a legitimate question.
Second, I believe it's still worth learning a few words and expressions.
Not only are you going to produce some brain activity which is amazing because it's been proven to develop your memory and creativity.
But also, think about it, if you're traveling then these words are going to be very useful especially if you get lost.
Trust me, been there; done that...
So to answer my first question,
Yes absolutely, it's possible to learn Japanese through anime.
In fact, it's a fun way to learn expressions and vocabulary.
As a matter of fact, I believe in that statement so much that I also watch anime with Japanese subtitles and read manga in their original version because it helps me practice.
If some have concepts and stereotypes about anime lovers.
It's also good to know that anime and mange are a big part of the Japanese culture.
So if you're mostly interested in Japan for its history and traditions it's also good to spend a little bit of time learning about manga and anime.
Now I said that the definition of "fluent" could be a bit tricky.
But let's take the one from the Cambridge dictionary for now.
"When a person is fluent they can speak a language easily, well, and quickly"
So for some people, that might still be vague but it works for me.
There is no mention of accents here.
So I believe that it's not because you have a certain accent that you're not fluent.
If you can understand most of what people say and reply without hesitation, caused by the fact that you're searching for words...
Then, you're fluent to me!
That brings me to my second question.
Can you become fluent only by watching anime?
No, of course not.
Because in order to become fluent, you need to speak.
Watching is not enough.
As a matter of fact, I have a lot of friends who went to a university in Paris called INALCO which is one of the most prestigious establishment if you want to learn an Asian language in France.
Some study Japanese for three years until they get their bachelor's degree.
But when I meet them, they're far from fluent.
Because they haven't been speaking...
So they read, they write, they're able to understand a lot but they never could overcome this fear of speaking.
So there is no secret, if you really want to speak a language, you just gonna have to do it!
You can watch anime, play video games, read manga.
For absolute beginners, I started courses in both French and Japanese, here on YouTube, you can download apps.
But if you don't speak, you're never gonna become fluent.
Alright, I hope this motivates you more than anything because Japanese is fun and totally worth it!
You're not done yet?
It's so long!
Yeah yeah, I'm done.
It's your turn now!
Don't forget to like, share and subscribe.
Thank you!
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Can You Learn Japanese with Anime?... - BigBong

19 Folder Collection
nanako.kamiya published on April 21, 2020
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