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My father called it the change engine. It was found by the British during World War One
They studied it, but they couldn't even date it. It's so old
It was shelved till the night Superman died, then she lit up like Christmas
They brought it to STAR Labs, where my father recognized it as a perpetual energy matrix
-Ooh, that sounds cool, I thought it was like a nuclear bomb. -A mother box destroys as it creates
It's a cycle of life, but a million times faster
My father thought it was the key to unlimited energy
new formulas
cellular regeneration
But it's too volatile to control. -He used it on you.
-I was in an accident should
Have died
My father thought that he could use the mother box to rebuild the broken parts of me with a few cybernetic enhancements
Steady built a living machine. I may be stronger than its host
too much
So much life
What's on your weird mind?
Coordination basic cellular integrity the human being can only absorb so much
The mother box was designed to reshape a planet so so what if you were stronger than a planet?
your cells lying dormant
but incapable of decay
if you were in a conductive field
A boost from the mother box could bring him back to life
The Kryptonian ship has an amniotic chamber which would be a perfect
Diana Bruce, no you have no idea. What kind of power you're dealing with even if there's a fraction of a chance-
-So what we could raise a monster? Like Luther did?
-We have tech Luthor has never even seen!
-Superman is dead
We all wish he weren't.
-We don't know what state he's in
We know we can't bring him back, but this is science beyond our limits
And that's what science is for, to do what's never been done to make life better
-Or to end it
Technologies like any other power without reason, without heart, it destroys us
You're risking lives
Theirs and maybe countless more.
We don't have time for a control group
Is it a risk yes, but it's necessary
Why?! because of your guilt
Bruce I was there. You didn't kill Superman
At some point even you have to learn to move on Did Steve Trevor tell you that?
Superman was a beacon to the world
Why aren't you?
You're an inspiration Diana you don't just save people
Make them see their better selves
And yet I never heard of you until Luthor lured you out by stealing a picture of your dead boyfriend
You shut yourself down for a century, so let's not talk about me moving on
You know that if she kills you we'll cover for her
-We are not enough!
Each of us in our own way is held back, and I promise you Steppenwolf is not out there talking about ethics
He's trying to burn down the world
we're gonna stop him just by using his power this power against him I
I agree
Don't like the idea of reintegrating with the mother box
But I was running the numbers while you were being an asshole
And there's a high probability that we can bring him back
Right right, but we mean bring him back in like a "yay
he's back" way and not in like a
Like a pet sematary
Scenario you lose something when he died
even Superman
Maybe not his mind
Maybe his soul
I'll have a contingency plan for that
If he wakes up, and you're the first thing he sees
You'll need one
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League in the Batcave | Justice League

15 Folder Collection
luna.chou published on April 21, 2020
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