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Look at that.
Wow, look at how beautiful it is! Right here.
Right around the corner, wasn't it?
-Subway? -I think it's right here.
Let's see if it's a lot of luggage for the bullet train.
First, we need to get to Shin-Yokohama Station.
We're in Kannai.
It's a normal metro ride
We just use the same IC card, our Pasmo card, just like in Tokyo.
Suica would be the same.
-Where are we going? -Nagoya.
-Are you sure? -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Not Osaka? -You're not sure?
-Not Osaka? -No.
-Sapporo? -No.
-Seoul, Korea? -No.
-Oh, okay. -Nagoya.
And there's the train.
Shin-Yokohama is the final destination.
So, here we are!
First time ever we're riding the famous Shinkansen, the bullet train.
We did a lot of research online.
And I guess we're pretty confident
we can handle everything by ourselves, right?
-Including buying the ticket. -I did the research.
You just read my notes.
Oh, you got to help somehow.
Let's see if it's cheaper,
if it's buying here or using the machines.
Give ourselves noon or 12:30?
-No, we're not in Tokyo.
We're at Shin-Yokohama to Nagoya for two people.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Non-smoking. Search.
Is it the 12:39?
¥19,440 for two tickets.
-¥19,4... -It's ¥9,000 a piece.
This is the price for two people in the ordinary car,
and also non-reserved seats.
-Now all the reserved seats are taken. See?
-Yeah. -So, we want to go non-reserved.
-Or choose a different train.
If you go reserved seats, all the window seats are taken.
Let's see in the machines now.
Machine: Welcome. Please select a ticket type.
Let's go on non-reserved.
It's cheaper, non-reserved.
Yeah, from Shin-Yokohama.
to Nagoya, yeah.
Machine: Please select a section for the basic fare ticket.
Well, we've got no option. This is it.
Put "select" there.
-No, it said... It gives you two hours just to get on the trip.
-Ah. -One-way fare.
-Okay, let's see how much.
Oh, same price. -Yeah.
-Exactly the same price as buying on the app.
-Uh-hmm. -So, let's do it here
because at least we print it.
Something very interesting happened.
We tried to buy the tickets using the machines,
but they wouldn't accept our credit cards
because they don't have a pin.
Our American credit cards don't have pins.
We didn't want to go to the line.
Look at the line. There are so many people there.
And the line is not moving.
So we bought the tickets on the app right here
and we came to these other machines just to print them.
And it worked.
-Cool, here we go. -Is that it?
-Yeah. One is a receipt and two tickets.
-Nothing like technology, huh?
-Or maybe it's me, it didn't like you.
-Ah. [laughs]
We're also following this app here to give us detailed directions in English.
So platforms three and four, let's go.
Arigatou gozaimasu (thank you very much).
Arigatou (thank you).
I got this bento box here.
I have no idea what's inside.
There was no explanation in English. This was selling like water there.
They even had it on top of the counter and everybody was arriving and buying it.
So, I got one, too.
-How much? -¥860.
It was also the cheapest.
It might be some kind of seafood. Look at this.
-No, it's dragon.
-It's dragon. [laughs]
You get a bit of dragon.
Here in Japan, it is very traditional
When you ride the Shinkansen, you've got to get a bento box,
what they call the ekiben.
Being in Japan, let's do it like the Japanese.
When you buy non-reserved seats,
you got to travel in the cars 1, 2, or 3.
So, you got to go this side.
The non-reserved seats were like 10 dollars cheaper than the reserved.
This per person.
Now here's one very important thing for you to know.
The bullet trains are not all the same.
They're in various different services and different lines.
We're getting the Tokaido line going from Yokohama to Nagoya.
In this line, you can choose between three different services:
the Kodama which is the regular, stopping in every station,
the Hikari which is the Express, only stopping in certain stations,
the main stations,
and the Nozomi, the super Express that only stops in main cities.
This is the one we want.
And there was no price difference between the Hikari and the Nozomi.
For us the difference between the fastest and the slowest service
can be even an hour.
Even better, there's Nozomi all the time,
like 10, 15 minutes, one after the other.
Oh, look at that.
Look at that.
How beautiful.
Here's the thing.
If you're using the JR Pass, you cannot get the Nozomi.
The best service you can get is the Hikari.
You got to be very careful and pay attention.
In our case, if we miss our train,
we can always get the next.
Wow, look at how beautiful it is! Right here.
Baby, there's no one with these many suitcases.
-Your suitcases go, but you have to wait.
PA: [in Japanese]
PA: [in Japanese]
-We cannot talk here. -Shh.
-We have to be quiet. -Shh.
See how quiet it is?
So, so spacious.
It's going so fast.
It's so amazing because you don't feel you are going that fast
We might be reaching 300 kilometers an hour here with the train.
There's even a faster service now
that goes to Hokkaido and reaches 320 kilometers an hour.
There's a sink here right at the corridor.
Bathrooms in between cars.
Here in Japan, public restrooms normally don't have soap
nor paper towels.
Japanese people normally carry wet tissues with them.
Now the real question is, will I see Mount Fuji?
I came here to the corridor in between cars.
There's a window here because we didn't get a seat by the window.
I don't think I'll be lucky today.
I think Mount Fuji is over there.
But it's covered
How beautiful.
I think this is pork.
Very good, very good.
Everything is very tasty here.
This is how good it was.
Look at how much time it would take to drive.
Almost eight hours.
-Eight? -Compared to the train.
Sayonara (bye), Shinkansen.
Well, what can I say? It was fantastic, amazing.
I had planned to edit videos, to watch movies...
There was no time for anything.
There is a first-class service, too, the green cars.
But with the comfort level that we already had,
I don't know how it can get better.
Okay, it doesn't give back.
It was that easy.
Did you expect to be this easy?
-Easier. -Easier?
-Easier. -Oh, come on, come on.
People say it's complicated and everything.
Not at all. You can totally do it yourself.
We did. -Blindfolded.
-No. -You can do it blindfolded.
When you arrive, it's full of taxis here, too,
if you want to grab one.
But we got a hotel within walking distance.
He has more luggage than me.
We've got a fridge.
We can prepare coffee and tea here.
You're there just waiting? [laughs]
Let me film the room.
That's it. Done.
Now you're probably wondering, why didn't we get the JR Pass, right?
Because the JR Pass is fantastic for certain situations.
You have to be traveling to several cities within a short period of time.
Let's say, you go from Tokyo to Nagoya,
or Kyoto, Osaka,
and spend two, three days, then you go back to Tokyo,
or you go from city to city spending maybe two, three days in each.
It's not our case. We're spending about a week in each.
The JR Pass you can get for 7 days, 14, or 21 days.
In our case, it would be way more expensive.
Do your research in advance.
JR doesn't mean that you can use it
in any train or any subway in Japan,
it's only for the JR trains.
Japan Rail is the name of the company.
It doesn't represent the entire rail service in Japan.
Now if you're traveling a lot in a short period of time,
it is very worth it.
But you also have to buy in your home country
before getting to Japan.
If you want to buy it from here, it's going to be at least $100 more.
And here is the bathroom.
If you thought this video was useful, give me a like.
We're now in Nagoya,
but we already have videos in Tokyo, Yokohama,
and there is Osaka coming up.
There's a playlist here full of nice videos.
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Shinkansen: the Japanese bullet train | All you need to know before you go

338 Folder Collection
周建丞 published on April 20, 2020
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