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(stove clicking)
(spray hissing)
(gentle music)
(pan crackling)
- I'm telling you guys, I literally eat this
at least three to four times a week.
I always just keep the broccoli and the brown rice
just precooked in the fridge
and then I just heat it up when I want it.
I notice that I tend to overeat the most when I am starving,
when I'm cooking and nothing's prepared.
I think it's just easier to make an unhealthy choice
when you're just already in a ravenous state.
It's nice to just have things precooked.
It's the whole point of meal prepping.
I was in the kitchen and I started to notice my bananas.
They're looking a bit brown, a bit spotty.
They need to be turned into bread.
I'm gonna be using my friend Emily's banana bread recipe
and it is absolutely delicious.
I made it a couple of days ago
when the past bananas went brown.
I'm not gonna buy this many bananas when I go to the store
because I'm not eating them
as frequently as I thought I would.
I'm gonna start off with heating my oven up first.
I'm gonna preheat it to a 350 degrees fahrenheit.
So for this recipe
I'm gonna be doing a couple of adjustments.
So instead of two bananas I'm gonna be using three,
and I have my lovely KitchenAid mixer.
It's been making baking very very pleasant for me.
So I'm gonna get these three very ripe bananas
and I'm gonna put them inside this mixing bowl.
I honestly think that ripe bananas are so cute,
it looks like a dinosaur.
Got my bananas in and then I'm gonna turn it on.
(mixer whirring)
(egg clattering)
I would love to learn how to crack an egg with one hand.
Next up, I'm gonna get 1/3 of a cup of maple syrup,
this is gonna add some extra sweetness to this.
And then we're gonna get a 1/4 of a cup of coconut oil.
Oh my gosh, that's exactly how much I needed.
That is literally so satisfying.
So I think that's all our wet ingredients now.
We can start adding the dry.
(gentle upbeat music)
So I'm gonna add my almond flour in.
(mixer whirring)
Wow, wow, wow.
So now I'm gonna get some avocado oil spray
and I'm just gonna spray the pan as best as I can.
And then you just pour the mixture in the pan.
So now we're gonna put it in the oven for 35 minutes.
The Sparkling Ice in the black cherry flavor,
it tastes exactly like Dr. Pepper,
which is my favorite soda of all time.
But this one only has five calories in it.
The whole bottle, insane.
What do they put in here to make it taste so good?
(gentle music)
The timer went off!
The bread is done!
Oh, I can't wait to meet her.
I'm so excited.
Oh, she's huge.
She's jiggling around a lot, okay.
Maybe it's because I put three bananas.
Okay, well either way let's put her back in
so we can eat her faster.
Set a timer for five minutes.
- [Watch] Okay, five minutes and counting.
- It's so beautiful.
Oh, okay, let's cut her.
Whoa, that's moist.
Oh, I'm so excited.
All right.
Ben's playing FIFA downstairs with a friend.
Wow, it's so moist.
It's almost like a bread pudding.
I'm honestly speechless.
The thing with the baking is I am really enjoying myself
but baking three to four times a week
is absolutely expanding my waistline,
so I'm gonna have to pull back
to maybe just baking once a week.
I think I got a little bit too gung-ho
with the amount of time I have.
♪ Take my hand and hold it tight ♪
♪ Look at the paintings, I'll be your guide ♪
♪ Don't stop looking in my eyes ♪
♪ Are you cold ♪
♪ Do you want to sit down ♪
♪ I've been here a million times so I know my way around ♪
♪ Don't stop looking at me now ♪
- Today is one of those days
where I just feel like curling my hair.
I wanna feel a little bit more presentable
because this has been my uniform
for the majority of the month.
And for those who are wondering where I got this sweater,
it was just a freebie that I got in the mail by Bless Box,
which is Sazan's subscription service where she.
It's kind of like Birchbox.
Where they just send out sample sizes of different products
and this sweater was one of the freebies,
and I ended up just keeping it because it's just so soft
and it washes really well.
These days when I get ready I curl my hair first
because I want the curls to drop a little bit more.
I've noticed that if I do my makeup first
and then I curl my hair my curls can look a little bit
too perfect, if you know what I mean?
I'm gonna put some makeup on today
because my friend's birthday is today, Vanan,
and she's having a Zoom party.
And she said to dress to the nines.
So I kinda wanna do a fun makeup look.
I don't wanna do anything too crazy
because I wanna let the birthday girl shine.
But I wanna experiment with my eye makeup a little bit more.
So for foundation I'm gonna go with this one Bite Beauty.
I love this one.
It reminds me of that Maybelline a mousse foundation.
Do remember that?
And then for underneath the eyes
I'm gonna go with Pat McGrath.
It's so nice to be able to just connect with everyone
in the comfort of your own home
and knowing that you don't need to worry about
how you're gonna get home.
Obviously, it's not the exact same sensation
of going out and listening to music
and having a little adventure that way.
But for now it's what we must do.
Okay, this is not going as planned.
I just added this blush from Iconic London.
Have you guys heard of this brand before?
I've never heard of them but they somehow found my PO box
and mailed me a couple things.
I've been wanting to get more into liquid blush,
but I don't think I'm applying it right.
Okay, pounding it out with the beauty blender will help.
So some really fun palettes from Huda Beauty came.
Oh my gosh, this looks so fun to play around with.
Holy crap.
Oh my god, wow!
There's also the Matte & Metal Melted Shadows.
I saw Sydney use this and it acted as a really great base
for the shadows because it's so wet.
Whoa, okay.
Wow, okay.
It's very precise, I like it.
Then I'm gonna blend it with my finger.
I like the idea of using these neon colors.
I know we just did a pink base
but let's see what this yellow looks like on top.
It does make it more pigmented, doesn't it?
And here is the finished look.
No lashes because there's just no need to.
But this is the look.
You can't even tell that I put the neon eye shadow.
- Also then you would be in L.A., much closer to us.
(gentle upbeat music)
Hey, guys, it is two o'clock, on a Tuesday,
and I'm starting to feel my afternoon slump.
I think last week my afternoon slump
would happen around four,
but today it just came a little bit earlier.
I've been seeing this term, quarantine 15,
floating around on the internet
and it basically implies that a lot of people will gain
15 pounds during this quarantine,
and I am falling underneath that category.
I refuse to weigh myself
but yesterday I tried on a pair of denim pants,
ones that normally fit me quite loosely,
but I struggled to button them up.
So I know that I've gained weight and it makes sense
because I've been having two dinners,
I have been baking excessively
and I've been eating everything that I've baked,
whether they're not good or they're great.
It's like essentially having cake after every meal.
So I've mandated a new order for myself
which is when I'm at home
I must wear things with a waistband.
Like not constricting but this is the only way I have
some concept and grasp over my body.
Because before this whole like pandemic happened
I would know that I was gaining weight
because I would wear certain clothing
and be like, "Oh, okay, this is feeling a little bit tight."
But now that we're not going anywhere,
I'm just in those loose T's all day,
I had no idea that I was gaining weight.
So, yeah, I think I'm just going to
chill out on the baking for now, just a little bit
and then I'm also gonna stop having two dinners.
'Cause I have dinner at six o'clock
and then I'll have another dinner at 8:30,
which is, it is what it is.
I have been keeping up with my exercise though,
which I think has been keeping my mind more sane.
Thank God for my Apple Watch.
I love the activity feature on here
because it shows you how many steps you've made
and how many hours you've stood
and it just keeps me accountable.
So I'm glad that I have this at least
because I feel like I would be even more sedentary
if I didn't have this.
In 30 minutes I'm doing a photo with my friend Ashley.
Her and Alexa Losey started this Instagram
Which is basically a Instagram page where people just share
how they are kind of living their life during this pandemic.
And it's very hopeful and very specific to our times.
I never done a digital photo shoot before,
so I'm gonna have my phone
and then I guess she's going to frame me
and then take screenshots of that.
So it's a very unique concept and I'm excited.
I have been enjoying these glasses by Quay.
This is the Chrissy Teigen and Quay collaboration.
But I don't know, I think it just adds
a little bit of flair.
It's funny, ever since I got LASIK I'm kind of craving
the look of glasses now.
'Cause I feel like glasses definitely add a little bit of
pizzazz to the face.
How's the framing? - [Ashley] I kind of like
when you're leaning forward like that.
(gentle upbeat music)
- [Ben] So from here.
♪ No punches left to roll with ♪
♪ You've got to keep your focus ♪
- TikTok is hard.
It's making me confront my inability to dance.
I already knew that I couldn't dance,
but TikTok really just shoved it in my face
and it's hard to let just watch
all the amazing skilled dancers on TikTok.
I think it's been like a week and a half
since I've learned the "Say So" dance,
and I think I finally got it, perhaps.
It has been a way to pass the time,
and if you guys would like to follow me on TikTok
my username is @imjennim.
I think it'll just be a compilation
of all my failed dance attempts.
I had a bit of revelation actually,
I think I have always actively avoided TikTok
because it seemed like a platform solely for dancing.
Obviously, there's other content besides that.
But I must say the people that dance really well
and are so comfortable with themselves, with their bodies,
with like the dope music and their dancing skills,
it is super mesmerizing.
I did some reflection and I realized that
my discomfort with dancing runs so deep in my history.
It goes as far back as sixth grade
where I was starting to develop more of my music tastes.
I did like some pop and some R&B,
but I'm mostly focused on rock music
because with rock music there's no real dancing involved,
it's just a lot of head banging and moshing
and I was like, "Yeah!"
And then a lot of my pillars
were just super anti-establishment.
Like I didn't wanna join cheer, I didn't wanna join dance
or any type of like elective.
I was like, "No, fuck that, fuck school,
"fuck homework, fuck parents."
I was just saying no to a lot of things,
I was being very difficult.
I didn't wanna admit it when I was younger
but the reason why I didn't wanna try out
for any of these things was I was afraid of failure.
I was afraid to get rejected.
Which I probably would have
because I was so not coordinated.
I remember in my sophomore year
I got invited to go to homecoming
and I was so anxious about dancing.
I had no desire to go to a dance
because it's an event that's literally titled on
an activity that I'm actively trying to avoid.
And I remember he invited me and I was his date
and I just avoided him all night
because I was afraid of
what kind of dancing he would wanna do.
I was afraid that we would have to freak
and I was like, "Ah!" just, like, so in my head.
This was my junior year,
I had the option to take dance class
or PE, physical education, and I was like,
"Ugh, I don't wanna run the mile anymore,
"so I'll just do dance, it'll be easier."
And it was the worst decision I made
because the dance class was filled with
amazing trained dancers who were doing it while growing up,
so I literally felt like such a reject
and I felt like everyone was knowing what they're doing,
everyone's flexible and moving their body all amazing.
And so it became a period that I dreaded so much.
And the final project for that dance class
was to get in a group and choreograph your own dance
and then perform it to everybody.
The groups were assigned and I remember one of the girls,
she was really really good, and she was so pissed
that she was stuck in a group
with people that weren't as good as her,
and she basically choreographed the whole thing.
But I remember just being the weakest link
and just feeling like a failure
because I had that pressure and I felt like I was
disappointing her, I just became even worse of a dancer.
I think dancing started to get a little bit more bearable
when alcohol was involved.
It's such a lubricant, and suddenly I felt like
my heavy armor was off and I could just like move fluidly.
I mean in my mind that's how I felt,
and as I got older I didn't mind dancing.
In fact, I grew to like it, especially on nights out
when we're in like a dark room where everybody's dancing.
That I like because no one's really focusing
on people that are dancing like.
Everyone is just dancing and having a good time,
and that's what I really enjoyed.
I love going out and dancing.
However, dancing when the spotlight is directly on me, no.
So that brings us to speed now, TikTok.
I must say that it has been a journey.
I am getting like a slight satisfaction on learning a move
and I like that it's only 10 seconds,
but it uses just like this dusty-ass part of my mind.
It's like a fun entry level way
on how I can get started with improving my dancing
because it's something that I didn't realize
I wasn't that connected to.
And it's also something I didn't realize
how much resistance I've had towards it.
Because dancing is really about confidence,
it's about owning yourself and you know you can mess up
but you just need to make it your own,
and because I'm such an over-thinker
dancing is just like completely foreign to me.
But I am and I'm ready to tackle it.
It only took for the last year of my 20s to push me,
and also a pandemic.
So I would say now is the time.
- Hey there. - Hey, guys.
It's nice to talk to you.
- [Jenn] Hey.
- Hi. - Hey, Ashley.
- Anybody know what the rule of thumb here is?
(gentle music)
So it is April 1st today,
which is April Fool's here in the U.S.
I'm not sure if it's like a international holiday.
And I never do any pranks
because I've got a horrible poker face,
but today I want to try and attempt to prank Ben.
So I saw Molly-Mae of Love Island
do this prank to her boyfriend, Tommy,
where she did her makeup really really crappy
and then she brought up Tommy
to see if he would notice or not, or say anything.
So I'm gonna try and do the same,
and since we are quarantined
it doesn't matter if I do my makeup badly
because it's just gonna come off.
I need a foundation that's slightly darker
than my skin tone.
So I want this to be believable,
I wanna see if he would be super honest with me
if I didn't look that great.
Okay, so this foundation's
two or three tones darker than my skin.
I'm just gonna do a really crappy job
blending that in. (laughs)
I'm just gonna get really splotchy.
But then I also wanna be convincing,
I don't want it to be like too fucked up,
or else he'll just be like, "Oh, this must be a prank."
Ben's really good at breaking the truth
but saying it in a really nice way.
My brows actually look pretty good. (laughs)
I'll just make it all dark here.
Now I have to make sure that I sound as normal as possible,
that's gonna be so hard.
The second I stopped trying with my brows
it actually looks pretty good. (laughs)
Now I'm gonna add some bronzer.
So this is from a different angle.
Maybe a little bit extra here.
It's weird, I feel like it doesn't look that bad on camera.
I feel like I used to do my makeup like this in 2015.
That's pretty severe, okay.
I'm just gonna do like a crappy cat eye.
(sniggers) Oh my God, okay.
And then we'll do one here.
How can I make this look a little bit worse?
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
What do you guys think?
This looks pretty messed up.
Especially this side, what is this?
I'm gonna summon him and I'm gonna ask him to come upstairs
to film a quick rapid-fire boyfriend tag.
Hi, do you think you can come upstairs?
- [Ben] Of course, babe, I'm coming right up.
Over. - Okay, thank you.
Over. (chuckles)
He's coming, he's coming, he's coming, he's coming.
It's just gonna be super candid.
- There was just nice lighting in the west
so I just tryna take a picture.
- Oh, wow, that looks really good!
Wait, that looks amazing!
Okay, do you wanna sit here?
- Yes please - We'd said we'd do
a quick boyfriend tag thing.
- Boyfriend tag thing. - I guess it's---
- Hey, guys, what's up it's Ben?
Hey guys, good to see you again.
Didn't realize you popped over.
- All right, so number one. (laughs)
- That's a good start.
- (laughs) Wait. - 10 minutes in,
almost started.
- Why am I crying? (laughs)
- It's okay.
It's okay
See, we've lost the plot.
(Jenn laughing)
Don't know where it's gone.
- Okay, okay.
- All right, let's do it. - Okay, okay.
Number one, how long have we been together?
- It's gonna be six years in July.
(Jenn laughing)
There was a slight answer.
(Jenn laughing)
- The second question is what's my shoe size?
- Six or five.
Because remember there's been a time
I went to get your shoes
and I looked at one shoe and it was five
and one it was six, and I'm like, "Well, which one is it?"
- Six. - Oh.
- You're very close though.
- You have owned a shoe that's been five.
- I have actually, yeah. - See, there we are.
- Damn, you really know a lot about me.
I know what size shoe you are.
- What am I?
- You're size nine.
- U.S. 10, UK nine.
- Fuck. - Yeah,
but you're kind of right.
It's just English roots, you know?
- April fools.
I did my makeup badly
and I wanted to see if you'd see. (laughing)
If you would tell me before we recorded.
(both laughing)
- It came to mind.
(Jenn laughing)
It came to mind, but I don't wanna say,
"Hey, guys gets a see you.
"By the way, what the fuck is?"
- No, but I thought you gonna say, "Oh, wait there's."
- Every time I'd look I'd be like, "Fucking hell."
- What did you think? (laughing)
- Thought you did a terrible job, but I didn't.
It's this bit that gave it away from me,
the little gap there.
- You still didn't say anything, you were very committed
on just being good vibes. (laughs)
- I probably would have just waited to afterwards
and then it probably would've been ruined
'cause you wouldn't of liked how you looked,
and we'd of had to do it again.
It was gradually coming to mind more and more
as we were progressing.
- I couldn't even. (laughs)
- That's why you're laughing. - Yeah I know, I was like--
- I'm like, "Why is it so funny?
"6th of July is." (mumbles) (Jenn laughing)
- I got this from Molly-Mae.
Molly-Mae's YouTube channel. - Oh, did she? (laughs)
- Yeah, she pranked Tommy.
And she did this exact-- - Did he notice?
- No, he didn't notice at all. (laughing)
I honestly think a lot of guys wouldn't notice.
- 'Cause it's not horrendous.
- Right?
It's only if you really look, it's like.
Okay, all right, thanks everyone.
- Lovely to see you guys, see you soon.
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