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- You cook everything in here.
It's a large piece of meat, guys.
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Welcome back to our channel, cheapos.
It's finally autumn here in Tokyo,
and what better way to start off the season
than by filling you in on some warm,
good for the soul foods and treats
you can eat during the cooling weather
and changing colors of the leaves?
Nabe, or hot pot, is one of the most popular
cold weather dishes in Japan.
Nabe literally means pot.
But it's used as a generic term for soups
or light stews cooked in an iron or clay pot.
Made with dashi, or soup stock, vegetables and meat,
nabe has many varieties with some notable examples.
Here are three popular types of nabe.
Sukiyaki, the food is already cooked in a sweet and salty
soy sauce based broth with strong flavors.
Yosenabe, the most basic type of nabe
which entails putting all ingredients in a pot.
Shabu shabu, which is made by immersing
the ingredients in boiling water
and swishing them back and forth until cooked.
The term refers to the swishing sound
of ingredients being cooked.
There are plenty of places to experience affordable,
all-you-can-eat nabe.
And one of them is Momo Paradise
in the heart of Shinjuku Kabukichou.
This place may look upscale,
but the prices are a steal and great for dates,
social gatherings or family dinners.
This place offers an all-you-can-drink menu
for both soft drinks or alcohol.
All-you-can-drink soft drinks are 400 yen.
And all-you-can-drink alcohol is 1500.
Momo Paradise has a wide selection of meat,
vegetables and other ingredients you can refill at any time.
Different types of meat such as beef, pork,
and chicken from Australia, America,
and Japan are all available.
Okay, so we're at a shabu shabu restaurant.
It's called Momo Paradise.
And we're about to order a shabu shabu course.
And the course is about 2800 yen.
It's pretty cheap for all you can eat,
so really excited about that.
It's a really nice place.
We're gonna get our meal,
and we'll start getting out stuff.
So let's do it.
Mom Paradise specializes in both sukiyaki and shabu shabu.
One of the best things about this place
is the fact that this restaurant is English friendly.
So if you're nervous about your Japanese,
the staff can definitely speak English.
- [Server] You can put in the sauce.
Two choice of flavors. - Okay, okay.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
We chose a standard shabu shabu menu
as it was the most appealing to us price-wise.
Okay, so basically they cook the food for you first,
and then you can cook the rest by yourself.
So they served me this meat,
and you can add more and the vegetables and everything else.
And what I think is actually really cool about this place,
they give you this little coin.
And so if you want more vegetables, you can turn it over.
It's in English here.
It says, need vegetables.
You see, like this.
And then if you have enough vegetables,
then you flip it over and it's like,
it just says enough vegetables.
So if you don't need vegetables, you flip it on this side.
If you need vegetables, you flip it on this side.
As you enjoy your meal,
waiters and trolleys come along to every table
and will serve ingredients to your needs.
On your table, you're provided with dipping sauces
as well as chili sauce, garlic and lemon juice to add to it.
This is vinegar.
This is spicy sauce.
This is garlic.
And this is the garlic chips.
So you can put this in your sauce.
This is ponzu.
It's kind of like a citrusy sauce.
So you can put a little bit of that in there.
A little bit of garlic.
I don't know, maybe that was a lot.
To eat shabu shabu, it's quite simple.
Just pick up whatever vegetables and meat you would like.
Toss it in the pot.
Then swish it around until it's cooked.
You cook everything in here.
It's a large piece of meat, guys.
And then you dip it in the sauce.
And you eat it.
Wow, it's really good.
Keep in mind this is all you can eat, so come hungry.
So I got my detox tea.
All you can drink is 400 yen.
Super cheap.
So if you're not an alcohol drinker,
I suggest the soft drink menu.
Healthy and affordable.
While you're enjoying your meal,
don't forget to skim off any excess fat.
With all the extra meat and veggies piling up for two hours,
I think we had reached our limit.
Oh, and don't forget to have a dance party
to make your shabu shabu experience even better.
I still need to eat all this, guys.
So we just finished our meal,
and it was really, really good.
Highly recommend it.
I'm so full.
It's very affordable.
And the atmosphere is very high end,
so I was pretty shocked when I walked in.
I thought it was gonna be way more expensive
than I had anticipated.
All you can eat stuff.
So I feel like, for the price,
this is a good deal.
Even for drinks.
Like, all you can drink 1500 yen.
That's a good deal.
We will link everything down below in the description
if you wanna know more about this.
And yeah, we'll see you guys in the next video.
We hope you enjoyed this video.
If you'd like to learn more about Momo Paradise
and some other notable nabe restaurants around Tokyo,
check out our blog post linked down below.
Make sure you subscribe to our channel
for more content like this.
Like this video and comment down below
what videos you would like to see next.
And we will see you guys next time.
(upbeat music)
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Keeping Warm with Nabe: Getting Hot Pot in Tokyo

19 Folder Collection
周建丞 published on April 18, 2020
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