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Hey everyone! It's Kim Dao here welcome back to my channel, in today's video I'm
going to be telling you guys 50 things that you must do when you visit Osaka.
A few months ago I went to all Osaka to sightsee and I decided to take
you guys this week to some of my favorite places. So in this video I'm going
to be telling you guys the way you should go to sightsee where you should
shop and where you should eat. Hope this video will be helpful to people who are
travelling to Japan especially in Osaka and Kyoto. Just before for this video
make sure you guys subscribe to my channel and like this video if you want
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to keep updating me on what's happening in my life. Also follow my vlog channel
linked down below for some daily vlog! Shinsaibashi. This is a main shopping
area in Osaka, it is literally a long roofed street full of shops. They have
almost all the things you would want to buy if you visit Japan here.
America Mura. Or you can also call it a Amemura for short. It's a short term for
American village, selling goods from the US as well as lots of vintage stores.
Pablo. Try out one of their cheese cakes or cheese tarts, they are very light and
taste delicious. There is usually a line because it's
very popular. Depends on when you go, they also have
really unique cakes. Dotonbori, one of the main tourist districts in Osaka
there are lots of street food here so make sure you check it out! Glico, this
is a photo everyone must take in Osaka. Eat Takoyaki. Takoyaki is famous
in Osaka and it is an octopus filled ball. It is soft and fluffy on the inside and
is a great snack especially during the cold winter. Dotonbori river, chill at
the river in dotonbori there are usually a lot of people in this area so it's
boys really lively you can also take a boat cruise to see beautiful views of
this area Don Quixote
bhagavata is one of the must visit stores if you go to Japan you can find
so many things in here ranging from food souvenirs makeup and everyday goods this
store is particularly very busy and very tourist visit the number underground
shopping mall number walk is one of the nicest underground shopping malls in
Osaka over 250 shops it's this easy to get lost in here but it's also very
convenient as it is connected to the subway what I go for
Ichi one of the best meat buns in Osaka it is incredibly soft and full of flavor
it is best eaten when it's fresh
tennouji tennouji is a bit further out from the main city however there are
lots of tall buildings here it is very easy to get to by the metro or jr line
and they have many shopping malls you can find
I've been on how to come this is one of the tallest skyscrapers in Japan at the
very top you can visit an observatory for fee however on a 16th floor there is
a free observatory taiyaki ether fish shaped cake filled with red bean or
customs it is a delicious treat and this is actually my hostfamily store
administration in some people Makoni so make sure you pay them a visit
send them town this is the Akihabara of Osaka if you want to buy anime
merchandise then this is the place you have to go there has many different
stores as well as second-hand stores or soccer castle the or soccer castle is
one of the most famous landmarks in Ithaca this castle is actually really
modern inside where it has a lot of information on the history of the car
shades ice while taking in the beautiful view of Osaka Castle surrounded by a
large garden treat yourself to some dessert before or after entering the
castle it is perfect especially for a hot summer's day lameta
underground shopping mall shop at the Whittier meta it has over 200 stores and
they have restaurants men's and ladies clothes every day good cosmetics
drugstores and shoe cocoon or pair triad this really cute cats for bread
you can get the Illumina underground shopping more in a bakery
you got your daughter Joshy Dory is a long street that has
very shops from restaurants to entertainment shot
it is usually really Lively
peps fired this is like the or soccer version of Shibuya 109 it has most of
the brands you can find in 109 but has immense flaws too there's also a
restaurant flaw as well as a game center on the upper floors the service will
write this first will attach to help 5 you can write it by going up to the top
floor in hipfire Yodobashi Camera one of the biggest electronic stores in Osaka
the upper floors have clothing stores and also lots of nice restaurants you
can enjoy the uma das guide building this is a 90s tallest building in Osaka
it has two 40 storey tower section next to each other you can go to the very top
of the towers and see an amazing view of Osaka brand fun
shop at one of the newer shopping malls in Palmetto
sushi of course if you're visiting Japan you must try out kaiten sushi which is
rotating sushi Universal Studios Japan in my opinion the best theme park in
Japan you can come here to enjoy the magical word of Harry Potter for soccer
Caillou Khan or soccer aquariums this aquarium is one of the biggest public
ones in the world it is probably one of the most beautiful aquariums I've seen -
and it is also beautifully lit up at night take a train to Kyoto first time
in Osaka take a day trip down to Kyoto it is only about 30 minutes away if you
get the Express train and only about 500 yen one-way take a bus to other temples
in Kyoto public transport is very simple in Kyoto most of the temples are easily
accessible by the bus you can buy an auto bus pass for 500 yen at Kyoto
station fushimi inari one thing you must do is visit community
one of the most beautiful shrines in Japan the shrine consists of thousands
of torii gate the walk up the mountain takes a while but it is worth it you can
see a beautiful be of Kyoto from here
run through the thousands of torii gate
this trend was featured in the movie Memoirs of a Geisha you can live your
moment and run for an escape for a lovely photo or video eat activity this
restaurant is famous for their green tea it is really popular so you may have to
wait in line I definitely recommend you try there might as well buy noodles and
a half a
kinkakuji visit the golden pavulon it's such a beautiful view outside and it is
great for the souvenir photos
he all needs a debtor
one of the most famous temples in Kyoto it is very big and you can easily spend
a few hours in this area you can also see a beautiful view of kyoto - from the
top fire and on my body i had good luck trying to take around with you
they have different chance for different things such as finding love study health
and many more green tea cream puffs enjoy a green tea cream pass on your way
to cure miss Adella it's crunchy on the outside but very soft and fluffy on
inside seven years as you walk up to kiyomizu-dera there are many shops and
restaurants you can go to you can buy a loss of cure - seven years as well as
eat street food explore Gyan so if you are very lucky you may come across
geisha in this area there are many different traditional restaurants
Sandra Sandra is a lousy shopping street in Kyoto they have all kinds of unique
shops as was restaurants hanami Aki try as a Japanese pancake or soccer star it
is filled with cabbage as well as toppings of your choice
dine on the river in Cuba net this is a must do if you are coming to Kyoto in
summer dine with a beautiful V on the river it is so relaxing and definitely a
place to remember conquer she saw men the noodles flowed down some bamboo and
you catch it with the chopsticks to eat it is very fun and also very refreshing
in the summer
Hoshi Yama visit the bamboo grove you can see many bamboo trees towering over
you it is a very beautiful and peaceful Wharf greater growth cha cha dessert eat
green tea dessert Jota is very famous for their green tea so I recommend you
trying out some of the desert places while you order fire ramen
students the fire ramen where they will literally set your ramen on fire it is
also really delicious and the staff are really friendly Sanaa Mia in Quebec it's
a shopping street located in the center of quarter you can even find some
restaurant serving Colbert beefier
Chinatown so the corporate Chinatown is one of the only three designated China
towns in Japan there is a long street full of Chinese restaurants and usually
it's very busy port of cover so the Cobb Airport is a really nice and peaceful
area you can see beautiful beads and is a great place to relax
take the cable car to mount Rock or you can drive up a mountain but if you want
to see beautiful nature then you can take the cable car up to mount rock or
in Corbis mount rock or mount rocker is in Kaaba and once you go up the mountain
you can see a beautiful view of Osaka Kyoto and Kobe from the observatory
thank you so much for watching hopefully this video is helpful for everyone was
challenged to Osaka and Kyoto and of course there are so many things that you
can do it all suck in Kyoto I couldn't add them all into this video so let me
know down below what your favorite thing to do in all circuit and yoga is if I
didn't include it in this video please for them in all my social media which
are also links down below and also my vlog channel because I'm uploading daily
there and I've got a lot of Japan's loss on there and also let me know down below
what other requests you have for videos after you guys in the next video bye
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50 Things to do in JAPAN, OSAKA | Osaka Travel Guide

34 Folder Collection
周建丞 published on April 20, 2020
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