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Hi everyone, welcome on my channel.
I'm Charlotte and today I'm bringing you another episode of Taiwan in the global news.
What I want to talk about today, is something I have seen in many newspapers, in many different languages
That is: the fact that Taiwan donates 10 million masks to many countries over the world who need it.
Taiwan donates 10 million masks
This news appeared in many different countries and many different languages
For example, in Belgium in “the Knack” on the 1st of April, there was an article with the title:
(I'm going to translate this for you)“Taiwan donates 10 million masks to the most affected countries”
On the 1st of April in Italy, in “Corriere della Sera”, there was an article with the title:
“Coronavirus, Taiwan donates 10 million masks but remains outside of WHO”
The last article I want to talk more in dept about, is published by the Taipei Representative Office in the Netherlands
They had a press release and they had an article: “Taiwan in solidarity with the Netherlands”
The articles I found in several languages, were all saying the same thing.
I decided to translate one for you that was written in Dutch
So you can have an idea of what was written in these articles.
Title: “Taiwan in solidarity with the Netherlands”
“Taiwan sends hundred of thousands chirurgical masks to the Netherlands.
The masks were sent on the 7th of April and are destined to go to the staff of hospitals and other care facilities.
The Taiwanese government has decided to donate 10 million of masks to help other countries stop the spread of the coronavirus.
Taiwan has been doing well containing the spread of the virus in their country and has received a lot of praise in the foreign media.
Taiwan's approach and results are surprizing, as the country is at a distance of 180km from China
And has been excluded from the World Health Organization.
That is basically what they say, but in this Dutch article there was something more that they talked about,
That I didn't find in other articles.
When in 2015 an explosion found place in a waterpark in New Taipei City,
the Netherlands were one of the first countries to offer skin tissue to help many victims
and Taiwanese are still grateful to the Netherlands and happy that they can offer help in return.
The donation of the masks is a sign of solidarity from Taiwan to the Netherlands in this global challenge.”
The fact that I found these articles in many different languages, like in English, French, Dutch and Italian
Means that the news is probably spread out over Europe and that you can find it in many more languages
This gesture of Taiwan, donating all these masks, didn't go unnoticed in the foreign media
I think it's so amazing that even though Taiwan has all the bad circumstances,
like being excluded from the WHO, so they don't have access to all of the information and also being so close to China,
You would expect that they would be one of the biggest victims of this epidemic,
But they still manage the situation greatly and I hope they can continue to stay safe and healthy
I think it's amazing that on top of that, they also reach out to other countries to help.
I recently found an interesting hashtag (#) on Instagram and that was: #taiwancanhelp
I think this hashtag is probably also used on Twitter and spreads awareness
that Taiwan is not just a powerless little part of the world, invisible to most people
It's a really well-organized country with a strong spirit that is there to help others when they need it.
Like I said in my previous video about the global news in Taiwan with Zoom,
I am going to read some of your comments that I got on that video.
Chia-hao chang (I hope I said that correctly) writes: “I like this project. We can understand point of view from different countries.
Hope you make more of these “news videos” about Taiwan in the international news.”
I definitely will! Especially with people like you who support me so well. Thank you very much!
One person said: “The Taiwanese government not only blocks Zoom, but also blocks Huawei 5G equipment,
However, many European countries use them because they are cheap. It is so dangerous.”
I agree, that is so dangerous. Even in my family there's a person with Huawei.
I think it is not just Chinese products, I don't know what you think
I think there are so many apps, even from the US, even Facebook or Instagram…
I can't say that I completely trust them at all. I feel like we agree to so many things
Because no one has time to read that whole list of agreements.
You need more than one life if you want to read everything.
I think we often agree to things we don't know about and that's pretty dangerous.
Freeman Hsu writes: “It is nice to see you again on Youtube.
Please stay safe with your family and come back to visit Taiwan again after this Covid-9 pandemic.”
Thank you so much, Freeman Hsu. I'm staying safe with my family
and I really hope from the bottom of my hearth that all of you guys are staying safe too.
I hope we can get through this all together.
Another comment is from Richard Hou. I hope I don't pronounce that wrongly!
“I really like this kind of project, from the perspectives of different countries.
It is fun to discover the place I lived for a lifetime.”
Thank you so much Richard! I really like this subject myself. I like to talk about the news.
I was afraid that this news video would be a complete fail, and that nobody would want to watch that
I'm very grateful that there are some people like you, who are encouraging this project. Thank you!
These were some of the comments that you guys left on the last video.
I'm going to do the same thing with comments from this video. I will put some on the next Taiwan Global News video.
If you want to be the first one to see a new video when it comes out,
don't forget to click “subscribe” and also the little bell to get a notification.
Thank you so much for watching and see you very soon in the next video.
Bye bye ~
Love you guys
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Taiwan Global News: Taiwan can help!

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周建丞 published on April 19, 2020
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